5 of the worst safe houses in the GTA series

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series by Rockstar have seen several popular games launched over the years. One of the most notable aspects of the games that the players adore is creating wealth and power. Safehouse property is the perfect display of position and power. It can cost you a lot of in-game money, and also … Read more

Samplings in machine learning

Machine Learning

A large amount of data has been produced every day by different digital systems. This unprecedented data quantity causes difficulties with its collection and further processing by machine learning algorithms. The computing possibilities of machines are limited. That is why it is essential to collect information and select a particular data subset from it. Otherwise, … Read more

Tips to Start Your R Programming Assignment

Tips to Start Your R Programming Assignment

R is a major competitor to Python for statistics and data analysts. It is used in the social and economic sciences to find cause and effect relationships, compare samples, and create visual reports and graphs. The language was developed by scientists in the Department of Statistics at the University of Auckland. At first, it was … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: A New World

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quite a new concept for the world we live in. Despite that, it has made a significant change in society and has made a place for itself. Some so many people are not at all familiar with the concept of artificial intelligence. They are not sure about its work and how it … Read more

How to make a youtube intro?


YouTube has more than two billion active users and is the second-largest video-sharing platform in the world.  It presents an excellent opportunity for brands to appeal to their target audience. Since the audience of YouTube turns to the platform for video content, they will be receptive to brands that offer interesting videos. However, the platform … Read more

How To Use the Kik App on a Mac?

What is Kik App?

Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Snapchat, Kik is one of the popular instant messaging app mostly used by teenagers and adults. The primary purpose of this app is to exchange text messages where users can also send photos, videos, and GIFs. The Kik app is really a gateway to stay connected with friends, family, and … Read more

Three Tips for Balancing Security and Usability

In the modern age of cybersecurity, the implementation of effective solutions can be a double-edged sword. With traditional password systems, security is best accomplished through the application of long passwords, including random capitalization and punctuation elements. While this could work fine with just a few different passwords, juggling a dozen that need to routinely be … Read more