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How dirty are your gaming consoles?

Are you a gamer? You definitely are. That’s why the title caught your attention. Well, the gaming industry has gained enormous amounts of attention in the last couple of decades. Manufacturers in the attempt of reaching to the top have been bringing out new features to their consoles may it be PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo et cetera.

When you spend so much time on a daily basis on your gaming console, don’t you ever wonder how dirty your game console might be. The worst thing a person could need to hear is that their gaming console is the breeding ground of various sorts of microorganisms. From the accumulation of food particles, dust, or other microbes, gamers never consider the need to clean their keyboards or remote controllers, despite spending 20 hours per week on it.

A study from Betway online casino has highlighted how much bacteria, mold and microbes can normally accumulate over different surfaces like the kitchen table, washroom floor, gaming consoles, etc.

We will be highlighting all the latest consoles in the market and the bacteria, mold that settle over your consoles.

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1.PlayStation: Surprisingly, the console on the top of our list also has the worst hygiene. Studies have shown that it is one of the least consoles available in the market.

Bacterial and viral tests were performed over consoles and PlayStation wired as well as wireless and it was found that it had 72.5 colony-forming bacteria units per swab. This is surprisingly two and a half times the bacterial amount present on a toilet seat.

The gray buttons on the joysticks have grooves present that increases the median number of these colonies up to 190. You let these numbers increase and they may even reach 650.

  1. Xbox: Coming down on the 2nd rank with a slightly comparative cleaner scale is the Xbox with 62.5 colonies per swab i.e., double that of a toilet surface.

Controllers are tested and they came out at 82.5 which is a generally high number but significantly lesser than that of PlayStation. The worst console that was tested had about 5,614 colony-forming units on the buttons which is just beyond imaginable.

  1. Personal Computers: Yes, Personal Computers are also avidly famous among the gaming community although some may argue that they are considered as an outsider in the community of consoles. These are way worse in terms of bacteria with a huge margin.

The mouse is an accessory that comes with the computer and is the worst hit by the colony-forming bacteria since they move around a lot i.e., almost 247.5 units. The second most number was found on the spaces between the buttons of the keyboards.

  1. Nintendo Switch: The switch is the latest console that was launched by Nintendo, that comes with everybody’s favorite Pokémon games. Last on the rank, it is the cleanest gaming console with just 55 colonies per swab.

Heck, a toilet seat is still cleaner than your gaming console but choose the lesser of the two demons. Right?

Controllers under the microscope: The investigation or analysis has plainly uncovered that our consoles do get very messy. Nonetheless, when you’re profoundly into a gaming session, ensuring your hands are tidy and clean before getting the controller is presumably not something you are considering. There are numerous chances for germs to spread, regardless of whether they come from picking your nose, or little spit particles from yelling at your TV.

Thus, we investigated the controllers and mice to uncover which territories gather the most germs, so you know the zones that unquestionably need a clean.

What types of bacteria grow on your devices?

As though it’s not shocking enough that our gaming consoles are on normal multiple times dirtier than a toilet seat, we have discovered what kinds of microbes are generally normal. From human skin to shape, we uncovered everything:

The reality about cleanliness: This testing shows that in any event, for the cleanest stages, there’s a huge level of bacterial development. Just Xbox console triggers had a lower number of colony-forming units than a toilet seat, which means buttons, handles, controllers, consoles, and mice are on the whole commonly needing genuine sanitizing.

While a large portion of these microbes is for the most part innocuous, some can be destructive whenever breathed in adequate amounts, and it’s ideal to keep a negligible measure of yeast, mould, and microscopic organisms on things you contact consistently.

Plan to clean your equipment at once every week as a part of your typical cleaning routine to protect your home clean and safe.

Here How to clean your console: You know it is important and necessary to often clean your game console to avoid a build-up of bacteria and mold. Trust us, it will not take much of your effort to keep it quite clear:

First of all, you can start it by unplugging your console to avoid any accidental mishap.

After that, you can use a little amount of bleach-free, plastic-friendly cleaning solution, dampen a cloth and clean carefully around the controllers, or the keyboard and mouse, in case you are utilizing a PC, you need to clean the console itself. In that case, you have to use only a dry cloth, such as a microfiber cloth to remove or eliminate any dust or fingerprints.

Please be careful and make sure that you don’t use any solution on the actual device, to restrict or save your device from getting moisture into the device and causing damage to your whole system. We are sure you don’t want this, hence you have to make sure that you clean the surface underneath your console as well, to remove any dust

For the controllers, you have to refrain yourself from using too much liquid to prevent your device from getting damaged. A small amount is ideal for cleaning.

For keyboards, it is possible to get specialized cleaning solutions like deep-reaching gel or a spray that can clean the device between the keys, which will allow good access to hard-to-reach spots. This can be useful for the buttons of game controllers.

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