And Now, What Will Relationships Be Like?

Post-pandemic sex

After the pandemic that caused social isolation where there was only the option to face the emotions without being able to run away from the problems, the behaviors went through a review, in a personal way. The concept of individuality, personal space and sexual intimacy went through a redefinition that includes a significant change in … Read more

Pros and Cons of Portable PC Monitors

Pros and Cons of Portable PC Monitors

So you’ve discovered portable PC monitors! For a long time, I had no idea these cool displays even existed – until I saw a client bring one during a meeting and used it for her presentation. Got my mind blown right there! But now that I’m thinking of buying one, it’s probably a good time … Read more

How I Became Obsessed with Coding


My mom was my eighth-grade computer class teacher, and one quarter, she focused our studies on basic HTML coding. It was simple stuff; we covered the main content tags and not much else. At the end of the eight weeks, I decided that I didn’t like coding. Now, I have a degree in interactive design, … Read more

How Can You Protect Home Electronics

Protect Home Electronics

After every few years we find ourselves upgrading or swapping out our home electronics with new ones, because either they have lived up to their maximum potential or simply because sometimes they are damaged. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, every electronic has its own lifespan that is affected by its wear and tear … Read more

How IT Support and Technology Work Together?

How IT Support and Technology Work Together?

We’ve all noticed how working has changed over the past couple of years – we’re now working from home, working remotely, and using hybrid setups more often. The ways in which teams work together and collaborate with different departments has changed quite dramatically over the past few years. Technology plays an incredibly huge role in … Read more