Two Finger Scroll Not Working

two finger scroll not working

What is a Two Finger Scroll? It is nothing but an option that lets you scroll pages through your two fingers on the touchpad of your laptop. However, this works smoothly and effortlessly on most of the laptops, but nowadays, many users are facing the 2 fingers scroll not working on Windows 10 Why Does … Read more

Registry Cleaner Software For Windows

registry cleaner

Computer systems form an integral part of our life and we use it for almost everything. Windows Registry plays a great role in the overall operation of your device. These low-level OS settings are used to manage the operating system along with other resources and hardware components. However if not managed correctly they can take a … Read more

Animated Wallpaper Windows 10

animated wallpaper windows 10

Window 10 provides multiple customization options to add a personalized touch to your desktop. Modifying it with skins and stickers and adding various widgets along with desktop wallpaper are some of the popular tweaks. If you want to have the flexibility of adding live wallpaper to your windows 10 device, pick a powerful website that … Read more

In Windows 10/8/7, How To Fix Hamachi Service Stopped?

hamachi service stopped

Do you use LogMeIn Hamachi VPN on your Windows computer? Has your Windows system’s Hamachi service stopped working? While Windows is capable of supporting the LogMeIn Hamachi program in general, users can sometimes experience malfunctions and errors that prevent them from using it. Different issues can be caused by various factors. You can receive error … Read more

Can I Delete Delivery Optimization Files?

delivery optimization files

Windows update delivery optimization is a feature that is introduced by the Windows 10. This feature gives the computer the facility to get the update or send the same to neighbouring computer networks also. Though this feature allows to you to update the windows faster but the truth is that you also need to pay … Read more