How to Deliver Intelligent Customer Service through a Mobile App?

How to Deliver Intelligent Customer Service through a Mobile App

Moving an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar retail store to a mobile app can seem like a daunting task. You built your brand on impeccable customer service; it’s what helped you gain success, name recognition and loyalty in a crowded retail market. How do you offer that same quality service without face-to-face interactions or website features? Essentially, … Read more

The 5 Main Advantages of CRM Systems

The 5 Main Advantages of CRM Systems

A client relationship management system is an online platform which assists businesses in managing and growing their client relationships. The CRM system is a centralized online location that contains all the data you have about your customers and leads. For individuals that work with a CRM system, it’s hard to picture their work without it. … Read more

How Technology Is Affecting the Way of Trading?

Like any other aspect of both our personal and professional lives, the stock market has been greatly affected by technology too. Nowadays, to succeed at stock trading, you need to use technology to your advantage. Investing has become more technology-dependent in recent years. Whether you are trading or you are a professional investor, retail investor, … Read more

4 Main Advantages of Digital Banking

Now is the best time to embrace digital banking services for improving customer experience and competitiveness. Digital banking, the computerization of standard banking services utilizing innovative technology solutions, is quickly becoming mainstream. As more customers and organizations employ digital banking services, more and more banking processes have become digital. Users’ need to physically visit banks … Read more

6 Benefits of Learning Art in School

It will take some time to have arts completely incorporated into the school curriculum, especially in public schools. However, important steps are being taken to ensure it is part of the program of study. For example, Chicago has added more art teachers in public schools. But we are not there yet. The main aim of … Read more

6 Tips and Tricks When Starting With AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular comprehensive platform where Amazon offers its cloud services. It comes with the best budget for businesses of all sizes, offering hundreds of different services that give the user endless possibilities. Developers can use the platform to build everything from complex infrastructure technologies to data processing, storage, and databases, … Read more

5 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

5 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

If you are a small business owner, you know that operating a business requires an incredible amount of work. Small businesses face many risks, which is why you should absolutely consider insurance. Insurance can save you from financial disaster if something goes wrong, alleviating several major concerns, and giving you more time to focus on … Read more