Join the AMA-Session with S-Wallet Founder and get $10,000 worth of rewards


August 1 marks the beginning of a better, faster and more powerful digital platform for managing digital assets, which will be discussed in the AMA Session partnered with S-Wallet. Event will take place over the Neuronix Analytical agency platform, with participation of crypto wallet team headed by Serio Latansky –project COO! And you guessed it … Read more

Real Time Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence

We can see lately that artificial intelligence is now revolutionizing how modern-day businesses do data-oriented decision-making to autonomous operations. AI covers it all, and now more and more enterprises rely on AI capabilities to make more precise decision-making in business. Ai has a huge influence on data-based decision making. AI with big data has the … Read more

How Customized Postcards Can Increase Your Sales?

An Offer

In today’s digital age, almost all marketing campaigns incorporate some form of digital or social media promotion. With the majority of the world connected to the internet, it makes sense that many businesses would want to tap into this resource. While online and digital campaigns have proven to be successful promotional vehicles, tried and true … Read more

How to Develop a Stronger Customer Service Department?

Invest in contact center software.

These days, your customer service department is commonly the lifeblood of your brand. Innovative companies worldwide depend on their customer service and support departments to help steer brand reputation, encourage repeat business, and solve customer problems. However, not every brand has the resources that the pros use. That can cause some quality management issues that … Read more

Top 5 NodeJs Development Company List

Top 5 NodeJs Development Company List

Node.Js has been proven to be very efficient and useful in the space of web and mobile application. Thus quite a number of organizations and businesses are eager to leverage this technology for building their web applications. However, using the technology requires high programming skills. Therefore, if you are looking to develop an application using … Read more

ACER vs. ASUS: Which monitor is better?


There are a couple of fantastic laptop brands today that are reshaping the tech industry. These laptop brands are upping the ante for usability, versatility, effectiveness, and connectivity. Moreso, it feels like many new features come with a release, and each laptop brand is trying to outdo its competition. Today we will be looking at … Read more

3 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Growth With SEO for eCommerce

Content marketing is essential

One of the greatest struggles small businesses face is growing their revenue. Increasing sales, brand awareness, and attracting new customers is essential to building a successful brand. Most small enterprises don’t have large enough marketing budgets to make real progress using traditional methods. The good news for them is that digital marketing makes it affordable … Read more

Industries That Should Use Enhanced ID Card Systems

Most industries need to secure their company with increased safety measures. Since every business has confidential information to safeguard, they must protect those documents. While employing security personnel at the building may seem like the best option, every company needs additional measures. In some industries, it may not even be possible to hire security for … Read more