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How cricket betting became big?

Cricket is a religion in India, and cricketers are gods in this country. Many Indians follow this sport, and even many more fans consider themselves as cricket experts. In fact, you can find so many Indians who remember all the matches of their national team.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that cricket betting is huge in India. According to one website, fans and others wager more than $15 billion on cricket, annually. So how did cricket betting become so huge n India?

The Indian government doesn’t allow offline cricket betting in the country. This has led to the proliferation of several online cricket betting platforms in India. Since data costs in India are among the lowest in the country, many cricket fans take to betting.

Most of these online sportsbooks offer several bonuses and other rewards to their customers. The list of bonuses is huge, and includes welcome bonus, odds boost bonus, free bets, risk-free bets, cashbacks, and loyalty rewards. All this is sweet music to fresh gamblers who are risk averse and have minimal budgets.

Mobile friendliness

Increasingly, most cricket sports books are becoming available on phones and tablets as well. This means, players can wager on their favorite teams, matches, and players whenever and wherever they like. Gamblers can access their cricket betting sites on several iOS and Android devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Samsung, Nokia, and Google Pixel. Moreover, you can launch these sites with Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Not surprisingly, mobile friendliness is making online cricket sportsbooks more popular.

The number and depth of cricket betting options is also driving the growth of cricket betting in India. For example, most top Indian sportsbooks have parlays, moneyline, totals, points spreads, props, and other betting types on their platforms. Moreover, you can also place live bets on your favorite teams using these platforms and land big wins.

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Digital cricket betting is also becoming more popular for a few more reasons, so continue reading this article.

Safety and customer service

Because wagering involves money, bettors are always cautious about their funds. Thankfully, every sports betting site in India encrypts its data, thereby making all online transactions safe. You can check the safety of your website by clicking its URL; a lock-like symbol there means your betting platform is secure.

Sometimes you might get stuck while placing bets. Or, you might have dozens of questions in your mind regarding bonuses, payments, and so on. In this regard, top betting sites provide 24/7 customer support to their players. You can get help via Live Chat, Email, and Phone from your sportsbook. Moreover, these websites have super-helpful FAQ sections which have articles on all aspects of cricket betting.

Payments and withdrawals

Most betting sites would require a deposit from you before giving away their bonuses. So how do you pay money to these sportsbooks?

Thankfully, these platforms work with assorted payment providers. These may be PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and other brands. Besides being safe, these gateways are reliable as well, and provide quick deposit and withdrawal services.

All the factors, enumerated above, have made cricket betting popular in India.

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