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The 5 Best Free Games Available for PC

Gaming doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby where you drop hundreds of dollars on new games. There are plenty of free titles waiting for you to try too. Here are five of the best free games available for PC.

Apex Legends

We say Apex Legends, but we could well have said Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, all of which occupy an ever crowded genre known as the battle royale. A set number of players (usually about 100) are set loose on an arena which gets smaller and smaller as the game goes on until players are forced together. The last player standing wins the game. Apex Legends is a great example of this genre with a lot of depth and competitiveness that will keep you playing just one more round on your new Lenovo Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptop.

War Thunder

If you’ve played any of the Battlefield games from 15 years ago like Battlefield 1942, you need to give War Thunder a try. It’s completely free and lets you command any one of many different forms of transport on the field of battle – driving, flying, or even taking up the role as a gunner. It’s set during the Second World War and does a great job at making you feel just how perilous the war effort was during its height of it. If this sort of genre appeals to you, have a look at World of Tanks too, which is also free with a bigger focus on vehicular combat.

Genshin Impact

With more than enough story and playability to earn itself the right to attach a hefty price tag to the game, Genshin Impact’s hand-drawn graphic style and the rich 30-hour story will satisfy any fan of the anime genre. It’s an open-world game at heart, complete with resource gathering, crafting, and exploration at center stage. There are some premium content areas that you’ll need to pay for, but there’s more than enough free content to keep you engaged for a long time.

Magic the Gathering Arena

The collectible card game free-to-play list is growing every day, with massive titles like Hearthstone and Gwent leading the way. Wizard of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering has also joined the freemium model and fans of the traditional and very much not digital card game will no doubt enjoy the freedom to play their favorite collectible card game without having to hunt down the real-world cards to build their ultimate deck.

Eve Online

If large-scale massively online multiplayer games are more your speed, you won’t get any grander than Eve Online. It has sometimes been likened more to a lifestyle than a game with interstellar battles raging all around with sometimes thousands of pilots taking part. While there are features reserved for subscribers to the game, the free-to-play model isn’t short of things for budding space pilots to immerse themselves in either.

Why not try one of these free-to-play games today? Nothing is stopping you.

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