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And Now, What Will Relationships Be Like?

After the pandemic that caused social isolation where there was only the option to face the emotions without being able to run away from the problems, the behaviors went through a review, in a personal way. The concept of individuality, personal space and sexual intimacy went through a redefinition that includes a significant change in terms of living in society.

Moreover, apart from the problem of contagion, prevention and precautions, intimate relationships, which should already take these aspects into account, can henceforth go through an exceptional situation. The effects on people accustomed to having a closer relationship of kisses and hugs can be of greater impact.

Because there are different sexual behaviors from one person to another, the return to a possible normality has quite different effects among the sexually active population, either among hot escorts of Kolkata, couples or according to the different contexts that relationships present.

There are many realities. Singles, couples who share residence, couples who live far away, couples with or without children… relationships go through a considerable change when starting a routine of many cares and that is probably part of the life that follows after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an overall plan, calmer, more willing and more optimistic people have greater ability to maintain relationships, even about sex. They are those that are more open to conversations, that seek to make everything in their environment better, even when the situation is new and different for everyone.

The return to normality, to a routine, leads to many doubts. The fears, the anxiety for some control, the return to contact with other people, everything requires time.

For Skokka and the sexy and professional escorts in the UK, relationships will always be fundamental. So, in the end, how to get back to life? If before there was a normality, what are the points for relations to be less affected after social distancing?

Post-pandemic sex


It is true that the ability to adapt to the new context depends on each person and will be decisive when it comes to sexuality. A health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic is capable of changing the entire course of the planet.

Leaving after months of forced social estrangement is something that generates a lot of strangeness. Some countries such as Germany and England have a policy of social distancing that gives some more options to circulation around, but the reality in many places can be very different.

At the same time, the example of South Africa shows a mixture of fear, with respect and redoubled attention. The greetings that used to be kisses, possible hugs and the touch while talking have changed to keeping a safe distance and wipe hands every moment, as the escorts from Australia have already done in recent months.

On the other hand, there are also emotional difficulties, which accompany the negative consequences of social isolation, and can amplify pre-existing psychological problems. In addition to the cases that highlight pain for the global situation or mourning for the loss of someone attacked by the virus.

It is empathy even when closeness is not allowed, so words and attitudes teach that one is not alone.

Useful new technologies during the time of social estrangement may still be very convenient, especially for people who are lonely and find it difficult to return to normal. 


So what about sex life?

As a result of the pandemic in the global economy, there will be an increase in financial and emotional difficulties, which represents a negative influence on sexual behaviour.

Secondary to the general difficulties that this situation imposes, relationships, intimacy and sexual relations go through a moment of many adaptations and novelties. But still, this may be a good thing that happened, because at many points in history, humanity has been able to overcome the difficulties.

Additionally, although it takes some to the edge of madness by needing the physical contact and the stimulation to have real pleasure, it can result in a restart with calm and much more care at the time of knowing someone.

After all, the recommendations remain to keep distance, wear masks in almost every country and have safe sex. Surely, all this will pass, then everyone will be able to return to a life within all the terms of the “new normal”.

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