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6 Pros Of Mediafire – Overview And Guide In 2021

Cloud computing has become popular and in high demand ever since we could not save all our files and e-documents in our limited storage capacity hardware. The large size of our files has done our search for options that would help us save money by not buying expensive hardware with higher storage limits and saving our files at a place where they would stay safe and secure without being compromised.

The search and urgency for an economical and high storage capacity option have led to the invention of cloud storage, where we can upload and save our files safely for a lifetime. One can say that cloud storage is a digital platform where you can keep your files of any size in the cloud memory of the service provider for whatever time you want. Today, we will be discussing one such cloud storage provider, named Mediafire, where we will learn what this is and how it benefits us in providing storage capacity.

What Is MediaFire?

MediaFire started in June 2006 as a provider of online files/documents storage, collaboration, sharing, synchronization services. It lets you save and share important documents, photos, videos, audio clips, and whatnot on its virtual storage folder, accessible from any place.

MediaFire, founded by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge, is based in Shenandoah, Texas, U.S. The company has prestigious clients, such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Linus, Android, Blackberry 10, and several web browsers.

MediaFire has a registered user base of 43 million users. The reasons it has been able to attract and retain so many users are its zero-cost services, like unlimited downloads, download resuming, zero wait times, and many others. More than 150 million people visit MediaFire every month to quickly;y and securely save, organize, and share their files or data in the company’s cloud system. That being said, you must be eager to know about the exciting benefits that MediaFire offers. So, continue reading to find out more.

6 Pros Of Using MediaFire

There are two benefits of using cloud storage. First, you can use it through your phone and internet connectivity at any place, which eliminates the need to carry hardware along with you whenever you need to access your saved file. And, secondly, your files are safe from viruses, theft, etc., because it is there in the clouds away from all types of mishappenings.

MediaFire offers more benefits than this. Apart from bulk file uploading, you also get a file manager tool that helps you quickly sort your uploaded files on Mediafire. You are also free to use its file-sharing option without the need to register with the device. Now, let’s see more about such benefits from the explanation given below.

  1. More Storing Capacity: MediaFire provides its users 10GB of free storage when they sign up. And, a file of size up to 4GB can easily be uploaded and saved on MediaFire’s cloud capacity. This gives you up to 50 GB of free space. Any file (not exceeding 4GB in size) can be stored as a backup without any difficulty or issues.

Through its industry-standard reward mechanisms, MediaFire serves its users with a chance to earn more storage capacity for free. They have to do specific complete tasks, like installing the MediaFire application or connecting your Twitter/Facebook account with the MediaFire account. A few lucky winners will be rewarded with a free storage limit.

  1. Effortless Collaboration: MediaFire is an advanced digital medium through which you can share your cloud folders of project files in no time. You can also send large-sized files via email without any hassle to make collaboration even when sitting a distance apart.

MediaFire’s drag and drop feature helps tremendously in uploading folders and files into its interface, or you could click on the Upload tab to upload all your files.

  1. Fast, Quick, and Convenient Sharing Option: Sharing your saved files on MediaFire is a quick and convenient process through links, shareable via websites, email, or even social media channels. You as a user are also entitled to unlimited ad-supported downloads with zero wait time.

As soon as you have uploaded your folders/files on MediaFire, they are ready to share them with anyone. MediaFire users can also control their downloads. It provides a free On-Time-Link option to share files, and the recipients receiving the files through this link will not be able to forward the link to anybody else.

  1. Easily Accessible: You can easily organize your folders and files on MediaFire via its easy-to-use and powerful file manager. You can upload, save, control, copy, and move all your files on mediaFire from anywhere through your phone or desktop.

MediaFire ensures that all your downloads are available and completes fast, for which they provide unlimited bandwidth so that your ad-supported download never hits the bandwidth or the download limit.

  1. Paid Subscription: MediaFire also offers two paid subscription options. The first one is a Pro Plan option where you will get 1TB storage capacity with a single file upload of up to 20GB and is priced at $3.75 a month or $5 per month if billed annually.

The second plan is a Business Plan where you will receive 100TB of storage that up to 100 users can use. This plan costs $50 a month or $40 per month if billed annually.

  1. Supports Almost All The Top OS: You can upload hundreds or even thousands of files in one go at MediaFire using any web browser or the MediaFire application designed to suit all operating software, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. MediaFire’s clear labeling and neat arrangement render it a highly user-friendly interface.

Concluding Lines

MediaFire is beyond doubt a great virtual platform to save our personal and professional files and documents on its cloud system with utmost safety and strict security. If you are concerned about “is mediafire safe,” be rest assured because unless you share your credentials or files with anyone else, no one will be able to breach MediaFire’s security and access your data. So, be calm and start saving on clouding.

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