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Artificial Intelligence: A New World

Artificial intelligence is quite a new concept for the world we live in. Despite that, it has made a significant change in society and has made a place for itself. Some so many people are not at all familiar with the concept of artificial intelligence. They are not sure about its work and how it affects the world and various sectors in the industry. They can also not understand how Artificial intelligence can do some of their work and can be deployed in their organization. Despite people’s lack of familiarity in this respect, technology is transforming every aspect of the walk of life. To understand the technology, we need to start with the basic question of what artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the jargon of machine language, Artificial intelligence is that branch of computer science that is wide and concerned with the establishment of smart machines capable of doing tasks that normally require human intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary science having different approaches.

Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology made its mark in the 21st century but is present in society long before that. The credit of giving birth to Artificial intelligence goes to the father of Computer Science ‘Alan Turing’ and his work titled ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence.’ It was in the year 1950, and in his work, he has asked a famous question of ‘can machine think.’ From there, the idea of Artificial intelligence takes roots, and a new field is born in the realm of computer science. Later Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig published Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. This became one of the paramount books to study artificial intelligence.

With this work, artificial intelligence became an active part of the debate and topic to research and became an active member of the world. At present, every sector of the industry has something to do with technology. We all need to see the qualities that are in the technology that makes it the best technology in the current times.

Characteristics of Artificial Intelligence

There are so many technologies that developed but cannot leave a mark, but there are some that became the need to the humankind. The technology of Artificial intelligence is one of them. It is the need of society and certain factors or qualities that made it the need of the hour. Some of them are as follows.

  • Intentional

The technology algorithm is crafted in such a way that all the decisions are calculated with the help of real-time data or code.  Some real-life examples of artificial intelligence are Amazon’s developed Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google assistant.  They are a very important part of our lives now and are classic examples of technology. They can translate the human intention or language into desirable actions without even touching a button. They have the intelligence to fathom the human language, i.e., they have the insight to translate and understand human language in their machine code. They can use sensors, data digitally, and remote inputs and can analyze it instantly and can take action on that data. With some improvements in techniques and processing speed, the machines will be capable of better decision-making and analysis.

  • Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is generally understood in context with machine learning and analysis of data. The only thing it requires is data that is sufficient and an algorithm that can decode the patterns. The data for artificial intelligence can come in various forms and different modes, such as images from satellites, visual information, and unstructured or digital. One such classic real-life example of intelligence is autopilots in commercial airplanes. This is the earliest use of artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence in airplanes dates back to 1914. Even Gmail uses the same algorithm to differentiate one’s E-mails into various categories such as primary, social, promotions. Each time one categorizes their mails g-mail learns a new of differentiation.

  • Easy to adapt

They are an ever-evolving technology. They learn from the users and adapt concerning that and make decisions. It is their quality of adaptability that helps them to reach the zenith. Their sensors, incorporated experiences, and advanced algorithms helped them to adapt at a fast pace.  One such example of adaptability is autonomous vehicles, and it is their advanced algorithm that helps them completely keep the vehicle under control and make the decisions relating to navigation.

Application Of Artificial Intelligence

These are some of the qualities of the technology that makes it one of a kind. Despite that, there is one more factor that makes it an all-rounder: its universality. It is quite universal as it is applicable in almost all the sectors and industries of the world. Wherever one can run their minds, Artificial intelligence has a place in it or necessity these days. Some of the fields heavily rely on technology in finance, health care, utilities of smart cities such as metros and other web portals, National Security, etc.

A significant example of artificial intelligence in finance is the stock exchange. In this, high-quality trading machines are used. Earlier the task was dependent upon manual labor or the decisions of humankind. Now, it is replaced by the current technology. The task, which used to take days and even months to complete, is now done within minutes. Machines are also efficient enough to point out minute errors, which helps companies make fewer errors and more profit.


The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is huge when compared to the evolution of other technologies in a short period. These machines have established themselves at the core of various industries that those industries can’t imagine their work without the technology and continue to do so. The days are near when machine assistants such as Google and Siri will be our assistants. There are so many other things that will be possible because of this technology in the next decade or so that it is hard to grasp as the application is limitless.

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