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6 Websites That Allow You To Read One Piece Manga In 2022

Manga or anime comics are widely popular throughout the world and are loved by people of all age groups. However, they are mainly written in the Japanese language but because of their immense popularity, they have grown an audience base throughout the world, mainly the English audience who loves to read them online and forms a major chunk of their lovers.


One Piece Manga is also very much popular and people throughout the world love to read this adventure and fantasy webcomic. Because of its popularity, it is available in the dubbed version for people around the globe to enjoy the content. This anime is all about a treasure “One Piece” and the process to achieve it.

In this article, we will learn about the sources or the websites that will allow you to read one piece online.

Here are the site names in detail.

  1. Mangastream (
  2. VIZ (viz.xom)
  3. Mangafreak (
  4. Readmng (
  5. Watchop (

There is no barricade for reading this as you can use apps, websites to read anything on your device.

Websites To Read One Piece Manga In 2022

Let’s take a look!

#1. Mangastream / readms


Mangastream is in fact a website that is used for manga reading throughout the globe as it is very much convenient. It is very fast and you can quickly get the content related to your comic without any trouble and at the earliest. It also provides a new episode of the book with the proper reading quality in the PDF reader. To make the interface more user friendly, things are sorted out and you can see the right section of the site for the new update. This section also includes episodes that were released in the past couple of days so that you don’t need to search here and there.

First of all, to read one piece, you need to go through the registration process that makes it easy for you to restart from the same place. If you are using this site for the first time and getting trouble finding the one-piece manga files, you can use the following steps: check the dropbox in the menu with the title “read the manga.” You will get the one-piece menu item into the list, without any hassle.

#2. VIz


Viz is also a prominent website to read manga in the English language. However, if you want an official reading source, you can try the VIZ services to get the One-Piece manga book. Overall, it is a good website to read One Piece online without getting lots of ads and other distractions. This website named as Viz is available for you online in the form of the website, app so that you are comfortable with it.

However, to use the website, you are required to pay a small amount to read your manga book or series to the viz website. Apart from that, you also need to go through the registration process, and it will help you in the future at Viz to make it a wonderful experience.

#3. Mangafreak


Like the previous websites on our list, this website is also a very good website to read one piece manga. However, it is excellent to explore as well apart from your favorite manga series, which makes it one of the best advantages of the website. Overall, Mangafreak is a good website to read one piece manga.

In the search bar, you can explore any particular episode of one piece. However, Mangafreak comes with the auto click ads that are not at all a good thing.

#5. Readmng


Readmng is the next website in our list that provides good comics from around the world for their readers. This website offers several webcomic choices and people love it for the number of comics that are available to read.

Also, the user interface adopted by the website is much better than many manga websites and also comes with a chat box to discuss along with the other readers.



The Watchop is the last website on our list and is quite different from the others as it is used to get the stream of the anime episodes related to one piece. Also, you can get the written form of One-Piece manga and is a website that provides the latest episodes of One Piece manga.

Also, you need to click on the “read manga” menu item to read the One-Piece chapters and access the content in both dubbed and subbed form.


We hope that you have found our list helpful and have received a summary of the working websites that will help you to read One Piece Manga easily and conveniently.

Happy Reading.

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