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How to create a selling website in 6 steps?

A lot has already been said and written about how to create a selling website. However, there are still sites on the Internet where even finding a page with contacts is backbreaking work. Do you want to check how useful your website is for sales? We go along the yellow brick road.

Step 1. Take the visitor’s place

First, think about how the visitor ended up on your site, why he needs you, and what he will do here. When designing a website, pay special attention to what the visitor needs, so as not to get a standard picture from the “Expectation and Reality” series.

We reveal a secret — most users don’t care about the color of the main page and how it fits with the pictures. Of paramount importance for the sale are:

  • Price and terms of delivery
  • Product Description
  • Image of the product that the buyer was looking for

Four people are working as a team

It is not a secret that a successful website will help to promote your business no matter what area you have chosen. Either it’s a webpage of the spa salon, or entertainment center, or a website of a rental service. The user must have the possibility to easily search for the hiring option they like, like rent a range rover in Dubai. Chatbots with rental specialists can assist them in their choice.

Step 2. Do all the work for the user

Before any advertising activity on the Internet, you need to remember that the average visitor is quite lazy, doesn’t want to think, and is prone to escape. If the user does not receive all the information necessary for deciding on one page, then he goes back to the search. The search engine considers such a visit a “rejection” and puts the site a “minus” on the behavioral factor. This means that it will be lower in the search results.

Step 3. Listen to what your salespeople are saying

It will be easier to detain a visitor on the site and force him to place an order if you analyze the offline sales scenario in your segment and transfer it to online. Just listen to what people ask when they call your company, and what the best salespeople answer them. In general, to increase your income, you have 11 seconds until a site visitor navigates the page, searches for something he needs, and makes his choice. Ensure you don’t commit any of the common design thinking mistakes, done by startups.”

Step 4. Building a landing page

To build an effective landing page, you just need to answer the standard questions of the buyer.

  • Where am I?

Respond to the buyer using text headers and images of goods or industries. The answer should be in the most visible area on the first screen.

  • Do you have what I need?

As an answer, use links to catalog sections and the ability to quickly search or select.

  • Is your offer suitable for me? What are your conditions?

To answer this question, the visitor must see on the page what the product looks like, its price, precise description, delivery, and warranty details.

  • Can I trust you?

For the answer to be yes, place additional info above the product description like positioning, why you are better than your competitors, and why it is worth choosing you.

  • What am I supposed to do now?

Remember that the user is lazy and helpless? He needs to be pushed to the checkout. Even if the user is satisfied with everything, he may not call simply because you forgot to place a call to action. Or they hid the phone away in the basement, and the person was too lazy to squander down.

Step 5. Remove the excess

Leave on the page only what helps to sell. If you are not sure that the director’s photo contributes to sales, feel free to get rid of it. Sometimes banners of other products are placed on product cards, and half of the product catalog and blinking special offers are laid out on the purchase registration page. All this distracts from the main thing. From the registration of the goods at the checkout.

Step 6. Check the effectiveness

To understand how effective your site is, put a person at the computer who has never been on it before. Watch the process. If they stumble and hang out somewhere, it doesn’t mean that it’s time for them to take computer literacy courses. This means that the site has problems that you, not your customers, will have to solve.


Now you have a simple and effective technique, following which you can easily make your site sell. But do not forget that after all, the overall success depends not only on a good website but also on how successful the promotion channels you have chosen are.

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