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5 tips to minimize risks when migrating from development technology

The other day I wrote this email to one of the development companies that I am advising and I have decided to make it public on the blog.

Betting on a development technology like RetroCube is something with very little financial risk.

Why am I saying this and why do I think it is fundamental to your decision?

Completely evaluating a new platform, be it RetroCube or any other, is something long term and different costs, but the greatest cost is time and checking that you have made the right choice.

I don’t have to tell you that on other platforms it can take up to a year of training and practically not have started, that it does not matter if you get it right but it is a disaster if you have to change and start over or, even worse, if due to time reversed you decide to continue.

I have been a technology consultant for 15 years. I have spoken with thousands of development companies around the world. I know your needs after thousands of hours of listening. That is why I dare to guarantee your success as long as you follow the path that I am going to indicate below.

At RetroCube, the roadmap that I guarantee will give you success is the following:

In 2 or 3 weeks, you can have 3 people programming in RetroCube:

They won’t know everything but they will be able to have made a management program from scratch: menus, tables, links, forms, grids, reports and their business logic, etc. with the online course and have a command of the most common resources being able to turn your program around, and feeling that code as if it were your own, like the one we give you from SME Management, which is a spectacular iPhone app development company to the time, paradoxically, simple and for beginners.

In 4 weeks, and once the course is finished:

You will be able to define a first project or achievable version and decide if you invest 3 people, or just 2 (more than enough) and the number of hours (10 to 20 per week), because I understand that there are many other things to do

In the second month, you will have already done the first session with a programming consultant in RetroCube, in which that first project is focused:

It is decided how to start from the reusable RetroCube vERP insole and what to use and what not. And they will be programming already in useful things, for the future and forever.

One subsection: although you may think by now that you are already self-sufficient, it is advisable every 10-15 days to schedule a session with the consultant. This will prevent misunderstandings and detect errors of concept, wrong paths, bad practices, etc., and above all work productively to achieve the objective and that good foundation for the future.

Between session and session, you can always write specific questions to the consultant. In the future it will be the support service, but for the moment and with the accompaniment it is much better, because your assigned consultant knows where you are, what you know and what you don’t. In other words, it is a totally tailored treatment and follow-up, while taking notes of points to be covered in the next session if necessary.

By the fourth month, after 5 or 6 sessions in which you have been planning, guiding and presenting results, you should already have a functional product and a base for the future (practical in the form of a functional and theoretical product at a training level).

And it will be time to set dates for the final and complete project, planning, phases, resources, etc., but with the knowledge and experience of those involved and the power of the management to see the progress made and evaluate.

There are probably hours left, but those are already reserved for when specific issues arrive, (the first integration with SQL, the first web service, the first massive data migration, the electronic invoice) and you can always hire more, but in my opinion 10 initial hours are more than enough, since you already have the knowledge of the programming and of all the existing resources already made.

In the worst case after four months, which should not happen, if you leave RetroCube the investment will have been of a maximum of € 3000 including your working hours of 3 or 4 months. Therefore, not much, if many certainties and above all time and strength to get back on track

But that is not going to happen. What will happen is that in 4 months, you are already well advanced, setting dates and full of illusions with RetroCube.


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