How to Solve “Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed on Mac”

Hey guys, We hope you folks are doing wonderful with your life considering the ongoing pandemic. There are times when you experience the error “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed” on your Mac, and trust us, it gives you a headache. But again, we are here to rescue you from this error for once and all.

You need to stay with us in this article where we are going to tell you ways to solve this issue with easy and simple steps.

No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed Error

First, let’s see,

Why does mac show “Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed”?

Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed Error mostly occurs when any 3rd party app is malfunctioning or your operating system contains any broken code or corrupt file. We know that iOS is the best operating system and has very less chances of errors. There are few more reasons like unnecessary stuff in your Mac or maybe too many websites open on your mac get the cause for this error “sorry, no manipulation with clipboard allowed”.

So, if you want to run fast your mac then you have to keep clean your mac and close unnecessary apps from your mac and windows from your browsers. We suggest you use Mackeeper. Mackeeper cleans your mac and keeps mac away from viruses.

How to Fix Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed on Mac:

 1. Reboot your System

The least demanding approach to understanding the majority of the errors and issues on your Mac is by giving it a basic restart or reboot. If any reserved information from an application or some clashing codes will promptly disappear after a restart.


However, you need to save your work and close all the applications on your Mac, click the little Apple symbol on the upper right corner, and select Restart.

2. Solve Copy and Paste not working using Activity Monitor

In case rebooting your system doesn’t work, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of this error.

  1. First of all, you need to launch the Activity monitor app using spotlight or head over to Applications then Utilities and at last the Activity Monitor.
  2. Now, you need to type “board” in the search box.
    Activity Monitor
  3. Next up, under the Process name, you need to double-click the board option and click the “Quit” button to end the boarding process.
  4. Now you have to exit the Activity monitor and try to use the application which was earlier showing errors while trying to copy and Paste Text on your Mac.

3. Fix Sorry No Manipulations with clipboard allowed issue Using Terminal

 If you have essential information on utilizing Terminal on your Mac, you may utilize this as an option in contrast to the past technique. Utilizing the Terminal application, you can undoubtedly end an incredible clipboard movement and resolve the issue. Now here are the steps to fix the copying and pasting not working on your Mac.

  1. First of all, you need to open the Terminal app by using the spotlight or head to Applications then Utilities, and at last Terminal.
  2. Now you need to put up the “killall board” line in the Terminal and hit the Enter key.
    killall board
  3. At last, exit the Terminal on your Mac.

4. Check for Updates

 There are times when a bad cache file or corrupt code might be the real culprit for this error. To get rid of this error, we recommended you to keep updating your Mac to receive regular security and software updates. Here how you do it.

  1. First of all, you need to click the Apple icon at the top-left corner of your screen.
  2. After that, click the first option “About this Mac“.
    About this Mac
  3. Now, click the “Software update” button.
    Software update
  4. Now click the Upgrade Now button to initiate downloading the update. The mac will automatically install the update.


Dear folks, that is all from our side. We will come back to you with another set of solutions for another technical error in your system. We hope, after using the above-mentioned methods you will be able to solve the copy and paste not working on your Mac problem.

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