Best Air Fryers Review 2020 – DO NOT BUY BEFORE READING THIS!


Do you have a weakness for fried foods, no matter the truth which you are health conscious? Well, I actually have good news for you. There is a kitchen appliance which could fry meals with very little oil. It is known as Air Fryer and it is available in markets around you.

You can buy it from both online or close by stores. But Buying from Online offers you the benefit of buying at any time and everywhere and you get to compare distinct air fryer models, prices and reviews.

Air Fryers are a healthy way to satisfy your stomach which always desires deep-fried and crunchy food. Unlike other conventional ways, air fryers use a few drops or no oil to cook crunchy and fried food. Do you want to know how? When you turn on this appliance, very warm water is circulated to offer even and fried cooking. Apart from fried food, air fryers can also roast, bake, grill and boil foods.

Best Air Fryers 2020 – Comparison Table!

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So do you know, What is an Air Fryer?

Well, let me tell you by explaining what an air fryer certainly is. The simplest way I can describe it is; it is a new reducing aspect kitchen appliance that allows humans to fry meals in a very wholesome manner. It uses warm air and has similar effects in taste and appearance with deep-fried meals.

Air fryers are the most famous kitchen appliances of the past few years and today as well. It is not difficult to look at why, the versatile equipment makes crispy, finger-licking meals like fried chicken, fish and chips, and hen tenders with minimal use of oil. Yes, making fried meals without a large ladle of oil sounds too good to be true, however air fryers paint their magic by using circulating warm air at some stage in its internal chamber, giving your meals crunchier and crispier skin than if you’d tossed it into the oven.

Apart from fried foods, air fryers are also able to roast vegetables, baking pizza, or even making bread or cakes. But selecting an excellent air fryer is not an easy matter. There are plenty of factors to assume about (size, value, and versatility are just some of the most important considerations). The suitable news, however, is that in contrast to their greasier cousin, the deep fryer, almost all air fryers are clean to clean. Air fryers typically comprise a pullout meals drawer from the bottom that’s smooth to wipe. And with so little oil, there’s nearly no danger of splatters getting everywhere.

But first of all, let me tell you what are the benefits you will get after investing in these products.

Benefits of Air Fryers:

An air fryer has many advantages to provide its customers like low-fat meals, easy smooth up, uses hot-air circulation, the air fryer chefs your elements from all angles- with no oil needed. This, in the long run, produces more healthy ingredients than maximum fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried meals to your home.
To make sure you get the maximum out of your appliance, maximum fryers are accompanied with a recipe book to help you get started right away on your journey of fast, yet wholesome meal preparations. Whether your favourite dish is french fries, muffins, chips, bird tenders or grilled vegetables, an air fryer can put it all together. An air fryer can pretty tons do it all. And via all, we mean fry, grill, bake, and roast.
Equipped with strong plastic and metal material, the air fryer has many high-quality benefits to offer. Air Fryers also have the potential to cook multiple dishes at once, cut back on fatty oils, prepare a meal within minutes.

1. Air Fryers are extremely healthy for you: An air fryer is extremely healthy, so you do not need to worry about your health issues as it makes use of very little or no oil, which directly implies less calories and fats. So you can enjoy your meal without any worries.

2. An Air Fryer is very fast and efficient: Nobody has that much time to spend on cooking. We all want to do it and get it over with. Air fryers are rapid and efficient. It is even faster than ovens. It only takes a few minutes to prepare air-fried meals.

3. Air Fryers will maintain a neat and clean environment in the kitchen: The truth is that air fryers require no oil, there might be no need for all the messy cleanups after cooking. The fryer is enclosed so there can’t be any splatter unlike using a frying pan. The fry basket is dishwasher friendly and the entire machine is nonstick. All this preparation makes it a completely smooth process.

4. All in one machine or versatile: Despite the fact that frying is the main motive of air fryers, they can also be used for other things like grilling, baking and roasting.

5. Air Fryers are extremely easy to use or utilize: An oil-free air fryer is amazingly simple to use. You don’t want to be a seasoned expert in cooking or electronics. It’s easy; just region your food in the fryer basket, region the basket inside the fryer, use the proper buttons, modify the knob. At this point, you are unfastened to go anywhere you want. The appliance mechanically shuts down after it’s done.

6. The Air fryers provide you safety: With air fryers, you don’t have to fear oil splatters, there are not any flames, so no chance of kitchen fires and there’s even a vehicle close feature. This means that even if you forget to place it off, it will try this mechanically.

And believe me that when you start using this appliance, You won’t want to attempt every other frying machine or technique. If you are seeking out a safe manner to maintain enjoying your fries without health complications, you are in the right place. So follow up this article and I will tell you about the best air fryer products that can rock your world in a good way.

Top 6 Best Air Fryer Reviews

#1 Philips Digital Air Fryer HD9230/26

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With a total rating of 4.3, Philips Digital Air Fryer topped the list of best air fryers because of its wonderful service to its users. The HD9230 is a massive step up from its predecessor, the HD9220, which had guide temperature and time manipulation dials. This equipment has a totally virtual touchscreen manipulator panel which helps you to effortlessly set temperatures as excessive as 390° and cooking instances as much as an hour, at the side of an automated shutoff to save you burned food.

The different essential improve with inside the brand new Philips version is that there’s now a double-layer rack blanketed with inside the otherwise-small cooking basket; it nevertheless simplest holds 1.eight kilos of food, however, you could theoretically healthy two times as plenty into the HD9230 as you may with inside the HD9220 due to that 2nd layer. Everything is dishwasher safe, and the development is wonderful without all the plastic you normally see in air fryers. You didn’t suppose we’d overlook the food, did you? It’s excellent. There’s extra crunch than you’d assume from looking at an air fryer. The insides of French fries, bird and fish pop out wet and delicious, or even broiled and roasted meat is pretty tasty and well-cooked. The baked desserts weren’t bad, either.


  • Easy to use
  • Take less time
  • Digital touchscreen
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • One year product warranty


  • While it’s overall easy to pick up, there is still a learning curve

Why is it suggested: Philips Digital AirFryer HD9230/26 is highly recommended because of its multitasking features as you can make Fry, roast, bake, grill with it.

#2 T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Multi-Cooker

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With a total rating of 4.2 out of 5, T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Multi-Cooker secured second place in the list of best air fryers. It helps you prepare more healthy fried meals with the T-fal Air Fryer. Using only a tablespoon or much less of oil the device chefs to perfection a whole lot of menu gadgets from meats and seafood to stir-fries greens cakes and greater which include up to two kilos of French fries which might be warm and crispy at the outdoor and deliciously smooth and fluffy at the inside. Simply upload sparkling substances degree with inside the oil with the covered spoon set the timer and stroll away using a revolutionary pulse warmth machine and specific stirring paddle the ActiFry cooker distributes oil lightly and chefs meals very well with no-preheating required.

This low-fat fryer and multi-cooker affords a 2.2-pound meals capacity (approximately 4 servings) a easy push-button on/off transfer a virtual countdown timer with buzzer a steam-unfastened obvious lid for at-a-look tracking and a dishwasher-secure lid nonstick pan stirring paddle and tablespoon for short cleanup.


  • Made for smooth use
  • Meals will take less time and effectively cook within as low as 15 minutes.
  • It is versatile
  • Customer guides for the product may be very good.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It can not do cooking without its mixing paddle.
  • It is unable to cook soft or delicate items.
  • The liquid in its pan could leak sometimes

Why it is suggested: T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Multi-Cooker is strongly recommended as it lets you prepare dinner meals adequately without checking it too often. Its oil spatter remains within the appliance, in contrast to conventional stovetop cooking. It also uses completely minimum quantities of oil. Besides conventional reduced fries, the ActiFry can do ribs, bird wings, stir-fry, and plenty of different things.

#3 Kalorik Convection Air Fryer

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With a total rating of 4.3 out 5, Kalorik Convection Air Fryer falls at third place in the list. This Air fryer permits you to reduce energy and store time. Powerful air frying gadget circulates warm air to prepare a lavish meal for your dinner frivolously and quickly, with simply teaspoons of oil.

There is a viewing screen to examine the complete cooking process. There is a handy door to permit a brief opening. Less preheating time chefs quicker and saves time. It has a sixty-minute timer and vehicle mobile flip off the system. There is a handy door to permit a brief opening. Less preheating time chefs quicker and saves time. It has a sixty-minute timer, and vehicle mobile turns off the system. The fryer has an adjustable temperature setting, and the very best temperature is four hundred F for all sorts of foods. All elements are quite simple and easy to use. The fryer has a 4.2 qt capacity. Complete with a deluxe chrome steel finishing.


  • Circulates warm air around meals and accelerates the cooking process.
  • Need no fats to make tasty meals.
  • It has deluxe stainless-steel finishing.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Simple to easy the device.
  • It has a viewing screen to look at the cooking process.
  • Has a Halogen heating method.
  • You can set the temperature to 400F.


  • The handle comes off at the time of cooking so be very careful at the time.

Why it is suggested: Kalorik 2-pounding Air Fryer is recommended as it is very ideal for small families. With a 2-pound meals capability, it is a smaller air frying unit and tremendous for 1-three people in a family.

#4 Kalorik FT 42139 BK SmartAir Fryer

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With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this product is much sturdier than it looks, although it’s just made out of plastic. The manufacturer claims that it poses the ability to fry, grill, roast and bake, but we wouldn’t put it exactly that way as it’s competitors can do much better at an affordable price. If you wanna talk about an air fryer for cooking frozen goods like french fries and fish sticks, this product would be one of the best within its price range. The best feature about it is its inside rack that allows you to put different goods like meat on the top and fries closer to the bottom.

Unlike its competitors, it has dial controls but you can set the timer upto 30 minutes and cook at temperatures up to 400°. No oil is required for cooking but if you add a little, you’ll get good crispiness towards the outside. Best kitchen tool for making onion rings or french fries straight from the freezer.


  • One year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Fry, Grill, Bake and Roast capability
  • Max temp of 400°


  • Plastic body
  • Not exactly stands up to its words

Why is it suggested: Ideal for making fries and onion rings, sleek and sturdy, comes within an affordable range.

#5 Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B

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With a total rating of 4.3 out of 5, Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B is a great machine to invest in and it will totally worth your money. So if you want an air frying in your budget, the Avalon Bay AB Airfryer100B Airfryer is a less expensive choice that’s really well worth checking out. This new kitchen equipment gives a terrific opportunity to deep frying, letting you revel in crispy fried meals without the guilt and the excessive cost. Just like other air fryers, this AvalonBay product uses powerful warmth in the chamber to very well prepare dinner for your meals and deliver it a crispy outer layer. This removes the soak to your substances in oil, making dishes more healthy and greater budget-friendly.


  • It offers you healthy alternatives to fried foods
  • It is a multitasker, can do more than just fry
  • Cooks really fast or in a short time
  • It is user-friendly
  • Quite affordable
  • No more need to use a paper towel to soak up excess oil
  • It can hold up to 3 litres of food
  • Filled with safety features


  • Several parts of the machine are not dishwasher safe
  • Has short power cord
  • Has large size

Why it is suggested: Being an acknowledged multi-tasker, the Avalon Bay Airfryer100b Airfryer can genuinely serve loads extra motive than different gadgets on your counter considering it is able to additionally bake, roast, or even grill in it. While it won’t update your variety or a full-sized oven, it is able to nonetheless upload lots of capability to any kitchen.

#6 Chefman 6.8 Quart Air Fryer

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With a total rating of 4.3 out of 5, Chefman 6.8 Quart Air Fryer is last in our list of best air fryer. Chefman has been known for years to bring out the versatility in its products of making and baking. So if you’re looking for a machine that can do tremendous other things besides air frying, this is the choice for you. You get all the accessories along with the fryer at a bundled cost.


  • Has a large capacity
  • Multitasker
  • Comes with accessories in the box


  • Very large, will acquire a bit of space

Why it is suggested: You can cook medium-sized chicken, cook several smaller things on this very large machine. Although it takes up a lot of your counter space, it can free up the usage of other dish making machines. Along with that, you get all accessories at a reasonable price in a bundle. Claimed of doing everything by its manufacturer, it is not the best at everything it does. So it’s up to the user, to see where this machine fits within his/her kitchen.

Things you should consider before buying an Air Fryer:

1. Air Fryer Brand:​ Go for a popular brand. One that has built recognition for themselves over the years. Compare the air fryers of a number of these widely known manufacturers and if you don’t like what you see, search for other manufacturers.

2. The cost of the Air Fryer: The charge of the air fryer is very essential. Some are fantastically cheap, while some are extra expensive, with additional capabilities relying on the maker. Compare the capabilities with the price and settle for one that you accept as true with is fair sufficient.

3. The size of the Air Fryer: To get the correct length, you have to bear in mind the scale of your family, i.E the range of people it’ll be cooking for in addition to the size of your kitchen counter where you will be setting it. In the Indian market, the average size of air fryer you will locate will range from 2 to four liters with an average capacity to prepare dinner for 1 kg of meals.

4. Temperature:​ The fact is; distinctive foods want extraordinary temperatures to cook. So, when choosing an air fryer, pass for one that has a wide variety of temperature levels to accommodate any form of meals you might want to apply it for. It is also essential to move for one with a maximum temperature and no longer one that has an indefinite temperature increase. Most found in India can’t exceed 2 hundred degrees.

5. Easy cleaning: Look for opinions of the product. Check for the element where people talk approximately how easy it’s far to clean. Some air fryers have fry baskets which can be dishwasher safe at the same time as others don’t.

6. Check the controlling and alerting features: A lovely and clear display of the control device is truly useful to help regulate timing and temperature. A timer is really essential as it provides to the safety of the equipment.

7. Warranty services of Air Fryer: Do not make any economic commitment besides there is a written document that mandates the producer to replace the equipment if it has a fault. The warranty time ought to be long enough as well.

8. Capacity: Smaller devices are generally round 1 litre to two litres, even as the medium devices are round 1.eight litres to two.five litres. Larger devices may be as much as five litres or extra. If you need to prepare dinner or roast an entire chicken, choose those large ones. If you’ve got a small own circle of relatives of 4-five humans, a fryer having ability of two litres ought to suffice. If you’ve got a huge circle of relatives for like 7-eight humans or extra, the intention is for a fryer that has an ability among 3-6 litres. It is right to choose a bigger fry to serve extra visitors at once. Fryers with dual baskets also are to be had and will let you fry one of a kind ingredients simultaneously.


I really hope that this article gives you a quite thorough idea of what to expect when you start your look for the air fryer for your home Kitchen.

Now, I believe that you recognize what to look out for when shopping for the fine air fryer for domestic use. There is nothing better than making your own crispy and healthy meal at home with your favourite machine. In this post, we have handpicked multiple alternatives for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – Which Oil to use inside the Air Fryer?

Most cooking oils may be used to feature flavour to the meals organized with inside the Air Fryer. Just bedew a little bit of oil to ensure the meals don’t get caught with each other. You can use Olive oil, Sunflower oil or groundnut oil in line with your wish. Applying a little bit of oil at the meals creates a crispy layer at the fried meals and additionally complements the flavour.

Q – Is it easy to clean an air fryer?

Yes, it is extremely easy and simple to clean it. You can hand-wash the fry basket, the usage of heat water and moderate dish soap.

Q – Which Oil is the quality to apply in an Air Fryer?

For higher fitness results, use grape seed or avocado or simply, extra virgin olive oil.

Q – How much time does the air fryer take to cook frozen food?

Heating and cooking frozen meals takes a touch greater time than it takes for everyday meals. First, you want to set the timer to two or three mins to thaw out the meals after which set a separate timer relying on the type of the meal. For veggies, it begins off evolving with four mins and may move as much as forty mins. For meat, it begins off evolving with 7 mins and varies.

Q – How would I know which temperature I need for different recipes?

The temperature you want for cooking relies upon the type of flame you operate to prepare dinner the equal dish on an ordinary fuel online stove. Here, for dishes which want a low flame, use a hundred thirty or a hundred and forty degrees. For medium flame dishes, you will want a temperature among one hundred sixty and a hundred and seventy degrees. For dishes including tandoori or grilling, move for two hundred degrees.

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