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Top 10 Quick Money-Saving Tips for Living in A Big City

People living in the city sometimes have to sacrifice their own space, family, and money in exchange for the amenities the city offers.

But of course, not only is the price too expensive but also there are many costs incurred: the cost of working, shopping, eating, entertainment, etc. The opportunity to spend money seems to be everywhere you go.

However, you still live in the city and keep your budget if you are aware of what you spend, make the most of the incentives that the cities offer and avoid “convenient” traps.

Top 10 Quick Money-Saving Tips for Living in A Big City

1. Stop paying for “convenience”

One of the great advantages of cities is always attractive utilities. You can eat sushi, fried chicken, pizza or dessert every night without having to leave home for anything. It sounds good, but you will cry after the first month if you look back at how much you have spent on such things. The city has many traps called “convenient”.

Everything is at your fingertips: taxis, spa services, laundry, and home delivery of just about anything. You don’t need to completely stop using these services but cut back quickly if you don’t want to fall into debt. Notice what foods are on sale very vital when you want to spend money. How to Save Money? One of the ways to don’t have to spend too much money on food and still get a nutritional meal you want is to use sales, deal, promo code from many online stores all around the world.

2. Accommodation does not show class

Rent a place you can afford. In most cities, this means you have to sacrifice something because of affordable accommodation or affordable accommodations.

So determine what is most important and what you may not be interested in. For example, good security, near a large center or a quiet, garden, you should only choose a few advantages and do not be too greedy.

3. Use public transport, bicycle or on foot

This is one of the few cheap utilities the city can provide! If you want to call a taxi or Grab, ask yourself why. If you have a good reason like being pregnant, sick, raining or really inconvenient location, you can do so.

The problem is to think twice before flicking your phone screen to call someone. If the reason is not good enough, don’t do it.

When you have time, plan a destination near a subway station or near a favorite spot in the city for easy walking, increasing the likelihood of not wasting money.

4. Search for free cultural activities

Once a week, learn about the exciting free activities in the area that will help you to gain useful knowledge and entertainment without wasting. In addition, talking to friends about their weekend plans will give you many valuable suggestions. If you like to drink in a relaxing way, you should look for some dollar manuscripts and other special drinks: Many bars also serve free food during happy hours, so you can eat and drink at low prices and save money. While you’re there, see if the bar has a theme night. Some bars have night food for women or discounts for sports events. (They will offer discounts, coupons, deals, promo codes, promotion, sale-off, … for events if you bought in advance).

5. Wandering on the street

According to Liz, the biggest advantage of living in a city is that you don’t need to find leisure activities that will find you.

Wander in the park and watch the activities around or to the walking streets on the weekends will give you the opportunity to see all sorts of interesting things like juggling, dancing, saxophone music …

6. Search for offers or promotions

Check out aggregated deals, promotions, especially at restaurants or opening events or special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Halloween to keep your budget under control. Still enjoy the luxury of the city.

7. Prepare your own drinks

Preparing your own drinks is the same. However, the key to budgeting is not to completely eliminate coffee. Enjoying a drink at a cafe allows you to relax in the atmosphere, the fragrance, and the chatter of people around.

The reason you should consider not visiting such a restaurant is what goes with that coffee. When you step into a tea shop that has just released a new batch of waffles, it’s hard to resist that attraction.

Or maybe their menu shows lunch especially a fresh fruit platter with a goat cheese salad, you’ll want to eat it for later lunch. A $ 3 cup of coffee won’t break your budget, but you risk 5 times more when you enter the store.

8. Just say “No” to Save Money

There are so many things to do in a big city with so many attractive restaurants, shows, concerts, museums, and it’s hard to resist the temptation to live alone and right away. even if you are married.

9. Those who can save money are all talented people

Because only the wise, the visionary can ignore the immediate benefit, perseverance, patience for further goals. Put yourself in that position and answer the question that you want to eventually gain comfort or want to win in the end? Of course, everyone has a choice but remember, you don’t just live for the present, you have to worry about the future.

10. If you only relied on making money, you would never be rich

You make money to get rich, this is not wrong. But if you only rely on selling labor to make money you will be very difficult to be rich, besides, you also have to learn how to save, learn how to appreciate every dollar you make.

In essence, the top of the financial tower is not in the number of new increases but in the number of retained.

So consider what you can afford and do. What’s the great thing about living in a place with so much to do? If you miss something tonight, there is bound to be something else for tomorrow.

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