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Here Are The Best Drawing software Apps And Art Apps In 2021

The painting and drawing applications are programs that allow users to make simple yet extraordinary images famously called vector graphics. These apps have several brushes that permit users to make drawings.

Now looking out the demand for this software in the market. We thought why not make an article. So here we are, in this article, we have compiled several drawing apps which you can use and it will help you to make realistic sketches with ease.

#1 Krita

Krita is quick, adaptable, and the best free drawing software for Windows. Its favorable level set of tools gives a creative answer for both beginner and expert artists. Krita is extraordinary compared to other drawing applications for PC with incredible 2D and 3D animation.

Krita has a profoundly intuitive interface that permits designers to make a modified design. Likewise, Krita accompanies many progressed features for picture editing like brush stabilizers, drawing assistants, professional effects, vector tools, smooth layer management, mirroring tools, and so on.

Krita is a remarkable PC drawing program that makes the way toward making digital drawings very exceptionally real. The Resource Manager allows artists to share brush and texture packs and grow their toolset.

Major Features:

Krita application is powerful and has unique 9 brush engines along with high customization.

It supports PSD files and you can skilled Wrap-around mode.

Its enhanced OpenGL provides increased canvas size and speed.

#2 Inkscape

Inkscape is the best free drawing programming for graphic designers made by a group of gifted artists and lovers. This free drawing programming for Windows is stacked with extraordinary features and fantastic tools, making it an amazing option in contrast to premium tools like Adobe Illustrator.

Inkscape accompanies a basic and customizable interface, simple node editing, all-around planned vector editing tools, and filters, advanced effects, Creative Commons metadata, generous export options, a wide range of snapping tools, etc. for a rich image creation experience. It is particularly valuable in situations when there are various pictures on the website page.

Major Features:

Inkscape comes up with a vast range of vector managing tools and it supports a variety of file formats.

It has a great optimized speed and has an international community.

#3 Clip Studio Paint

Clasp Studio Paint is among the best free drawing software with proficient level features. This drawing application is generally utilized for animation, illustration, and comic creation owing to its impressive features, advanced capabilities, and enhanced flexibility. Clip Studio accompanies incredible vector tools and a broad cluster of coloring tools that give better responsiveness when it comes to making artwork.

Clasp Studio Paint allows you to browse different preset brush alternatives or make and utilize your tweaked brushes to achieve a specific impact in your illustration.

The latest version of Clip Studio accompanies great animation capabilities and supports all significant file formats, making it one of the great drawing applications for PC.

Major Features:

Clip Studio Paint comes up with strong vector tools.

It has highly customizable brushes and offers its users amazing coloring options.

It has a massive user base and community.

#4 MediBang Paint Pro

MediBang Paint Pro is one of the great drawing programs that are engaging and sharp to make comics, manga, and digital art with a reasonable presentation. Like other PC drawing programs, it comes stacked with features like extraordinary layer management, smooth work process, simple comic board, great community support, and so on.

MediBang Paint has a library with more than 800 pre-installed backgrounds and formats, a wide assortment of customizable brushes, different text styles and styles to choose to make an illustration according to your creative mind.

MediBang Paint has an implicit tool to transfer your artwork on the cloud-free of charge, in this manner saving space on your gadget and moving your art between various gadgets easily.

Major Features :

MediBang Paint Pro has a very simple user interface.

It also supports the PSD file and comes with brush presets.

MediBang Paint Pro supports multiple platforms


GIMP is a tool that is free of cost and allows you to enhance photos with ease. It is a freeware and open-source digital painting software. GIMP is used for image editing and retouching, free form drawing, converting images into different formats, and much more specialized work.

Major Features:

GIMP is a tool that helps you to manage color efficiently and it comes with a customizable user interface.

It also permits you to touch up digital photographs captured from the camera and comes up with basic vector graphic features.

This app supports several hardware devices, including the MIDI controller, USB, etc.

This tool supports the full alpha channel and with this app, you can open a limitless number of images at one time.

#6 Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch is a simple-to-utilize and editor for making portraits, paintings from photographs. This application enables you to pick the picture from your gallery or click it with the camera. It is a standout amongst other drawing applications with the expectation of complimentary which assists you to make a painting with smooth curves and edges.

Major Features:

Pencil Sketch helps the user by enhancing the photo with one go along with that it gives users several photo effects, filters, and frames.

The software can help you to convert photos into a doodle style cartoon photo. It can adjust contrast, exposure, saturation, and color temperature. You know that users can use stickers with this app.

This app can also sharpen a blurry photo and you can draw and add text.

#7 PENUP – Share your drawings

PENUP- Share your drawing is a drawing or painting application that allows its users to make sketches. It also enables users to do coloring on drawings and find drawings by popular artwork and artists.

Major Features:

With the help of PENUP- Share your drawing which of course is a free drawing app, you can draw sketches comfortably.

This app challenges its users with new topics, which will help you to improve and the app also supports commenting on drawings.

It also enables you to use real-time artwork and you can share your output (drawings) with other people.

#8 SketchBook

SketchBook is a tool that is used to make artwork. SketchBook is available on social media platforms and you can use it on Android and iOS.

Major Features:

This application allows its users to convert paper-based drawings into digital form.

It also gives you a blueprint for drafting and you can draw lines in a very simple manner.

This tool comes up with an easy user interface.

#9 Pencil Photo Sketch-Sketching Drawing Photo Editor

This tool named Pencil Photo Sketch is a photo editor which helps users to make sketches from photos. It is also available for free of cost and it enables users to convert their images into color pencil sketches or hand-drawn pencil sketches.

Major Features:

Pencil Photo Sketch-Sketching Drawing Photo Editor gives you an easy-to-use User Interface.

It also gives pencil sketches, cartoon art, silhouette painting, and much more. It comes up with a simple UI design and can filter out your photo with ease.

This tool also permits you to share your artwork using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#10 ibis Paint X

The ibis Paint X is a versatile drawing application that is free of cost and contains more than 800 fonts, 64 filters, 335 brushes, etc. This application gives a comfortable and smooth drawing experience to its users. The software helps you to record the drawing process as a video and you can watch it later on.

Major Features:

With the use of ibis Paint X, you can add layers to your sketch and it also enables you to set the opacity and to mix it into layers.

This amazing tool helps you to put up filters for curve gradation maps, and clouds. clouds app also gives you real-time brush reviews and you can set brush parameters like thickness, opacity, and angle.

#11 Kawaii Easy Drawing: How to draw Step by Step

Kawaii Easy Drawing: How to draw Step by Step is an amazing tool that is available for free of cost. You can use it as a drawing book for children. This application gives you animation steps to show detailed steps for drawing cartoons. You can also use it to draw flowers, roses, animals, and more. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it is and using it even more.

Major Features:

You don’t need the internet to use this tool, as you can use it without Wi-Fi.

You can have your private gallery with this app. It comes with several lessons on how to use it and gives you several font tools.

It automatically updates every day with new cartoons and comics. Along with that, it has a huge variety of categories.

#12 PaperColor

PaperColor is one of the best painting apps which allows you to draw anything from your tablet or phone. In case you are a painting lover and want to do it digitally, the PaperColor is an ideal drawing application for you. This tool gives a variety of styles of color libraries.

Major Features:

If you use the PaperColor tool, it allows you to handwrite signatures, after you are done with your work.

You can erase anything with this tool and it gives you a ruler too along with that you can draw on the photo.

You can learn the drawing with the help of a base map. Also, this app allows you to share your artwork with other people. Amazing right?

#13 Inspire Pro

As you might have known, the Inspire Pro is a painting app for the iPad. This tool allows you to mix colors with brush strokes. Now, let’s talk about the best part of this tool, well it is one of the best free drawing software that helps you to browse through the gallery. The software also permits the users to add the title of their artwork.

Major Features:

Inspire Pro gives you several brush selections. You know what, you can view the video of the artwork you have made.

Another good thing about it is that it automatically records the strokes while you paint and supports drawing with the Apple Pencil.

You can adjust the opacity and size of the color brush along with that you can customize the depth of the stroke.

#14 Procreate

Procreate is an application that enables you to make portrayals, sketches, and paintings on the iPad. It is outstanding amongst other free art programs that contain a library of brushes, charcoal, ink, and then some. It permits you to paint or draw with any color or tone.

Major Features:

Procreate gives you drag and drop functionality and you can also pick and drop color onto canvas to fill it.

It also offers users multi-touch gestures, streamlines strokes for smooth curves.

It has color balancing tools and support of full font control, including kerning, baseline, etc.

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