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Instagram hashtag feed widget –  Benefits of Embedding it

We all would love to see our brand and products seen by more and more people, and everyone wants to grow strong followers of our brand. Right? Instagram is one such magical platform. Instagram having more than one billion users is the best way to interact with your target audience. This blog is all about the Instagram hashtag feed widget and benefits of Embedding it.

Social media always helps in converting passive shoppers into confident consumers as most of the people turn to social media for references. Reviews,  hashtag posts, feedback of the customers are something really important for the authenticity of the brand.

Instagram is so popular among brands and businesses. Hence, displaying an Instagram hashtag feed widget on your brand’s website is an amazing way to increase your social presence in the online world. This helps the brand to achieve high website engagement, longer page visits which decreases the bounce rate and ultimately helps you in increasing sales and customer base for your brand.

What is Instagram Hashtag Feed Widgets? 

Instagram hashtag widgets allow you to display hashtag posts from your Instagram. So, you can create a personalized hashtag feed consisting of amazing user-generated content and embed this on your website.

Hashtags posts from your customers sharing their real experience with your brand always acts as an asset to your brand. When embedded on the website it creates social proof and develops trust in the users. 

This also has a huge impact on the buying decisions of your costumes. Instagram hashtag posts when embedded on the website humanizes your brand and helps the visitors to engage and relate to your brand. 

Therefore Instagram hashtag feed widgets comes up with a wide range of benefits :

Benefits of Instagram hashtag feed widget – 

Here are some great benefits that you can experience by embedding Instagram Widget:-

Channelises Instagram Traffic on your website- 

Instagram feed widgets offer you to embed Instagram hashtag feeds on your desired website which helps the visitors to engage with your brand, socialize, participate in the conversations, and connect with your brand. So, there is almost no scope for the users to stop surfing your site or your Instagram. These attractive and dynamic widgets when embedded on websites helps in increasing brand awareness, and content posted by your customers using your brand’s hashtag creates social proof and acts as assets for your brand. 

Adds Vibrancy to your Website’s UI – 

When Instagram hashtag feed widgets are embedding to a website, it adds instant beauty and attractiveness to your webpage showcasing customer experience with your brand. With a vibrant website visitors automatically tend to spend more time, therefore, reducing the bounce rate for your website. User-generated content always helps you in engaging with your users, also you don’t have to come up with new content every time. The Instagram feed widget automatically updates fresh content. 

Drives User-Generated Content from Instagram-

As mentioned above user-generated content always helps. For instance, you are willing to buy a watch online, do you get more influenced by the brand commercials or by the customer’s reviews who are sharing their experience with the brand? Obviously the latter one right? That’s the magic of user-generated content and that’s why it’s trending these days. 

Moderate Content – 

The hashtag feed widgets take total charge of moderating the content in your feed. You can easily use filters or manually approve the posts before making them public. This feature makes sure that no irrelevant or inappropriate content is posted on your website. In short, you can create an Instagram hashtag widget just the way you want and can make it as attractive as possible.

Saves Time on Content Creation-

Coming up with interesting content every time is nearly impossible. Displaying content generated by your user is a great way to have authentic and varied content. Instagram hashtag feed widgets saves your time and money on content creation and gives you trustworthy content on your website.

Last words 

There are a variety of UGC- platforms available on the web which allows you to aggregate social media feeds including the Instagram hashtag posts into a single feed. One of the best tools is Taggbox Widget which offers a wide range of features.Taggbox widget is a UGC platform that helps the brands to increase user engagement and build up trust for their brand by simply helping them aggregate social media content like hashtags posts, mentions, and handle posts into a single feed and finally display the feed on the website. 

If a brand is putting so much effort into building up an Instagram business account, running hashtag campaigns, maintaining their Instagram accounts then they must also take an extra step of embedding Instagram hashtag feeds widgets on their website. It will humanize your brand and who doesn’t like a chromatic and active user interface on a site? Sounds good right! Then what are you waiting for? Start embedding Instagram hashtag widgets on your websites now and enjoy the fruitful results all by yourself. 

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