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Avast beta anti-cheat issue with League of Legends | Solved

Last year, many users reported that Avast is disconnecting the famous game: League of Legends on the Avast’s own forum page. Whereas in the game itself, it showed an error of “incompatibilities with Avast are causing players to disconnect from games” while suggesting the players to change the antivirus software.

Immediately after the issue, the Avast team pushed an update to the virus definition area to fix the compatibility issue with the League of Legends. The update build is 19.5.2378 but the issue remains unresolved.

After many weeks, the Avast team finally investigated the issue and released a statement that anti-chest solution in the game League of Legends is scanning the Avast’s anti-exploit feature as a cheating tool in itself and causing the issue while crashing the game suddenly.

On June 21st, the Avast team released a beta version for AVG as well as Avast to fix the problem and the changelog is given below with same build number 19.6.2383 for Avast and 19.6.3098 for AVG software.

  • Fixed high memory consumption of aswidsagent.
  • Better compatibility with anti-cheat measure implemented in games.

Our Fix

 If a user is still occupied by the error despite of the update or the beta version is not working, we would suggest you to disable the Anti-exploit feature in the Avast security free version. Also, a user can add exception for League of Legends.

Disclaimer: “Team Tech24inc is not responsible for any malware or crashes in the system using the following fix and that a user should proceed with own’s risk.”

Follow the steps below:

To disable the Anti-exploit feature-

  • Launch the antivirus software.
  • Move to menu.
  • Now, settings.
  • Hover to Protection>Core shields.
  • Uncheck the enable exploit detection option.

To add League of Legends as an exception-

  • Move to the exceptions page.
  • Now, click add exception.
  • Add exception for –

LeagueofLegends.exe, LeagueClient.exe, LeagueClientUx.exe, and LeagueClientUxRender.exe.

Installing the beta version-

Click here to download and install the beta version.

Still, have any queries that are unresolved? Comment down below and we will help you as soon as possible.

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