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Minecraft crashing on windows | Solved with easy steps

Many users have been reporting issues in which Minecraft has been crashing on the system. Whether it be at the startup of the game or in the middle of it, in this article, the problem will be solved.

Why Minecraft crashes in the first place?

The game crashes due to a number of reasons including mods, various different bugs, corrupted files and even an outdated graphics driver.

When the game crashes, most of the times the client closes the game and shows an error. However, there are a number of fixes to the problem which will be discussed in the article.

Disclaimer: “Team Tech24inc is not responsible for any malware or crashes in the system using the following fix and that a user should proceed with own’s risk.”

Some fixes to the problem

#1 Try restarting the system

In most of the cases, the problem arises due to overheating or RAM issue. Just close all the Minecraft processes and restart the system.

After that, start the game and check if the problem is solved.

#2 Updating the game patch

Mojang is very famous and known for releasing timely updates to fix the crashes, loopholes, and bugs that interrupts the gameplay. It might so happen that the version of the Minecraft is old and updating to the latest version might fix the problem. One can update it automatically by clicking here.

Also, uninstall and remove all the mods added to the game.

#3 Updating the graphics driver

There is a high possibility that the graphics drivers are outdated that might be causing the error or some wrong driver that has been installed in your system.

Method 1

For this, Install the correct driver from the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Fill in the correct details of the brand of driver present in the system.
  • Make sure it matches your computer architecture system.

Method 2

      If you are a newbie and still cannot find the relevant details about the graphics driver. This method will surely help you with that.

  • Down the Driver Easy software from here.
  • Run the software and click the Scan Now button.Driver Easy
  • It will scan for all the outdated or corrupted drivers and present a list of all.scan for all the outdated
  • Click Update All after buying the Pro version with a minimum charge.

Restart the computer and try installing the update to make sure the problem is fixed.

#4 Do not overclock the CPU

Some users overclock the CPU which means setting the CPU speed to the maximum that allows a higher clock speed with more performance. It might cause the game to crash due to unstable CPU. Try setting the clock speeds to normal and check if it solved the issue.

#5 Configuring the appropriate settings

Sometimes, VBOs enabled causes the Minecraft unable to be handled by windows and crashes the game and unable to be played. To fix the issue:

Turn off VBOs in settings

Turn off the VBOs by following the steps below-

  • In the game,
  • Move to Settings.
  • Hover to video settings.
  • Set “Use VBOs: OFF”.

Restart the PC.

Our Fix

After all the above methods, the last one is more crucial which is disabling VBOs from Windows. To do this-

  • Press Windows +R to open the Run dialog box.Windows +R
  • Type %APPDATA%\.minecraft and click ok.
  • In the folder, move to txt and click it.
  • Change the useVbo value to false.

That’s it. Now, restart the PC, and Minecraft will work properly in the system.

Still, have any questions? Comment down below.

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