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Are Toll-Free Numbers Free For Real? Are They Worth Investing In?

Toll-free numbers have created a lot of buzz in the market. Now the most critical question is, are toll-free contact numbers actually free? Yes, they are free for the callers, and they do not have to pay any charges for making the calls. But these numbers are not free for the business that owns the number.

Are Toll-Free Numbers Free For Real

The outgoing and incoming calls on the toll-free solution are charged to the owner of the toll-free contact numbers, i.e., the company. But it is noteworthy that the cost of calls is cost-efficient, and a business does not have to pay a huge fee for procuring the numbers, and also, the bills are not exorbitant.

So, it’s a win-win situation for the callers and the company. The former calls free of cost, and the latter pays a nominal fee to get the best toll-free number service while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Recall Value/ Brand Recognition 

There’s a strong perception that companies that own toll-free contact numbers are well-established, giving businesses advantage from the word go. These toll free numbers have three-digit distinct codes specific to a particular country. For example, the toll-free numbers starting with 1800 are available in India, while the numbers with the prefix -800, 833, 844, 855, etc., are the U.S. A, Canada, and other countries’ toll-free business numbers.

These numbers are followed by different six-digit numbers unique to a business. So, as compared to the local numbers, they are easy to recall, and customers find it convenient to call the company. So, this cloud-based technology helps build brand value and enables the customers to get in touch with a business with toll-free contact numbers through various marketing campaigns.

Several Other Benefits 

Talking about the marketing campaigns, a company can also track its marketing efforts and evaluate its financial feasibility. They can conduct polls and surveys with the toll-free contact number and get valuable feedback from the customers. They can optimise their operations to meet the evolving demands of the customers.

One of the most significant advantages of the Toll-free solution is the 24×7 availability. The calls are received on the toll-free solution that is not affixed to any telephone lines. A business gets the flexibility of place to connect with its customers anytime and anywhere.

They can effortlessly look into the calls even after working hours or non-working days, connect with the customers, and resolve their queries at the earliest. They can guarantee high customer satisfaction and build loyalty that is hard to get in a fiercely competitive marketplace with the best toll-free number service.

Delighted Customers 

The most important benefit of the toll-free solution is that the callers or customers don’t have to bear the charge for the calls made to a business. The callers might have to inquire about a product or service, book demonstration service, or after-sales service.

They will probably have their queries resolved regarding an issue, and they would like to connect with a business without paying anything for the calls. With a toll-free contact number, a company can ensure high customer satisfaction.

With zero-costs, a caller is more likely to call a business. In this way, a business gets more leads, and its agents get ample opportunity to convert leads. With a high conversion rate, a company can build a large customer base and maximise profitability.

Toll-free business numbers- should business get it? 

So is the toll-free solution worth getting? Should businesses invest in them? Yes, because a reliable cloud telephony company’s best toll-free number service will give enterprises several benefits, such as integrating the IVR- Interactive Voice Response. The IVR’s multi-menu provides callers with multiple options to navigate to get the desired resolution to their queries. It makes it effortless for the callers to get the answer/ solution they want from the business.

Extended Capabilities of Toll-free numbers 

Another highly noticeable feature is the Call Recording. Companies can also record the calls made on the toll-free business contact numbers. It offers valuable inputs and insights into client communication and provides businesses with data that they can effectively utilise to meet customer expectations.

The list does not end here as the Toll-free solution also comes with the call-routing capability. The call routing capability redirects the calls to the available agents, and therefore, callers are instantly connected with the company’s representatives. Call routing capability helps in reducing the wait time drastically and helps the business provide callers a better experience.

How to get the best toll-free solution? 

Get the best toll-free number service from a reputed provider such as Knowlarity. This cloud communication provider has offered toll-free number solutions to thousands of businesses in India, helping users get increased revenue. For More information on the solution, feel free to visit

The Final Word: 

The solution streamlines client communication and helps companies provide a better CX. So, it’s worth investing in, and businesses should consider integrating the solution to get its several advantages.

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