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Apps for Social Change That’ll Help You Make an Impact

Bringing about a single social reform used to require the effort of multiple generations, but with technology, we are seeing big changes fast. Who could’ve imagined that a women’s rights movement like #MeToo would spread like wildfire across the globe in days? Nobody could have imagined the kind of accountability it would prove successful in getting. But, here we are. This just goes on to show that you too can make a difference and if you want to help. All you need is a couple of these apps. They will surely help you make an impact towards your cause.

Orange Harp

In a world where capitalism reigns supreme exploiting people at every chance it gets, life can get suffocating and practicing ethical consumer habits, a nightmare. This app though take the stress off your shoulder.

Orange Harp partners with the small businesses that produce the high-quality products you need, the right way. Whatever you wish to buy you’re sure to find it here with complete biography of the product. Their curated list boasts of items made with natural or renewable raw materials using energy-saving manufacturing processes and eco-friendly shipping. Now, you can shop for free and support brands that align with your values.


If you prefer some other products and are curious as to how safe, healthy and socially responsible they maybe then give GoodGuide a try. All you need to do is scan the barcode through the app and it will fetch you all the information you need from its database. With more than 170,000 products covered, you’ll most likely find the product you love. You can also choose the issues you are passionate about. If its plastic pollution that has you on edge, let the app know. It will help you shop your values in the products you purchase.


The above-mentioned apps are sure to sort out all your consumer woes, but what about your concerns regarding investing and savings? Everyone wants to invest their savings in profitable ventures but ensuring that these projects are ethical and environmentally friendly goes a long way by keeping one’s conscience clear. Newday gives you access to portfolios of companies that are taking up big challenges like the health of our oceans, gender equality, race equality and more.


If you’re looking to connect with people motivated by a social cause just like you, download Horyou. This is a social network platform for people that care. People and even organizations are members and this app helps them take action in a cohesive manner. It promotes solidarity and helps all recognize ways to use technology for the betterment of mankind. Helping to turn ideas into actions, this app is contributing towards a beautiful world each day.

Be My Eyes

Most of us take the gift of eyesight for granted, forgetting that not everyone is as blessed. For those who are blind, navigating the roads is extremely difficult. Luckily, you can help. The app, Be My Eyes connects blinded individuals with sighted people using a video connection so you can guide them and ensure they’re safe. The best part is that you can help when you’re free and you can decline requests as well. And, that’s not all. The app lets you connect to people from across the world and use the language that they’re comfortable in which is perfect!


If everyone put in a little effort to be nice each day, the world would be a better place which is why this app gives its users a new challenge each day. It’s a healthy way to ensure you form the habit of doing good and giving back to your community as well as showing us the little ways in which we can make a difference. This game and its daily tasks is sure to make you more sensitive towards other people and develop and empathy and understanding. It will also help you connect the dots and see how one act of kindness like throwing the plastic bottle in the right recycling bin can make a ton of difference to the fish in the sea.

Final Words

Charity begins at home. Changing the world starts when you change yourself. These apps let you explore the impact you can make and guides you on how you can contribute. All you need now is a high-speed internet connection like spectrum internet service so you can connect with the right people. With that said, go out and do your part in making this world a better place for you, and for me and the entire human race!

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