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Social Studies Lesson Plan Techniques That Work

You’re having difficulty teaching your students about social studies because you are unsure how, don’t have the time, or don’t know what methods work best.

This blog will discuss the different teaching techniques you can use to teach your students about social studies.

1. Use visuals

One great way to teach social studies lesson plan techniques that work is to use visuals. Post pictures of the place or region that you’re trying to teach and allow your students to ask questions about them. For example, if you’re talking about Ancient Rome and you want to discuss architecture, post pictures of famous structures from the period for your students.

Another great way to use visuals is to create a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of people from the period. For example, if you’re teaching Ancient Rome, show pictures of the people during that period. You can have your students color in the pictures or write down important information about the person.

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2. Use video clips

One way to keep students interested is to show a video clip to teach a lesson about a person from the past. For example, if you’re learning about Ancient Rome and want to talk about Julius Caesar, you can make a video clip of him giving his famous speeches.

You can also use videos to teach what life was like during a certain period. For example, if you’re learning about the 1920s and want to discuss the economy, use videos from that period talking about different aspects of life. Then, discuss the videos.

3. Get creative

Another great social studies lesson plan technique is to get creative when teaching about the past. For example, suppose you’re talking about the American Revolution and teaching your students about life in Colonial America. In that case, you can give them a list of items that people used during the period and draw pictures of each item. After they have completed, ask questions about the list. For example, if you see a picture of an ax, find out who would use it and what purpose.

Another social studies lesson plan activity is to have the students create their society. Give them plants and animals that are extinct today, as well as plants and animals that still exist. Let them create a new society using the items on the list.

4. Ask questions and discuss

It would be good to ask questions during your lesson so students can speak up. They might have information to add, or they might have questions about the subject. Ask the students what they think about a certain topic or person in history, then respond to their answers.

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5. Use hands-on activities

Social studies lesson plan techniques that work are hands-on activities that allow your students to learn by doing. This allows them to remember what they learn during the lesson. For example, if you’re teaching about the Great Depression, you can provide the students with a list of items people used during that period and have them reenact a grocery store scene. There are plenty of 7th grade social studies lesson plans offered on sites like Adobe Education Exchange to assist you in coming up with engaging activities like this one.

Another great social studies lesson plan technique is to have your students learn about a period by doing a simulation. For example, you could do a simulation of the committee hearings during the Watergate Scandal. This requires students to research what happened during the scandal and act out what they read.

Social studies lesson plan techniques like using visuals, video clips, hands-on activities, asking questions, and discussing are all great ways to teach social studies at any grade level. This ensures that students learn the topic you’re teaching.

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