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Many of us can’t imagine our lives without a smartphone. And going on a journey without this device is like a nightmare. The smartphone helps us not just stay in touch, but take pictures, take notes, have no trouble navigating the new city with GPS, listen to music or look for something on the Internet.

However, travelers have different requirements for smartphones. Suppose you want to test the legendary and affordable car rental in the UAE and look for Ferrari rental Dubai online. By the way, rental companies in this city offer interesting models for rent. They are quite in demand nowadays and offer awesome rental services for travelers. At this point, it’s important that you have enough battery power. Also, it is crucial that the battery is quickly charged, the camera takes high-quality shots, the built-in memory is at least 64Gb, and the phone is not afraid of falling.

To help you make up your mind, we made a list of the best travel smartphones in 2022.

  1. Premium model – Motorola Edge+

Motorola has always pleased customers with inexpensive smartphones with good features. Motorola Edge+ is a premium model, that became a good option for travelers:

  • 12GB of operational memory and 256 GB of internal memory;
  • powerful battery, that quickly recharge;
  • 4K high video expansion and clarity;
  • rear camera – 108 MPMs, telephonic lens – 8 MPMs;
  • stylish design.
  1. Premium – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

With this high-quality device, you will see a flashing battery badge not earlier than two days after recharging. A good-quality device is also important for students such as best dissertation writing service reviews. But it has other advantages:

  • full battery charge in 1 hour;
  • one of the longest and clearest zooms is 10x optical zoom and a 100x digital “Space Zoom”;
  • high-resolution photographs and videos in 8K;
  • it’s not afraid of water or dust.
  1. Record holder – Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Most complaints to the iPhone were about a weak battery. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can continuously broadcast video with full-screen brightness for more than 20 hours.

Besides, you might like:

  • quality photographs, regardless of lighting;
  • top-quality videos with excellent sharpness;
  • the smartphone is resistant to spatter, dust and water;
  • the wide display is convenient for most tasks;
  • the longest live battery of all iPhones.
  1. Available and Universal – Google Pixel 6

By function and technical content can compete with Samsung and iPhone:

  • it takes excellent photographs outdoors and indoors;
  • you can photograph stars at night with the long exposure;
  • there is a special function that can translate an unfamiliar language orally and in writing. Very useful when you stay in a foreign country.
  1. Ideal companion – OnePlus 9 Pro

Another rival for the top flagship. He is considered by many to be the ideal partner in the journey and this is why:

  • thanks to the powerful protective glass, the smartphone can withstand rain, hail, snow, water, dust and storm;
  • even in an airplane, you will feel like in a cinema, thanks to the built-in feature of Dolby Atmos;
  • allows you to edit MS Office files;
  • a large display is ideal for using a telephone as a navigator.
  1. Good value and quality – Xiaomi Redmi 9C

Many people know the company Xiaomi as a reliable manufacturer of cheap equipment. Redmi 9C is also delighted with it’s technical characteristics and price. It also has other advantages:

  • a good photo camera;
  • 2 days of work without recharge;
  • the base is comfortable and resistant to damage;
  • stylish design.
  1. One of the best budget smartphones – Poco X3 Pro

This is a great example of what you can do with a little money to get a quality device. Here are the benefits for travelers:

  • 48 The camera takes high-quality photographs during the day;
  • a fast processor;
  • built-in memory from 128Gb;
  • an accumulator charges quickly.
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Kevin is a Tech-Geek. More into gaming these days, he loves playing Trackmania 2020 and loves watching streamers on Twitch.

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