5 Ways to Enhance Your Safety in Campus


During your college years, you can have lots of fun. Friends invite you to parties, and you also attend social events together. The freedom you enjoy makes you feel good about yourself. It is at this time that you learn how to manage yourself. Since you mainly spend time with your peers, it is easy for you to drop your guard. You should know you can’t trust everyone around you. The assumption that everyone who attends these events is good is wrong. It is important to keep an open mind and prepare for any situation that may come up.

How do you enhance your safety as you navigate the college environment, attend parties, and participate in other activities? Here are strategies that can always keep you in control of your situations.

Understand Your College/Campus Environment

Some students know specific areas within their college. For instance, someone may be familiar with the class venues, the library, and a few important offices. It’s not just those locations that make up your college environment. You need to know your institution wholesomely as it would be easy to navigate the environment when you’re in danger.

After securing college admission, take time to explore the areas of your campus that you still don’t know. Regardless of how safe your campus may be, it is good to prepare for any situation. You can be dropped where you don’t know, and you’ll struggle to find your way to the accommodation section. So pick a weekend or two and walk around the campus to familiarize yourself with the college space.

Know When to Leave College Parties

College students enjoy themselves. It is common to attend parties that end at the wee hours of the night. While it isn’t wrong to attend these events, you should ascertain your safety. You don’t want something unfavorable happening to you because you stayed for too long.

Just like you’re careful when choosing an essay writer UK, you should also be cautious at college parties. Always keep the company of the friends you trust. When they‘re leaving, you should too. You shouldn’t remain with people whose intention you aren’t sure of. As much as they may be fellow college students, you won’t be sure about what they can do to you.

Carry Simple Self-Defense Items Wherever You Go

Most campus spaces are safe. However, it is always advisable to prepare for the worst scenarios. For example, you don’t want to meet an assailant, and you have no way of defending yourself or even your friends. You need to stay alert and in control at all times.

The first strategy of enhancing your safety as you walk is to have your friends around. However, you can’t always have them all the time. Just like you prepare for UK essay writing, you also need to be alert to enhance your safety. Simple items like pepper sprays and whistles can help you defend yourself.

Take Care When Walking at Night

While colleges have security personnel, you can’t always count on them to secure you. A threat may come from someone within the environment. Criminals take advantage of the dark to attack both on campus and in the streets. It is because:

  • It may be difficult to recognize them at this time
  • They can easily ambush you
  • They know you’re vulnerable

You need to enhance your safety at night. Where it is possible, do not walk alone. You can have your friends with you as you go on with your college activities. Also, avoid poorly-lit areas and places you’re unfamiliar with.

Use Your Social Media Platforms Wisely

Technology has transformed the way people operate. It has even made it easier to connect with diverse people, including an online essay writer. While away from home, you’re likely to feel like you want to inform those who care about you where you are and what you’re doing. However, it’s also easy to tell criminals about your whereabouts in the process. You don’t want to be attacked by someone who got your details through social media websites.

Your campus safety begins with your online security. Avoid revealing your location to strangers or letting them know that you’re alone. Moreover, log out from all devices so that criminals don’t know about you when you lose these devices.

Take-Home Points

Your safety at school begins with you. In addition to the safety measures that the institution recommends you to follow, you should understand your campus environment. Besides, know when to leave parties and carry simple self-defense items as you walk around. Moreover, you should enhance your social media security.

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