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Best Blood Pressure Machines for home use – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Hey, are you having blood pressure problems or any of your family members? and you do not like to visit a clinic or doctor in the hospital every time? Then I think this article is only for people like you. In this article, I will review the best Blood pressure monitoring machines that serve the purpose of quality and give you perfect results.

We all know how it is important to monitor your blood pressure regularly by checking it once per week or every day for that matter. There may be chances that your blood pressure increases to an unhealthy level and you may not be aware of it. You don’t need to spend thousands of your money on a health counselor every time, what you need to do is a one-time investment on blood pressure monitoring machines which will track your wellbeing without fail. You can trust blood pressure monitors for your mistake-free readings with one touch. Through this, you’ll spare your time, cash and attempt to move toward a specialist every time.

Best Blood Pressure Machine 2020 – Comparison Table!

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Checking blood pressure at your own home has now become very easy these days as the popularity of blood pressure monitors or BP machines has reached another level. Many machines not just give a reading of the blood pressure but also monitor heart rate with a concrete result. If you or someone at your house is suffering from blood pressure, a BP monitor is mandatory for you to have at your home.

So, now it is high time for you to stop ignoring your health and start testing your blood pressure by yourself and you can observe and check the progress daily, without visiting the doctor every time. So, by purchasing the best blood pressure machines, you will get the ideal opportunity for you to closely monitor your health and your love once too.

There are hundreds of blood pressure machines in the market and online available. But I understand the problem, it is reasonable that the more choices we have, the more confused we get to choose the best product for ourselves. And hence, my role came in power, do not stress so much or think so much. In this article, I will help you in paying special attention to such machines which save the information of past readings, so you can compare with new reading to keep an eye on the wellbeing improvement. Isn’t it a simple activity to do?

Benefits of Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines

Let’s start with the first thing first, the benefits of purchasing a blood pressure monitoring machine.  I will elaborate on several points on why you should go and buy these machines. For those who have a high blood pressure problem, they don’t need to worry. These machines are for you and only you.

Taking Charge: One of the major importance of buying these machines is that you can monitor blood pressure by yourself at your own home and get a better understanding of your condition. Then you can tell if your medicines and treatment is working in favor of you or not. After seeing your improved health, you can get encouragement to get exercise.

I highly recommend you buy a self-monitoring blood pressure machine that can help you to have a good idea about your health. People who know who to check their own blood pressure are more careful about their health and take their medication regularly. And they get to know a good idea about the foods or behaviors that can raise their blood pressure” and work in a way that can adjust their lifestyle to avoid them.

Help with early diagnosis: Self-monitoring of blood pressure at your own home is very effective in case of having high blood pressure. It will help you in earlier dialogues as compared to if you have only occasional blood pressure readings in a hospital or clinic. Home monitoring of blood pressure is very important if you have high blood pressure or another condition that could lead to high blood pressure, such as diabetes or kidney problems.

Help Track your treatment: It is one of the ways that let you know whether your lifestyle and food changes or medicines are working properly. In that way, doctors can make good decisions towards your health to treat the issues related to blood pressure, such as increasing the medicine dose and changing medicines or not. 

Encourage better control. Self-monitoring at home will give you a stronger sense of responsibility for your health and you can make the necessary decisions related to what kind of food is good for your health and to maintain normal blood pressure. 

Cut your health care costs: Self-monitoring at home can save your money, time of visiting doctors every time and might decrease the number of visits to your hospital or clinic.

Some people can witness a spike in blood pressure due to the anxiety of visiting the doctor at any clinic and hospital. Some people have different blood pressure outside but increase in a hospital. So after buying these products, start monitoring blood pressure at home and it will help you determine if you have true high blood pressure or not.

Now here is the list of best blood pressure monitoring device that is best for you and your family members to get a track of blood pressure readings at home.

Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines

#1 – Greater Goods BP Monitor

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Greater Goods BP Monitor makes it on top of our list with its accuracy, versatility and it’s easy to use interface. It is available online at a price of 55$ or almost 4125 INR. The greatest thing to like in this machine is the huge, brightly lit back display which makes the readings super easy to read on the screen. The only con to this beast is its low memory storage as compared to its competitors. So keeping an in-depth log won’t quite be possible. Hey, but if you’re not bothered by that, it’s worth investing.

The numbers and buttons on the HMI are huge so you can probably just access it without your glasses, plus the gigantic readings that appear on the huge LCD screen make it very user friendly. To make things even better, it also has a comfortable cuff that fits most arms (8.75–16.5 inches) and overall this machine comes with a trendy looking sleek carrying bag which is ideal before a doctor’s appointment or just another road trip.


  • Huge LCD screen display with large readings
  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile cuff
  • Accurate results proclaimed by most users.


  • Low storage compared to other machines.

#2 – Omron Platinum

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The name Platinum actually shows in this product. Power-packed with accuracy and adequate storage, this highly rated product comes at a price of 75$ or almost 5,625 INR. The best feature about this machine is its TruRead technology that offers its users super accurate results and a mobile app that allows us to store an endless amount of readings.

You don’t have to necessarily use the mobile app; even without the app, this app is more than capable of monitoring readings for 2 users (upto 100 readings each), so that means another family member can have access to the machine without interfering with the first one’s readings. Endless storage means better transparency between you and your medical practitioner about the effects of the medicine you’re consuming. 

Speaking of the TruRead technology, the mechanism behind this is that it takes the average of three readings that are performed during the same session for much more consistent results. Although it is not as fast as normal other tests, the amount of precision is immense.

The drawbacks that hold this beast back are its cuff and the mobile app. Cuff size is large and not meant for small arms. Mobile app has some syncing glitches according to the user feedback. Overall, leaving the app aside, we would definitely recommend this for its accuracy and precision. 


  • Endless storage of readings
  • Accurate and Precise results.


  • Cuff size not meant for small/skinny arms
  • Poor mobile app sync with the device.

#3 – Beurer BM47

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If you are running tight on cash or don’t want to invest 50$ or upwards on a Blood Pressure Monitor, you might be in luck with the Beurer BM47. This cuts our list to number 3 with just a cost price of 30$ or 2,250 INR. It doesn’t have endless storage or bright huge display like the previous products but it can definitely measure your BP accurately.

To the surprise,  it can track readings upto 4 users which offers you the flexibility to keep the health of all of your family members in check without connecting to a mobile app or anything.

Each user gets storage of 30 readings which does not seem like much, but if you use it on just 1 user, you can get four times the amount of storage. It also reads your previous readings of upto 24 hours to present you with a clearer picture of your BP level throughout the day. 


  • In budget
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Supports upto 4 users and no extra connection to •Mobile apps necessary.


  • Low storage capacity
  • No brightly lit back display

#4 – Withings BPM Connect

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This compact BP machine comes at a price of about 100$ or about 7,500 INR. An excellent, no glitch, no bug mobile app is also available that connects your monitor to the smartphone. Speaking of looks, it is compact and attractive to look at, just like a small Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a rechargeable battery that goes on for about 6 months on a single charge, which means you can take it on trips without worrying about the battery.

One of the best features about this is that it automatically connects to Wi-Fi and stores your readings online, which makes sharing results with your doctor super easy. To our dismay, it can just store 8 readings, the lowest among all the machines so far. But it won’t be a problem as long as you are connected to the internet. But this can become a huge issue if you’re out on some long trip. Switching between multiple users is possible but not recommended because of the glitchy and rough transition of this interface. But hey, if you are into tech and you can afford the relatively high price of this app.


  • Compact and good looking appearance-wise
  • Cloud connectivity meaning unlimited storage 


  • Lowest storage of just 8 readings
  • Expensive

#5 – Lifesource

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This device stands out from the rest because of the cuff adjustability that allows it to fit all kinds of arms. No matter what kind of arm you possess- skinny or big, you’ll appreciate the size of Lifesource; because of size matters. The extra-large cuff (16.5-23.6 inches) fits arms like no other. Especially great for muscular people who usually have to rely on less accurate builds like wrist or finger-based models.

One of the best features of this device is that it alerts you if you have an irregular heartbeat so you can contact your doctor if it persists. 

This machine had a hell of a miss on its storage aspect. With just 60 reading storage which you can get in almost every other monitor, it’s not that great if you’re spending more than 100$ on a single user device. But if other machines fail to fit your arm, we would definitely recommend this device. 


  • Extra-large arm cuff size
  • Heartbeat irregularity detector


  • Expensive
  • Mediocre storage

#6 – OMRON HEM 7130 L

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Omron is a trusted company and has been for many decades. There are many products that have been manufactured by this company itself which have excellent user ratings. This is an advanced monitor and with a little price expansion, you can get new features along with a storage of 60 readings.

It uses Intelligence technology that detects and frames up an average of the last three readings that increases doctor-patient transparency. It comes with 4 rechargeable batteries and a USB compatible port, so you don’t have to pay extra for adapters to use this device.

The best thing about this is that it comes with a 5-year warranty starting from the day of purchase.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Extra features cost extra (Expansion pack)

#7 – Rossmax Ch155 Digital BP Monitor

Rossmax is a prestigious and reliable organization for restorative packages and hardware. It has been a solid and extremely helpful testing gadget for years to monitor the BP levels and at a very cheap price of just 23$. It is a profoundly solid and helpful testing gadget to monitor the BP levels. Hence, it cuts our list of best BP monitors.

All you have to do is simply squeeze the siphon, and the rest will be done by the device itself. A blare will sound and alert you in case of high or low BP.

In terms of compatibility, accuracy or precision, it gives all other machines a run for their money. It can be worn on your wrist and its compact size makes it easy for stockpiling. It is perfect for medical practitioners as well as for daily-home use. Some of the outstanding features that make it stand out are Sporadic or Irregular heartbeat detector and Calibration for life.


  • Irregular heartbeat detector
  • Cheap and full of features
  • Automatic operation


  • Less storage for readings

#8 – Dr Trust

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Speaking of surprises, Dr Trust has been at the top of the list with the utmost amount of surprising features at an affordable price of just 24$ plus shipping. It measures BP and the rate of heartbeat. This electronic device is an automatic smart device with dual language and the best thing is that it reads/speaks out the readings and tells you whether the user is accurate or not. 

This talking pulse screen comes with Bluetooth innovation and USB components. Good for distinguishing irregularities or sporadicity in the heartbeat. 

One of the distinguishing features of this device is if just in case you forget to see the reading or are unable to see it, the whole screen will just light up green which shows you the outcome.

Depending upon the range of your outcome it will also light up yellow or red. It utilizes 4 AA batteries to work and it is anything but difficult to supplant when the battery runs out.

The dual-language speak out feature relying upon the comfort of the user and providing a whole new level of accessibility at such an affordable price is just beyond imagination.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Speaks out readings in dual languages
  • Multi-colored light display


  • Battery dependability and charging drawback.

#9 – Dr. Morepen’s BP02

Moving further down our list Dr.Morepen’s BP02 is a new and although an ordinary circulatory strain screen but it is rapidly getting people’s attention with its simple interface, attractive highlights and at an affordable cost of just 15$ plus shipping. This device quantifies systolic and diastolic BP working on the Oscillometric Method.

Some of the distinguishing features of this device are the low battery alert, auto-shutoff capacity for power sparing. It requires four batteries to work. It can support upto 4 users giving them a storage of 30 readings each. Or just 120 readings for a single-user interface. It also has an adjustable arm cuff size that has been a problem in some aforementioned machines.


  • 4 user interface
  • Low battery alert
  • Adjustable cuff size


  • Low battery alert is annoying

#10 – Healthsense Heartmate BP-120

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Our last product but not the least in today’s list is the Heartsense Heartmate BP 120. This classic fully automatic BP monitor is one of the quickest developing and driving medicinal services brands. All these features and just at a cost of 19$ plus shipping. Features that boost the brand image are its weight sensors and blood vessel divider vibrational sensors.

It is very precise and compliant in observing hypertension. Comes with a low battery alarm/beep. It offers a 2 user simple to use interface and 90 readings are given to each; which is good compared to other machines on this list.

Other than the standard thing, it has a talking highlight to let the patient know about the measure just by voice. In the event that you move your body during the test, it cautions you.


  • 2-year guarantee
  • Voice speak out feature
  • Weight sensors
  • Cheap


  • 2 user interface
  • Battery dependability

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Blood Press Monitors

Now, I have started my evaluation by looking over prices, reviews, and recommendations. Here are some things we considered when choosing blood pressure monitors for our list.

  • Size matters

Yes this is very true, the size of the cuff is mandatory to check when you are selecting a blood pressure monitor. The site helps you to the border of your upper arm. A cuff needs to fit properly on your arm and if it did not it may give you an incorrect reading. The adult small size of arm circumference of 22 to 26 centimeters (about 8.5 to 10 inches), the Adult average size is 27 to 34 centimeters (about 10.5 to 13 inches) and adult large size 35 to 44 centimeters (about 13.5 to 17 inches).

  • Prefer arm cuffs over wrist cuffs

There are plenty of blood pressure machines available out there, you can purchase them online any time you want. But no matter where you buy, you should look for an automatic cuff called brachial blood pressure monitor that wraps around your upper arm.

  • Display

Before buying your favorite blood pressure monitor machine you should double-check the screens or display. The numbers on the monitor should be easy for you to read otherwise you won’t be able to figure out correct readings about your blood pressure.

  • Sound

Sound is another improvement feature of blood pressure monitoring machines that you need to consider before your purchase. One must be able to hear their heartbeat through the stethoscope, otherwise, it won’t make any sense to spend money on the device.

  • User- friendly

A user-friendly interface with big buttons and large numbers makes it very easy for you to understand the results.

  • Multiple Users

A multiple-user feature tracks more than one person’s blood pressure, so two people from your family can measure blood pressures simultaneously and avoid buying multiple devices.

  • Accuracy while Readings

Accuracy of the device is the most important thing to look at when you buy a blood pressure monitor.

  • Memory Storage

With high memory storage, one can log your blood pressure readings for a long time and in this way you can give your doctor the better information or details of your health.


Making a choice between best if the best one difficult task to do and that is what situation is demanding from you to do.  But, I would like to say that don’t compromise with your health and go for this product without wasting time. That would be the best decision you won’t regret.

After purchasing these wonderful blood pressure monitoring machines, you can become an expert in monitoring blood pressure in one sense, so bring this product to your home that can help you keep track of what treatments are working and make adjustments to improve your health. These are one of the best tools for blood pressure Monitoring.

And you need to check the product carefully once it comes home as the precautionary measure. Please make sure the accuracy of the products that you buy to get rid of any inconvenience caused later.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: How long is the warranty of Dr trust USA? Is it 1 year or 5 years?

Ans: After purchasing, you have to complete your registration to get the 5-year warranty.

Q: Does Dr. Morepen come with handcuffs?

Ans: Yes, you will get a handcuff with it.

Q: What is the length of the Greater Goods BO monitor?

Ans: It can expand from 8 ¾” to 16 ½”

Q: Does Greater Goods blood pressure monitor have an AC adaptor option?

Ans: Yes

Q: Does this model of Omron Platinum come with a carrying case?

Ans: Yes, the BP monitor comes with a carrying case.

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