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Top Six Best Health and Fitness Applications That You Need In Your Phone Right Now

Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle that includes eating the right fruits and vegetables and finding adequate time to meditate can be quite challenging. This is why there are hundreds of applications on the internet, which simplify this task for you.

Now, picking the best ones from these hundreds of applications can be quite a daunting experience. So, we did our share of research and shortlisted some of the best health and fitness applications that you can have on your phone.

My Fitness Pal

This has been on top of our charts for quite some time now. The good thing about the My Fitness Pal application is that it has even received a heads-up from some of the top reviewers. It is all thanks to its endless capabilities and functionalities.

Jason, a reviewer with RazorHood who has shared many reviews, such as the best trimmer for balls for their website, states, ‘My Fitness Pal is a mobile application for someone who wants it all.’

Well, that’s 100% correct. On the application, you can record your caloric intake and log the exercise stats. Further, the application also gives you suggestions on some habits that can help you meet your daily health goal. More so, with My Fitness Pal, you get an unprecedented personalization for every asset.

The My Fitness Pal application integrates with more than fifty different applications and devices, thereby giving you an option to sync all the workouts. Further, the application also has a library that contains more than 350 strength-training and cardio sessions for someone who needs a starting point.

Lastly, My Fitness Pal also contains an extensive food database, which contains over six million foods. It also has a restaurant logger. Hence, using the My Fitness Pal, you can assure that no calorie goes in your mouth ever goes unaccounted for.

Overall, it has enough and more features to qualify as the best health and fitness application. More so, it has been lauded with umpteen positive ratings and reviews. Thus, it is a fitness application less, and it is quite worth the cost, even if you decide to shop for the premium package.


Your health is more than the calories you consume and the workout you do. Research states that activities, such as meditation, too, can help overcome stress and improve your overall happiness. With Headspace, you get a simplistic and interactive way to do that.

Meghan, a review for MyPlumbersChoice, who reviewed the elongated vs round toiletsstates, ‘On Headspace, you can find an array of guided meditation sessions to suit your lifestyle and mood. Their library is full of an extensive range of programs directed at helping you manage stress levels, overcome anxiety, and sleep better. The length of the sessions may vary.


Wish to start running but do not know where to start? Well, C25K, that is Couch to 5K, should be your go-to application. You can find a free eight-week program on the app, which provides the users with three workouts per week.

Using this application, the uses can get ready for the Fourth of July road race or the Turkey Trot. The application is free to download, but there are also a few optional in-app purchases.


8fit is an incredible mobile application, which brings forth exceptional meal planning and on-demand workouts. This application has a personalized program for exercise and diet, depending on what you wish to see.  

Becca, an associate with EmbraceGardeningshares, ‘8fit application, is for people who like many suggestions, guidance, instructions, and reminders.’

Using the application, you can pick a goal. It could be anything, such as muscle gain, get fitter, losing weight, etc. 8fit uses a plethora of details and information into consideration before it creates the perfect fitness plan for you. Some of the things you will have to input in the app include whether you like simple meal prep or an elaborate cooking session and the time of the day when you like to exercise.

Based on your provided information, 8fit will provide you with a realistic assessment of how complex or easy the whole goal achievement process will be. Once you work towards your fitness journey, you can employ the app and workout from the videos there.

Further, you can even create your meal plans using the shopping list and the recipes and even log in what you eat. In the pro version, you can unlock the workout. The app also provides you with a tailored meal plan and a shopping list. Overall, it is an all-in-one application, which can be personalized according to your preferences.


The next one on our list is the Sleep++ application. It is an incredible application, which grabs all the information while you are asleep. With its motion tracking feature, you can figure out how restless you are in your sleep, and the time period when you are most restless.

After you have slept, the application will analyse your last night’s slumber, and give you an analysis of how good or bad it has been. The best thing about the Sleep++ application is that it is 100% free.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

‘I genuinely love the MyPlate Calorie Counter application. As for its design, it is 100% A+. More so, the features in its free version are commendable,’ comments Nadia, an educator who works with a platform that offers summary statement engineers Australia.

At the basic level, the application works more or less like the My Fitness Pal, except for one thing. So, what is that? When you sign up with the application and input your personal data, MyPlate Calorie Counter won’t ask you your fitness goal, just for your target weight. It is mainly because the application is created for weight loss goals.

So, these are the six of the best health and fitness applications. They are a must-have in your phone if you are trying to shed some pounds and make your way towards a fitter lifestyle. Have more application suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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