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10 Best Stepper Machine To Make Your Workout Routine Wonderful!

Step more and get more, yes you read it right.

We all know stepping or walking more can make us more healthy and we can shape our body better.

So if you want a good body at your home, then nothing is better than installing a stepper machine at your place, you can have a great workout anytime you want. The stepper machine gives you extraordinary exercise. On the off chance that you are not utilizing it, you should try it out! Perhaps gyms can also provide you with the same facility, but why should you visit these crowded gyms when you have an alternative option that can save your time and you can do exercise at home.

So in this article, I will handpick you the best stepper machines that are compact, durable, easy to utilize and come within your budget. I am going to tell you all how stair-stepping machines will benefit you for your own good. This stair stepper machine is not only helpful for cardio, but it also helps you in strengthening your legs, hamstrings, glutes and calves. It also has less impact than running and the treadmill, and people with joint pain also use this machine with a lot of comforts. So hurry up and don’t be late, give them a shot.

Best Stepper Machine 2020 – Comparison Table!

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Top 10 Best Stepper Machine Reviews

#1 – Bowflex Max Trainer Series

Bowflex Max Trainer Series Review

With a total rating of 4.4 on Amazon, the Bowflex Max series steppers are best for home-based workout use. This machine is built like a tank and does not feel flimsy at all. It will help you to work on your arms and legs/glutes.

The machine is extremely versatile which includes the max trainer app which helps you improve your exercise and will be your companion and a personal trainer to track your data.


  • Compact footprint.
  • Help upper and lower body and full-body workout.
  • Smooth on the joints creates low impact.
  • IMax Trainer app


  • The stride may feel short to tall people

 Why it is suggested: Bowflex Max Trainer Series is highly recommended by many fitness experts aa it is very compact, durable, powerful, delivers a full-body exercise and you can achieve your fitness goal.

#2 – SteelFlex PST10 Stepper

SteelFlex PST10 Stepper Review

SteelFlex PST10 Stepper is a business-grade stepper at an incredible cost. Well, it is not as extravagant but it will give you an extraordinary exercise which is not different from any other brand. It has a basic and simple display and offers you prearranged exercises to keep your workout routines challenging along with it, the machine gives you the feedback for your daily practice. It has a coordinated HR screen and water bottle holder along with 16 levels of resistance. It also self-generated its own power, so you don’t need to plug it in.


  • It generates its own power, no need to plugin
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Can hold weight upto 400 lbs
  • Reasonable cost
  • Good quality


  • Pedals are short

Why it is suggested: SteelFlex PST10 Stepper is easy to handle, affordable with a commercial-grade quality product. It is extremely simple and durable. 

#3 – Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Review

The Sunny stepper is a manual water-driven stepper that is like those floor steppers you see for genuine modesty, however, it is superior to those feeble steppers. Above all else, it has a handle you can use to keep you adjusted and maintain your balance.

It has a little LCD to track your fitness information and the best part is that you can fold it up and store it in the storage room when you are finished. This is the best stepper with the low-price value. 


  • Compact and durable
  • Easy folding for storage
  • Very affordable
  • Offers adjustable resistance via the hydraulic cylinders


  • Can hold up to 220 lbs.
  • Not good for tall people like over 6’ 2” because the handles will not support 

Why it is suggested: Because it is a low priced machine for those who have a limited budget along with good quality. So if you are looking for a mini stepper for your home this machine is best for you.

#4 – Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer Review

This Body Power stepper combines the movement of an elliptical trainer and stepper in one to give you a powerful workout. The bend wrench of the pedal means that you should consistently apply force, and work your muscles, to keep the machine moving.

I also want to mention that your arms are also included in the process. This wonderful machine is compact enough for a room or small space area and yes apart from all this, it yet delivers a high rated and quality based exercise.


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to store
  • Works for the entire body
  • Curved crank means your legs are working more calories burned per minute.
  • Holds weight up to 250 lbs.


  • Quality issues sometimes

Why it is suggested: It is an affordable machine that anyone can access whenever they want. It will help you to work on your entire body from upper and lower and it burns your calories.

#5 – StairMaster Gauntlet Series 8 StepMill

StairMaster Gauntlet Series 8 StepMill Review

This StairMaster shares the revolving staircase with eight steps along with Bluetooth connectivity for fitness lovers to track their data during a workout. It is completely electronic controlled and the brake and drive chain control speed of the stair. It allows you to do a wide range of smooth exercise within your comfort zones. You can take 24-162 steps per minute


  • Choice of console along with new programs.
  • In-built heart rate monitor
  • Comfortable stair climbing experience
  • Totally electronic controlled
  • Precise resistance


  • Ceiling height should be 10 feet to install it at your place
  • Weight holding capacity is 343 lbs.

Why it is suggested: The latest StairMaster is suggested because it comes with all the best features from the past along with new innovative technical features.

#6 – Jacobs Ladder The Stairway GTL Stair Stepper

Jacobs Ladder The Stairway GTL Stair Stepper Review

The Jacobs Ladder Stairway GTL Cardio Stair Stepper Climber is self-powered and compact with rotating stairs. It also has an 8 step height and a speed that ranges from 25 to 160 steps per minute. It also fits smaller home gym spaces as well.


  • Shorter than stair masters
  • Easy to store
  • Self-powered
  • Rotating staircase
  • Comfortable experience


  • Pre-set programs are not available

Why it is suggested: Jacobs Ladder Stairway GTL Cardio Stair machine is the best exercise stepper with affordable price along with a revolving staircase. 

#7 – Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster Review

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster exceptionally well for home-based workouts and fulfil all your needs.

It helps you in exercise and maintain optimum physical and mental health.  It also improves your fitness level, builds your muscle, burns body fat,  and helps you in boosting your metabolism. Talking about mental health, doing a workout with this machine helps you to fight depression, reduce stress,  insomnia, improve your memory, body posture, and strengthen the immune system. Isn’t it great, it is like one product and multitasking.

To get all the benefits what you have to do is, choose. You just have to pick a product that can help you with the right exercise regime and can reward yourself with a more positive body image, boost confidence, energy, healthier sex drive and overall fitness.


  • Compact size
  • User-friendly machine
  • Handlebar that offers full-body exercise


  • Difficulty in assembling
  • Bit costly
  • Can be impractical for casual exerciser

 Why it is suggested: It is highly recommended because of its high-intensity interval training HIIT offers you superior muscle-building, fat-burning benefits.

#8 – Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper

Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper Review

Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper is another mini stepper workout machine which can shape your lower body. It also allows you to sculpt strong muscle and you can burn extra calories with each step you take and engage your core and lower body in a low-impact workout. Its electronic display helps users to track their each stepper minute and per workout as well as the time and gives you data of calories burned.

Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper is space-efficient and easy to store. During the workout, it targets your calves, thighs, hips and buttocks. It smoothly works on your joints and burns unwanted fat.


  • Offers you low impact exercise
  • It targets calves, thighs and hips
  • Display to tracks steps, time and calories burned
  • Easy to store
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds


  • No workout programs
  • Sometimes a product can be noisy 

Why it is suggested: It also allows you to track your workout so you can see your improvement and accomplishment in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

#9 – TECHMOO Mini Stepper

TECHMOO Mini Stepper Review

TECHMOO mini stepper is made up of a great Hydraulic resistance system to ensure an even pedal resistance. It provides a stable and safe exercise along with that it protects your knees and ankles from getting any serious injury.

 Its LCD monitor helps you to track the step count, total time taken, calorie burned. Its display also records your fitness data, which encourages you to go on your next training plan and do better. TECHMOO mini stepper offers you an adjustable knob so you can adjust the height of this machine depending on your requirement of condition and different exercise styles.


  • Anti-slip foot pedal to provides safety
  • 2 resistance bands 


  • Requires excellent balance 

Why it is suggested: TECHMOO Mini Stepper is suggested as it is great for a cardio exercise and also strengthens your muscles, shape and toned your entire body, along with that it trains your legs and buttocks.

#10 – L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper

L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper Review

L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper is a small size machine for an excellent workout and easy to store and save your space. It has a great LCD display that tracks the number of steps you take during the workout and time taken along with calories burned. It is made up of broad and anti-slide pedals for user safety and security and comes along with 2 resistance bands for balance and versatile exercise.


  • Non-slip foot pedals for security
  • Skid-resistant
  • Good quality 


  • Require great balance 

Why it is suggested: L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper is highly recommended because of its great sturdy steel quality, it is compact, electronic-based stepper.

Things to look before buying Best Stepper Machine

Source – Fitness Gears Lab

There are many things that customers should consider before buying the best stepper machine for themselves. As inquiry about any particular machine is really necessary to avoid any harm to you, your money and time. So I will reveal things that you need to pay attention to before choosing a stepper. 

    1. Stepper Machine Height: One should be aware of the height(size) of the particular machine to avoid any issues. Be clear about the unit size and measure your intended space before choosing the best stepper machine.
    2. Stepper Machine Weight: You should think about the weight of the machine as several stair masters are quite heavy in nature ranging from three or four hundred pounds. 
    3. Step Height: The standard step height of these machines is 8”, and there are those that there are those with 6, so before buying decide what height you are comfortable with.
    4. Display: Steppers differ a lot in the console and display. Some have a simple display with just exercise information, while others have increasingly included consoles that permit you to pick various exercises, play music, transfer and download information, interface with applications, and so on.

Stairmaster even has a unit where you can pick a console from three choices and includes big challenges for your workouts.

What are the Benefits of Stepper Machines?

best stepper machine reviews
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    1. Shaping, Toning, Building Leg Muscles: One of the best things about stepper machines is that it will help you to give an aerobic workout, with a strength for the legs training as well. These machines also help you to build muscle, shape your butt, thighs and calves and give you the great body that you always wanted. You know what, you can work on your inner thighs by stepping up sideways.
    2. Great for Home Gyms: The stepper machines are versatile in nature and will be a great choice for a home gym for your home-based workout. Steppers give you an extraordinary exercise and help get in shape, strengthen your body. Some individuals go to the gym to workout to utilize the Stairmaster. But then why travel when you can get that exercise at home whenever you need after buying Steppers both give an extraordinary exercise and help get in shape, just as firm and reinforce, and a few models are minimized enough for a room or apartment. Some individuals go to the rec centre just to utilize the Stairmaster. Why travel when you can get that exercise at home whenever you need after buying the best step machines. 
    3. Good Cardio Option for old ages: These machines are extremely impactful for senior citizens. Doing 15 minutes low impact exercise per day that can increase their lifespan and quality of life. Also, senior citizens can adjust the exercise and can go slow or fast according to their needs.
    4. During Injury Recovery: Stairmasters and especially hybrid elliptical steppers are extremely good for those having joint pains, these machines are easy on joints and very low impact. 


Keep in mind, the best stepper machine for you is one that fits the space you have for it, and comes with your financial plan or budget along with that it should meet all your fitness goals and objectives.

There is no denying that step stepper machines offer an extraordinary, low effect, cardio exercise that tones legs and rear and lights calories rapidly.

There are great products available out there so buy the best one for you, take it home and enjoy breaking and challenging workouts at your own place.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q – Is a Stepper as Good as Compared to Walking?

Ans. A Stairmaster as it helps you to strengthen and firm the thighs, hamstrings and glutes better than walking. 

Q – Is stepper better than a treadmill?

Ans. Yes, a stepper helps you to burn more calories per minute as you are using your weight as resistance. Hence, the stepping up shapes your thighs, glutes and hamstrings more than the flat motion of a treadmill.

Q – Is an elliptical better than a stair stepper?

Ans. Elliptical trainers and steppers each have their own plus and minus. A stepper helps you to burn more calories and ellipticals, overall, give a gentler, less intense workout.

Q – Why is Stair Stepper so Hard?

Ans. It is because of intensity as when you are doing any intense exercise, like HIIT, sprinting. 

Q – Are Stair Steppers good for knees?

Ans. Using a stair climber correctly will not cause injury but if your knees are already hurt then it may not be the ideal decision to make.

Q – Is a stepper an easy way to lose weight?

Ans. Yes! But you have to be regular with exercise. An intense pace is a form of HIIT that burns calories long after the exercise is finished.

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