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Best Chest Freezer 2020 Review – DO NOT BUY BEFORE READING THIS!

A chest freezer is extremely ideal when you want to store and keep large-sized items, frozen for a long span of time. They have way more capacity than a regular refrigerator and surprisingly they are about the same price. So you do not need to spend an extra amount of money to buy them. A stand-on my own freezer affords extra garage area for frozen ingredients and meats which you buy in bulk, continues extra produce to experience all 12 months round, and lets you inventory up on organized meals. They’re additionally remarkable for hunters who’ve a bulk delivery of meat. If you discover yourself mindfully stocking up on meals, you are probably  inside the marketplace for a brand new standalone freezer.

We depended on years of meals garage expertise from our kitchen equipment professionals at Good Housekeeping Institute to assess upright and chest freezers at diverse rate points, sizes, and capacities. We took into consideration beneficial functions like automated defrost, flash-freeze, electricity on and open door indicators, garage options, and power efficiency.

Widely utilized in popular stores, ice cream parlors, and comparable establishments, those are slowly gaining prominence for residential garages as well. Today, I have curated and indexed out the quality chest freezers.

Now let us jump into reviewing the list of the best chest freezers.

#1 Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer Review

With a user rating of 4.2 out of 5, Blue Star Single Door Deep Freezer is first in the list.
Blue Star is the maximum dependent on emblem in India and they may be acknowledged for making nice refrigeration merchandise just like the Inverter air conditioners, air purifiers, etc. They are the biggest dealer of unmarried door deep freezers with extraordinary garage capacities.

These freezers are made with sturdy production and non-corrosive safety for heavy usage. They include a key lock machine for safety and a sturdy cope with opening the door. They are powered via means of a noticeably electricity green compressor that consumes 1.three to 1.6 gadgets in 24 hours, relying upon its garage capacity. The Blue star deep freezers additionally include heavy-obligation caster wheels to transport them from one location to any other easily. They include 1 yr of complete guarantee and a couple of years at the compressor.


  • A well-rated freezer from a depended on brand
  • Robust construct this is non-corrosive very easily
  • Energy-green that burns three devices for twenty-four hours
  • Comes with a basket
  • Heavy-obligation caster wheels at the lowest for higher mobility
  • Temperature variance till -18 degrees
  • 1-12 months complete guarantee and a pair of years of guarantee at the compressor


  • None

Why it is suggested:

The CHF 100 is suggested as it comes with strong production and is made for heavy-obligation use. The frame is corrosion resistant and saves on the chilliness with none leakage. The freezer has a key and lock gadget that makes certain that your garage is secure and secure. It additionally has a recessed manager that similarly improves its durability. With a compressor this is especially green for energy, the freezer gives especially fine service. It is likewise very bendy to temperature modifications because the variety of temperatures may be dropped to -18 stages

#2 Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer Review

With a rating of 4.2 out of 5, Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer secured second position in the list of chest freezers. The CHF200 is likewise a single door hardtop deep freezer with 188 liters ability in comparison to the ninety-five liters ability of the CHF100. CHF200 comes with a temperature range between -17 ranges centigrade to -22 ranges. It additionally comes with a meals basket inside it and castor wheels that make it simpler for transferring from one area to another.

The construct of the freezer is powerful and so are the lock and key systems. It additionally has a Recessed take care of that makes the beginning and ultimate of the freezer simpler. The freezer is likewise constructed to be corrosion resistant.


  • Has 200 liters gross capacity
  • Single Hardtop door with lock and key
  • Recessed handles for easier door control
  • Temperature range from -17 to -22
  • Saves the cooling inside very efficiently
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 2 years on the compressor.


  • Some customers report dented product deliveries.

Why it is suggested:

The CHF200 additionally saves up on energy payments substantially and additionally saves the chill within the refrigerator in instances of blackouts. Thus making this freezer now no longer best green on cash however additionally power green. Blue Star CHF200 comes with a 12 months manufacturer’s assurance at the frame and an extra 2 years assurance at the compressor from the date of purchase.

#3 Rockwell Green Deep Freezer

Rockwell Green Deep Freezer Review

Rockwell Green Deep Freezer has a user rating of 4.1 out of 5. This is a 250-liter single door chest freezer from Rockwell that is compact in length and springs with long-lasting construct quality.

It has 14% greater garage capability compared to everyday deep freezers of the identical dimensions.
It is made with a corrosion-resistant body (GPSPS sheet) and is constructed to face up to severe temperatures. All the Rockwell freezers go through automated OPTIMO take a look at to make sure higher performance. It has air circulate vents on three aspects for higher warmness transfer. And, there are the castor wheels for clean transportation and door lock machine for added safety while you’re now no longer around. It comes with 1 yr freezer assurance and a couple of years compressor assurance.


  • 14% greater garage as compared to everyday freezers
  • Corrosion-resistant body
  • Can resist excessive temperatures
  • three Side airstream vents for higher warmth emission
  • Castor wheels for quick & clean transportation


  • Some users complaint about bad customer and delivery service

Why it is suggested:

Rockwell Green Deep Freezer is suggested as it has a 90mm PUF insulation along with 53% less power consumption.
It can also hold temperatures up to 16 hrs after a power cut.

#4 Voltas 500 DD CF Double Door Deep Freezer

Voltas 500 DD CF Double Door Deep Freezer Review

Voltas 500 DD CF Double Door Deep Freezer has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Voltas is any other famous cooling equipment logo in India that sells air coolers, ACs, fridges and deep freezers. The Voltas deep freezers are to be had in 500 liter (471 L net) and 320-liter capacities. They include corrosion-resistant safety and require low maintenance. The castor wheels come reachable for smooth mobility of the machine.


  • 500-liter capacity
  • Stucco Aluminium Inner Lining for stepped forward hygiene
  • CFC Free insulation
  • Spring hinges for smooth handling
  • UV Grade plastic for longer life


  • Has no Warranty

Why it is suggested:
Voltas 500 DD CF Double Door Deep Freezer is suggested as it includes UV grade plastic construct fabric that lasts longer and might resist numerous temperatures. The Stucco Aluminium internal liner guarantees that your hygiene isn’t always affected. The aesthetic smooth appearance layout makes it seem top rate and they arrive with spring-loaded hinges for snug usage.

#5 Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer, Convertible

Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer, Convertible Review

With a user rating of 3.3 out 5, Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer, is 103 litre and convertible, versatile machine. It is specifically constructed for your storage needs. With the one hundred liters indoors space, you’ll have sufficient room for the whole lot you want to freeze. The energy indicator mild helps you to realize whilst the freezer is on. A tremendous alternative for effectively storing frozen meals merchandise including meat, packaged foods, ice cream, vegetables, and cakes even as retaining them at the appropriate garage temperature for prolonged life, keeping best and taste, stopping freezer burn, and improvement of ice crystals. The compact layout is ideally fitted for small industrial institutions and character households/modular kitchens. The stated unit comes with 1 12 months comprehensive along with three years of extra assurance on Compressor.


  • Up to 40% strength saving main to decrease power bills
  • Wide voltage variety 160-260v, lesser dependency on stabilizer
  • Three-layered trapezoid door layout to keep away from leakage of bloodless air main to higher cooling retention


  • Some users complain about bad delivery service

Why it is suggested:
Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer is suggested as is very good and ideal if you are looking for a chest freezer for commercial use and establishments and individual households/modular kitchens.

#6 Blue Star CHFK300A Cooler Cum Freezer

Blue Star CHFK300A Cooler Cum Freezer Review

Blue Star CHFK300A Cooler Cum Freezer has 3.8 out of 5. Blue Star Cooler Cum Freezer aka Combo Deepfreezer is one of the handiest and reasonably priced answers for storing meals merchandise and dairy gadgets. BlueStar gives more than a few difficult pinnacle and glass pinnacle chest freezers with slicing side layout and aerodynamics with modern generation and features, making certain long-lasting freshness. Built to last, and to satisfy the needs of the excessive sub-continental temperatures, those machines reduce energy payments through energy-saving innovations, supporting your enterprise growth. Just what you may anticipate from the experts.
Many clients require deep freezers frequently to keep ice cream, frozen meals gadgets in addition to dairy merchandise. These clients consist of hotels, hospitals, ice cream vendors, outlets, and lots of others. One of the oldest and largest names in deep freezers is the Blue Star deep freezer.


  • Has fast freeze mode
  • Comes with versatile wheels
  • Has dual compartments
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces


  • Some users report that cooler not perform well

Why it is suggested:
Blue Star CHFK300A Cooler Cum Freezer is suggested as it is versatile and comes with a seamless flow mechanism to avoid stagnation of excess water or other liquids within the freezer/cooler.

#7 Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters

Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters Review

Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters has a user rating of 4.8 out of 5. This single door hardtop compact chest freezer with a garage ability of 250 liters.

With this garage range, the Rockwell chest freezer has about 14% extra garage ability than maximum compact deep freezers. The freezer is constructed to be amazing tropicalized with the intention to carry out even in severe temperatures as well.


  • At 250 liters ability, the freezer has 14% extra garage ability than maximum compact chest freezers
  • Super tropicalized to offer high-quality cooling even in severe temperatures
  • All machines by skip automated OPTIMO run checks
  • Corrosion-resistant frame with pre-painted GPSPS sheet
  • three aspect air circulate for higher warmth switch
  • Castor wheels for smooth movement
  • 1 yr of complete assurance and a couple of years of assurance at the compressor


  • No much

Why it is suggested:

Made with a corrosion-resistant frame, the freezer comes with a pre-painted GPSPS sheet. All of those freezers go through strict automated OPTIMO run checks earlier than delivery. It has three facets of air circulation which allows higher warmth switching and therefore green cooling. Apart from these, additionally, it is the fundamentals together with castor wheels, door lock structures etc. Rockwell gives you a 1 yr complete assurance from the date of buy alongside an extra 2 years of assurance at the compressor.

#8 Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer HCC 345HC

Haier Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer HCC 345HC Review

With a rating of 3.6 out of 5, Haier – Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer HCC 345HC is last but not the least in our list.

The Haier HCC 230HC is a hardtop unmarried door deep freezer with a gross ability of 198 liters.

With its convertible generation, you may use this as a deep freezer or an easy cooler as well. It comes with High-Density PU insulation (Molecular Foaming) a good way to provide you with longer retention of cooling of up to one hundred hours.

The temperature variety in this tool is from a basic +10 tiers to up to -18 tiers centigrade. The doorways of this freezer are made in a trapezoid layout so as to assist you to preserve the temperature and cooling for a protracted time.


  • Portable 198 liters garage freezer that is good for small stores and house deep garage
  • Convertible generation lets in to extrude it from a deep freezer to be a cooler as well.
  • Molecular foaming thru the High-Density PU insulation offers approximately one hundred hours of cooling retention in
  • instances of blackouts.
  • +10 tiers to -18 tiers centigrade temperature variety
  • Trapezoid layout of the door for in addition retention of the cooling
  • 40% power financial savings thru low energy consumption
  • 1 yr of complete assurance on production defects and a further three years at the compressor.


  • Don’t include any castor wheels.

Why it is suggested: The freezer comes with a basket and is good for storing dairy and frozen meals merchandise with high-quality ease. Ideal for small stores and home deep garage, the freezer additionally saves as much as 40% for your energy payments thru its low energy consumption. Made with toughened glass, the freezer comes with a 1 yr complete assurance and some other extra three years of assurance at the compressor.

Benefits of buying best chest freezer:

best chest freezers reviews

A reasonably-priced chest freezer is one of the maximum benefits and power green equipment to be had inside the marketplace today, and it could even prevent cash with inside the lengthy-run. Chest freezer permits you sufficient area to take advantage of storing seasonal berries and jams, to freeze bulks of meat collectively with the everyday consumable gadgets and make-beforehand meals.

Chest freezers provide numerous blessings to the person concerning price, garage capacity, and power. The chest freezer is the maximum budget-friendly freezer to be had within the marketplace today. Certain chest freezers include frost loose and car defrost alternatives. The ones with guide defrost choice takes nearly an afternoon to perform the task.

It is energy efficient:

These chest freezers include integrated sidewall insulation to keep their bloodless temperatures nicely for an extended length and consequently use the least-power to function. Most importantly, in case you are going through energy outages or you’re shifting to any other house, an unplugged chest freezer can maintain the goods bloodless for nearly 3 days, so long as the lid is closed. The market is full of a big choice of chest freezers. The cause for this type of differentiation might be attributed to the power effectiveness score of such chest freezers collectively with thriving purposeful traits that make lifestyles much less tough for the buyers.

It can boost up sales, in case you using it for business purpose:

The ordinary cooking equipment is commonly too small for an eating place’s needs, and maximum probably won’t deliver the demand. Faulty business devices can motivate the same problem – a product that doesn’t paint properly can wreck inventory, restricting your everyday output and stopping sales. When it involves a chest freezer, it’s an essential part of the installation of any café or eating place and assists corporations to save their merchandise for a protracted length while not having a flavor change. In addition to being amazing to look at, a chest freezer ought to be suitably practical. You can’t even consider what number of turnovers you may generate with the aid of using putting in such business refrigeration appliances. Likewise, huge supermarkets or even wholesalers maintain many lots of pound’s really well worth meals cooled with the aid of having chest freezers mounted on their premises. You simply can’t underestimate how essential business refrigeration devices are to a few people, especially stores and supermarket owners.

Ample storage space:

No doubt, a chest freezer is difficult to conquer with regards to intake of the area as it could save a sufficient quantity of meals and different merchandise. There are styles of business freezers with alternatives to be discovered in every and each variety – chest freezers and upright freezers. Both variations have their very personal merits and demerits and for that reason require a radical judgment whilst selecting the first-class model of the freezer for the unit.

It maintain health standards:

Moreover, it’s vital for the industrial kitchens to ensure fitness and protection regulations, consisting of storing meals at the precise temperature, to maintain uncooked meals and organized ingredients one at a time whilst ensuring that there should be no contamination.

Great design or construction:

When it involves the benefit of chest freezers, they’re to be had with as a minimum one wire-basket to arrange the content material correctly. With the assist of cardboard boxes, you may separate out distinct styles of meals materials. Though, chest freezers require a whole lot of bending and shifting frozen ingredients to get to the asked item. But you don’t want to fear at all! There are numerous chest freezer machines to be had with inside the marketplace that incorporates a backside drawer, which is offered from outdoor of the freezer. But as lengthy because it provides a few comforts to a chest freezer, it’s going to additionally lessen a few capacities.

Things you should consider before buying the best chest freezers

best chest freezers 2020

Capacity: Capacity is measured in liters, 18 liters is one bag of buying. We promote chest freezers that are in shape from five to 22 buying baggage complete with meals.

Chest freezers are best for storing the ones cumbersome meals gadgets that simply won’t fit in your predominant freezer way to their massive quantity of usable area. Perfect if you’re cooking huge food on your buddies and family, they have a tendency to be used as secondary freezers. We have a huge variety of capacities available, beginning with one hundred liter fashions which have room for five baggage of buying. All the manner as much as massive four hundred liter fashions that could keep a whopping 22 baggage of groceries.

Outside Storage: In maximum homes, chest freezers are saved in a storage or an outbuilding. Our product pages inform you if your selected version may be thoroughly saved in unheated rooms.

Save ground area and meals garage area with a chest freezer. Certain fashions are capable of paintings in less warm environments, so that you can thoroughly shop them on your storage or some other outbuilding. If you already know in which you need your new freezer to live, maintain in thoughts how warm and bloodless that area can get earlier than you decide. From a cool -15°c, all of the manner is as much as 43°c, maximum of our chest freezers paintings below a variety of temperatures. Have a brief have a take a observe the specs on our product pages and test the temperatures that your selected version can paintings below.

Safety Features: For peace of thoughts, chest freezers include a whole lot of protection functions which include high-temperature warnings and door locks.

Most chest freezers have a mild temperature. This helps you to understand while the temperature interior is both too warm or too bloodless, assisting to maintain your meals more energizing for longer and decrease waste. For final protection, you could maintain your toddlers far from the frozen sweets with a version that incorporates a toddler lock at the door.

Counterbalanced Lid: Because the lid is counterbalanced, you’ll be capable of thoroughly and truly prop it open even as you discover what you’re searching for.

A counterbalanced lid is surely beneficial because it remains open without the want with the intention to keep it up. With the door thoroughly propped, you’re unfastened to apply each palm to discover that you are lacking a bag of frozen peas or that bath of ice cream for dessert. It’s additionally surely accessible while you’re unloading your huge weekly save into the freezer.

Freezer Locks: It limits the get right of entry to the freezer. It is available in accessible while there are younger youngsters at domestic or the freezer is in a enterprise surroundings and it wishes to be secure

Warning Light: It facilitates tracking the freezer’s operation at any time. There is an alarm mild while there’s no energy or there’s a problem that impacts the functioning of the freezer.

Insulation: The thicker the insulation the higher the overall performance of the freezer. Thicker insulation stops the bloodless escaping and the compressor method no longer wants to run as much – this protects your cash on electric jogging costs.

Adjustable Thermostat: This lets in you to alternate the temperature to get the suitable results

Replaceable Lid Gasket: Chest freezers can maintain appearance for decades but one component that could grow to be much less powerful through the years is the lid gasket. By being capable of updating the lid gasket effortlessly you could get the most existence from your investment.


Above mentioned products have all the key features you need like power-on indicator light, a safety lock, two storage baskets, an interior light, and external temperature controls. So you can choose anyone according to your requirement and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is the distinction between refrigerator and freezer?
Ans. The thermostat or temperature controller is what makes a fridge one of a kind from a freezer. While the refrigerator is designed to preserve the meals among zero to five range centigrade, the freezer maintains the meals at -18 ranges for destiny usage.

Q. How bloodless does a deep freezer get?
Ans. A normal deep freezer can disclose the meals to severe chillier temperatures as low as -30 ° C to -50 ° C, till the meals’ middle temperature reaches -18 ° C.

Q. How lengthy can the beef live properly in a deep freezer?
Ans. The raw meat typically remains properly for up to at least one year while the cooked meat can remain for up to three months.

Q. Which is the satisfactory region to position a deep freezer?
Ans. To keep away from corrosion, position your freezer in an area with semi-air flow i.E., no longer an excessive amount of airflow/mild and now no longer little airflow/darkish conditions. Also, make certain that it’s far stored far from water contact.

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