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5 Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Your Growing Business

In this digital era, businesses take advantage of all the available tools and platforms to grow. Pinterest happens to be one of those digital platforms that can help you grow your business rapidly. It’s a social network where users can save and share pictures of what they’re interested in as pins. Pins take Pinterest users to a website they originated from. Pinterest is more of a visual search engine than a social media marketing platform, and there are no restrictions on who can or can’t use it.

How Pinterest would benefit your business?

If you’re currently not using Pinterest for business, then it’s high time you consider using it. You need to take advantage of the pins to create more traffic on your webpage. This is an excellent opportunity you’ve been waiting to market your business to active buyers from all corners of the world. See these three benefits you’ll enjoy using Pinterest for business below.

• High traffic on your webpage

Most Pinterest users, also referred to as pinners, admit that they discovered new products that worked well for them from the promoted pins. This means that they didn’t just find them. Instead, Pinners actually purchased these products. So, if you can share quality pictures then you can increase traffic to your website as pinners will be interested in clicking and following the link to purchase.

• It keeps you in the know

From Pinterest, you can search and see what is trending in your industry. All the latest news and hot deals are there. If you’re keen, you can clearly see what the pinners interested in your products like and incorporate them in your Pinterest marketing strategy to meet their demands. It could be the size, color, style, etc.

• You get good referrals

Sharing a click-worthy picture on Pinterest can earn you a good number of followers. In addition, a click-worthy picture can drive conversations and other positive actions on your website, like clicks and purchases.

Now that you know how beneficial using Pinterest for your growing business can be, the next step should be how to use this platform effectively. Here are five tips on how to use Pinterest for your growing business.

1. Since it’s all about pictures, ensure the images you share are of high quality

The quality of the images you share on your business account will lure pinners to click and follow through to your webpage. Remember, you’re representing your brand, and you wouldn’t want to paint a bad image of it. The text you add to the pictures also matters a lot.

2. The keywords

Remember that Pinterest is more of a search engine. In search engines, people usually use keywords to look for what they’re interested in. therefore, you need to think carefully about the keywords. This platform will also list relevant results and suggestions to people when they search, based on the keyword.

3. Create several pins advertising the same product

Perhaps you have several keywords in mind for the same article you’re posting. Posting one header image for an article is still good, but you can miss out on traffic in case that single pin gets buried. Therefore, it’s recommended you create several pins each for the keywords you have in mind, such that if one fails, you can still try your chances with the others. And the best thing is that creating the second pin doesn’t take as much time as the first one as you’re only required to alter the text a little or change the background picture.

4. Engage with pinners

You must create time to comment and reply to messages pinners leave on your pins. When you see comments on your pin, it means that people are interested and want to know more. Please don’t deny that. Engaging with pinners will surely earn you more followers, show how loyal your brand is, and strengthen the trust between your brand and consumers.

5. Consider Automating your pins

Pinning your business’ content manually every time you want to post them can be challenging, and the process takes too much time. You can use Tailwind software to schedule all your pins for even a month. This software is just what you need to keep pinning and repining your pins on Pinterest without raising a single finger.


Pinterest is an easy way to connect with your audience, promote your products, and grow your business. You really must make it part of your growing business, especially in this digital era. Consider all the tips above and see massive growth in your business. Also, you can take Pinterest courses to learn more about Pinterest for business.

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