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4 Ways to Personalize Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Although many websites offer online chat, not every customer gets enough online time to touch the website. Moreover, sending your potential customers emails and online chat messages doesn’t guarantee that they will see it in time (updating them on an offer).

However, more than 3 billion people with smartphones globally, and a large percentage heavily rely on their smartphones for different purposes. An average person will look at their phones a couple of times in a day, even if there is no notification.

With this in mind, sending a text message to your existing and potential customers via SMS is a brilliant way of marketing. SMS doesn’t require the internet to be accessed, and there is a 98% open rate for text messages which means that almost everyone will read a new text message.

About SMS Marketing Campaign

An SMS marketing campaign is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional messages or updates to your existing customers. An SMS marketing campaign is facilitated through text messaging API.

Text messaging API is a software interface that enables code for sending short messages through an SMS gateway. They are meant to allow website applications to send and receive text messages quickly. It is facilitated through logic that’s written for a standard web framework.

Ways to Personalize Your SMS Marketing Campaign

One step to ensure that you get favorable response rates from your customers is by excelling in your SMS marketing campaign. This can be done by personalizing the text messages using text messaging API. Some of the approaches to take include.

Judge it Right

Two of the most crucial considerations are the timing of the text message and its relevance to the receiver. You might want to avoid coming out as annoying or overbearing by sending irrelevant content via SMS to your customers. Also, consider the time zones of your various customers and what they might be doing when you want to send the text message.

Accuracy Leads to Responsiveness

The main point of personalization is to ensure the receiver feels that they are being addressed in the text message. It is essential to include some accurate details, such as the exact spelling of their names if that is what you use to address them. The purchase history, location, and demographics can also come in handy.

Include Promotional SMS and Freebies

Everyone enjoys free things, and there is no better way than capturing the attention of the text message receiver than offering promos and discounts. The message should have some percentage discount on selected items or services that the receiver might be interested in. This will not only grab their attention but also trigger a response.

Keep It Fun and Fresh

SMS is not a formal platform, and you should be casual and excited about the way you project the information in those text messages. You might want to use a lively tone, informal language, and slang since it’s part of the personalization process.

To excel in SMS marketing campaigns, you ought to personalize your text messages. It would be best if you also were timely in sending and also made the text messages relevant.

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