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5 Best Websites to Decode a VIN Number

A VIN functions as the car’s DNA. That is why it’s essential to decode yours or one that belongs to a car you are about to buy. However, getting the right information is hectic, so you need the best websites to help you with the decoding process.

We have five perfect examples for all car types. Some of them include motorcycles and RVs as well. Therefore, the scope covered here is quite wide, and the information is always accurate.

Whether you want to verify your car, check about an unknown vehicle or buy a used one, these are the websites that will help you get more information about the VIN in question.

VinPit VIN Check Website

The first one on the list is a website with an intuitive interface and all the information you need about the decoding process. It will also go ahead and decode the unknown VIN in a bid to reveal more details.

VinPit requires the VIN only to decode. Therefore, after collecting it, the website provides an input field for you to feed the characters, and that’s it. Once you hit the search button, it will take a few minutes to reveal everything associated with the VIN.


You can run a RAM VIN number or a Chevy on the website, among other varieties. The data produced by the website comes from the 50 states in the US. The information comes from various agencies involved in car registration and maintenance, to be specific on the sources.

Some of them include the DMV, insurance companies, car dealers, and companies involved in auto repair. With such sources, VinPit can show you the following when you decode the VIN:

  • Original car specifications which help in ordering parts
  • Previous ownership history
  • The damages
  • Any previous accidents
  • Theft, burglary, or involvement in criminal activities
  • Odometer readings which show the distance covered by the car
  • The sale history
  • The car’s true market value

There is more for you when you visit the VinPit website for decoding and learning about what a VIN involves. The best part about using this platform is that it includes all cars made in the USA or imported into the country.

Next, you don’t get to pay a single cent to get the decoded information, and there is an option to download it. No matter the number of searches, VinPit does not retain your records. Therefore, if somebody checks for the same VIN again, they will not know you were on VinPit before.

That is why all the US residents with cars or dealing with them are welcome on the website. It’s also easy to use since there is no software download. With an updated browser, you can access VinPit as long as the device is connected to the internet.


This is another platform that will decode your VIN and give you the details you need. VinDecoderz is web-based, meaning you only need an internet connection to get it and feed in the VIN. It serves the US residents, but the site has recall problems.


They also cover a few models, which means you may want another website if your car’s model is not included. For added benefits, it can also serve as a license plate lookup site. Since it serves those in the US, it will not miss the Ford and the Chevys vehicles.

It has guidelines too on how you can decode a Vin and tell if it’s legit or not.


VinDecoder can help you decode VINs for cars in the US and outside too. The website reveals everything from the car’s model to the history and ownership. You even get data on the tire size, fuel efficiency, dimensions, and previous repairs.


The website links to reliable sources as well to give you factual information. Some of them are government sources, insurance companies, and car dealers. If you want to know whether the VIN was from the manufacturer or not, VinDecoder will tell you about it.

If you pay for the reports, you get detailed information which is not the same as what you get from the free decoding exercise.


MyFreeVIN is an affiliate of Carvertical which is another website that can aid in VIN decoding and lookups. It does not give unnecessary information, and that is one reason we advocate for it. Next, it will decode cars from any part of the world instead of just the US only.

Since it’s an affiliated website, the information comes from a wider database. It may not specify where the car was made, but that depends on the information available in association with your VIN. It’s also essential to note that it’s free to use.


AutoDNA is an AutoCheck partner, and it also gets you decoded information from the VIN you feed on the website. It has a database with more than 4 trillion car records, and that is where the detailed information comes from after the lookup.

Whether you want to verify a VINs authenticity or know more about the vehicle, this website will get the right information for you.


Carfax relies on more than 100,000 distinct sources to get you the decoded information from the VIN. That should tell you that it collects data even from other countries, which is quite helpful if you are getting a used car from abroad.

However, the data you get may not be accurate since it depends on what has already been reported. On the other hand, it will get you the specifications, ownership details, whether it has been involved in flooding and other catastrophes, and if the VIN is fake.


Those are the five websites that you can use to decode your VIN and get the data you need. It’s essential to use trustworthy websites with a reputation from other users. That is why VinPit and the rest are on the list.

For a proper decoding exercise, you can start with the first option and then compare what you get from other recommended websites. That way, you will have conclusive information and an idea of which decoding website works for you.

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