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3 Tips for Developing a Mobile App with Artificial Intelligence

Canada’s digital landscape is multiplying as developers are creating advanced mobile applications to improve users’ experiences. Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising spaces in mobile technology, though it is also one of the more challenging niches to develop.

In a specialized space such as AI, seeking mobile app developers in Toronto may be the most appropriate solution to ensure an efficient & safe app for your audience. In the meantime, here are three pieces of advice to keep in mind as you begin to develop an AI-based mobile app.

Understand Which Technology You’re Utilizing

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term home to several technologies, each with its own unique features. Selecting the appropriate AI technology for your mobile app involves understanding which option fits your niche.

If your mobile app is based on customer service, natural language technology will likely be the right fit. This technology is designed to analyze the meaning of any given context and exercise appropriate action on behalf of the user. This type of technology allows mobile apps to be more accessible — allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in the same language.

If your mobile app is centred around a business that must interact with users virtually in order to gather feedback, chatbots or voice managers are the standard AI technology used by developers. Chatbots allow companies to gather valuable data around each customer’s experience — this will enable developers to optimize their experience further and allows businesses to monitor interactions with consumers.

If your particular niche involves analyzing human behaviour using sensory recognition or voice control, biometrics may be the appropriate technology for your mobile app. Biometrics is essential for security purposes, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanners and behavioural characteristics.

Study the Market

If you’re eager to make your mark in the world of mobile apps, it’s essential to keep up with the market’s current patterns and upcoming trends. Canada’s mobile app market is evolving rapidly to match consumer behaviours. Since most Canadians own a smartphone, companies, agencies, and developers must have a thorough understanding of what users expect, particularly in the advanced world of artificial intelligence. If you can understand the level of functionality and overall user experience expected, you’ll have a much better chance of creating a mobile app that impacts the market.

Continuously Test Your App

Testing is crucial in developing your mobile app, though it’s imperative when your app involves advanced AI technology. Testing allows you to monitor the functionality of your app and identify potential weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

It may be helpful to put yourself in the position of the user when you conduct your testing. This allows you to neutrally assess potential bugs or errors in the programming or determine if the overall user experience is efficient for daily use. Integrating AI into your mobile app requires thorough testing in order to ensure your app is safe to use and will be well received by your target audience.

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