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The Impact of HTML5 Game Technology on the Overall Online Games

Let’s learn how games triggered by the Html5 game technology have completed their journey as of now. Where the idea begins and where it has been reached right away with its future prospects.

HTML 5 Technology in Game Industry

Mobile games are known to play the most important role in promoting the growth rate of mobile media use. According to a panel of experts, an estimated value of 9.8 billion U.S. dollars of the industry in North America 2018 was calculated. And, the mobile gaming is expected to deliver a great proportion of total gaming revenue generated by different companies worldwide by 2021.

Although changes in technology have not been much useful in motivating the mobile’s growth, a large number of factors within a huge game industry have affected these types of games. Some of these factors might be in the form of stagnation among a great number of developers, changing costs and funding sources and redefined markets.

Mobility at Early Stages

The first mobile game is known as the popular calculator game Snake approved by the video game industry’s governing body – The Entertainment Software Association, aka ESA, in the early 1990’s. Only users of Texas instruments graphing calculators were able to play this game. It was a little bit tricky to steer a small snake around the screen with the help of the arrow keys.

With an objective to eat numbers that displayed randomly across the screen while avoiding walls and obstacles as well as running back into the snake itself, this game was appreciated by gamers of all age groups. The size of snake grew with more and more numbers it ate. With the increased size, it has become pretty difficult for users to save the lives of snake while avoiding their own tail.

Although snake got the success in capturing a good number of eyeballs, carrying the graphing calculators was not everyone’s cup of tea due to their high prices. The improved HTML5 game technology made is possible to enjoy games on the particular portable systems like the PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo Gameboy.

Improving Technology

The cell phone technology witnessed aplenty of enhancements in the 1990’s with offering a great number of handheld devices in which users can easily access to their favorite games. But, several earliest models like PDAs and Blackberries were actually sold as the tools that could only help the entrepreneurs instead of being useful for the game lovers.

The perception related to mobile games has been changed when Apple introduced their mobile phone named iPhone in 2007. The phone was advertised by the company as a wonderful tool that could fulfill the purpose of all – businessmen and entertainment seekers.

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With the improved perception of iPhone as a technology for all, even the developers of android phones took an idea to make their users accessible to the games. Smartphone games have soon started capturing the market. As per the US market statistics done in 2013, games have become a top entertainment option by more than 200 million active iOS and Android phone users.

Developers have immediately realized the potential of gaming with the opening of the Apple App Store in 2008. With the upsurge in the number of game users, developers from other companies started making improvements in the technology with an objective to provide game products at comparatively lower costs.

Immobility in Traditional Games

Low development costs with the needful funding have played a crucial role in helping developers to fulfill various gaming needs of varied audiences. Developers realized that users were facing difficulty in adapting traditional games.

With the increase in the smartphone users, the longest video game console life cycle came to an end. At the same time, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 entered the market allowing more and more users to access to their beloved games.

As a response, mobile phones triggered by the advanced Html5 game technology continue to offer some unique offers to their users. Every year new handheld devices get upgraded with the improved hardware. The constantly improving capabilities have made it easier for gamers to enjoy their games on the go.

HTML5 games are easy to use and can be enjoyable at any place irrespective of their location. While, console designers still look fighting against the challenges of creating decades-old graphics and mechanics look cutting-edge.

Something Important to Say

With lots of entertainment options in the category of new mobile games, it’s safe to stay at some of favourite free online game websites. This widely accepted method is innovative and low cost while making it accessible for a number of potential gamers.

The growth of this sector seems to be at an exponential stage with a greater future success. We can expect the countless fun opportunities to those who are looking forward to add more phones to their collection. Good luck to have a blast in smartphone and iPhone games!

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