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Take Your Photos to the Next Level: The Best Free Photo Editing Software

Looking to create professional-looking photos?

Whether you’re looking to build your portfolio or Instagram feed, you need good photos. Knowing how to take photos is only the first step. Taking professional photos requires skill and technical prowess.

Learning how to edit your photos is a valuable skill. During the editing process, you can enhance or remove elements from your picture. However, not everyone has the budget for professional photo editing apps.

Looking for free photo editing software? This article covers the best free photo editing software. Read on to discover how to edit photos for Instagram or your startup portfolio.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is one of the most popular photo editors on the internet. This app contains the tools that you’d find in a premium editing software.

With GIMP, you can create layers and masks. You may even control the intensity of colors with levels and curves. If you want to get rid of flaws in your image, you’ll find the healing tools and clone stamp.

Many people also use GIMP for digital illustration. Because of its vast toolkit, GIMP may require a steep learning curve. However, it’s the best option for people who are looking for variety.


If you’re looking for a free online photo editor, check out Canva. Canva is the best app for optimizing photos into cards, posters, or social media posts. If you have an online business or website, you need Canva.

Canva offers free and paid tiers, but most users find the free version enough for their needs. After signing up with your email address, Canva gives you over 8,000 templates to choose from. You also receive 1GB of cloud storage and two folders to organize your images.

Canva doesn’t offer tools for cloning and smart selection. However, you will find slider tools for adjusting colors and adding effects.


Fotor is the best photo editing software for giving your photos a quick enhancement. If you’re looking for a simple editor, Fotor is your best option. Fotor provides high-end filters that give enhance your photos’ best features.

You can use Fotor if you’re looking to give your Instagram photos a unique filter. All you need to do is download Instagram photos and upload them to Fotor’s workspace. With Fotor, you can even edit batches of photos for quick editing.


PhotoScape offers a simple workspace with the main menu that you can open. Here, you’ll find many features for photo editing. This includes unique features like raw conversion and GIF creation.

If you’re a beginner, PhotoScape may not be the best app to start with. PhotoScape groups its tools in unclear configurations. PhotoScape’s user interface has notable differences from most photo editors.

You can change the interface layout through the app’s settings. You can choose between a circular menu or a grid arrangement.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is another great browser-based editor for quick edits. Pixlr X improves on many of the flaws that its predecessor had by switching from Flash to HTML. This online photo editing app retains its sleek design and workspace.

It offers an easy to use interface with single-click tools. Pixlr X offers all the basic tools for beginner-level editing. You can crop your image and adjust its color and saturation.

You may even use the touchup tool to get rid of unwanted flaws. If you’re an intermediate editor, you can use the more advanced tools. You can use tools like fill light and red-eye remover to enhance your portraits.

If you’re looking for brushes and layers, Pixlr X may not be for you. You can opt for the original Pixlr Editor to find these features.


Darktable is a great alternative for Lightroom photo editor. It replicates Adobe Lightroom’s layout and functions to create professional-looking images. You can import your photos from a database.

With its non-destructive tools, you can work on RAW and JPEG files. You can even try out its more advanced tools like perspective and lens corrections. Darktable is a great app for users who love Lightroom but hate its locked premium features.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe released a streamlined version of their best photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop Express is a browser-based version of their app. You may find that the browser version has a more versatile set of tools than the app.

However, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is only good for JPEG images under 16MB. This is a Flash-based platform, meaning that you can only access it through a browser. If you’re using a mobile device, you can find the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Paint.NET is one of the best photo editing apps for beginner Windows users. Its simple user interface makes its basic tools easy to operate. Paint.NET may remind you of Microsoft’s first basic Paint app.

In recent years, Microsoft added tools for advanced editing. This includes an undo history, layers, and a vast collection of filters. You may also find a 3D zoom and rotate function for recomposing your images.

Photos Pos Pro

If you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills, Photos Pos Pro is the best photo editing app. Developers created Photos Pos Pro to cater to both beginners and experts. Depending on your skill level, you can choose between two different interfaces.

The advanced interface offers more tools for manual edits. In this interface, you can find layers, brushes, masks, and texture. You can even find a tool for RAW conversion and batch editing.

The novice interface offers a simpler workspace focused on automatic edits. Editors can choose between creative effects and filters to enhance their images.

The Best Free Photo Editing Software for Better Photos

Photo editing is an essential skill for anyone who wants to produce great images. Here are some of the best free photo editing software for beginners and pros alike.

Knowing the best photo editing apps is only the first step to creating better images. Want to learn more about the latest pho enhancements apps? Check out our other blog posts for news on the latest tech today!

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