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Start the New Year Off Safely with a Secure Phone

Most people will respond “yes” when asked if they care about digital privacy, but do they take the necessary steps to stay safe? Judging by the billions of people who use free communication platforms, the answer is no.

It may be tempting and comforting to think that only world leaders and business moguls get hacked, but everyone has information that is valuable to data thieves. To learn more about how to stay secure with an encrypted phone and be safe in 2022, read on.

Proprietary Server Storage

Breaking encryption is almost impossible, so hackers find ways to bypass it and gain access to your data. Savvy cybercriminals often look to the data server to find sensitive information that may not be encrypted at rest.

Many service providers, in particular free apps, backup communications on their servers. To avoid this risk, look for an encrypted phone hosted on a private server that isn’t outsourced, so the company has control over data security 24/7.

Leading platforms have a proprietary approach to server hosting, storing nothing more than essential information such as your username, account activation and expiry date.

Most free communication platforms offer encryption in transit but not at rest. Frequently these apps have you agree to terms that include their ability to market your private information to third parties.

Secondary Security Features

Strong encryption keeps hackers out, but you also need protection in case a data thief somehow gets possession of your phone. The first and most basic layer is locking your phone with a password. You also want to protect your notebook with a custom pin and two-factor authentication for extra security.

Look for a phone with a tamper-proof feature, so if an unauthorized person enters the wrong password too many times, the phone will instantly wipe all of its contents. Setting an optional duress password will also let you wipe your phone as you unlock it.

If you want to share sensitive information with an associate, setting it to self-destruct gives you granular control over the shelf-life of a message or picture. You can set it to self-destruct within as little as 60 seconds or up to 99 minutes. Items set to self-destruct can’t be saved or forwarded and will be destroyed on both devices even if they are favorite. The action will be completed at the scheduled time with or without a data connection.

Easy for Anyone to Use

Most people aren’t tech experts, but a person’s digital privacy doesn’t depend on them knowing about coding to encrypt their data. The more complicated your phone’s security is, the easier it is for security to get accidentally compromised.

You want simplicity in order to protect your data security and privacy when using today’s digital tools. Look for a phone that provides you with easy access to calling, messages, photographs and everything you need to be productive.

People want to be confident when using their phones, knowing their confidential business data remains private when shared. To enjoy a safe and secure year online with your communications, remember all the above advice when looking for an encrypted phone.

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