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Simple But Helpful Tips To Boost Dell PC Performance

Do you feel inferior because of your system’s dull slow performance? Probably yes, because we want a PC which is superior in every manner. But as we all know that everything has an expiry date. As by time passes every machine’s value gets depreciated. The same methodology goes for the PC as well. But, by taking good care you can revive the performance of your PC. For doing so, you just need to focus on several core points of the system that can boost dell PC performance.

Every individual is not meant to be a tech geek. So, they don’t have an idea which attributes can be able to keep the system effective for many ages. Hence, here we are to make their task much easier and quicker. In this write-up, we’ve created a list that can help you a lot while taking proper care of the PC. Dell is the leading brand in the world of PCs, laptops, and other accessories related to computers as well. This penned note centric on the Dell PCs but you can consider the tips and tricks on other brand computers as well. Let’s move forward to know more in detail!

Tips to fix Slow dell PC performance

Slow performance is the curse nothing else. To get rid of the slow performance of the PC, here, we’ve rounded up the best tips and hacks that can help you a lot to revive the performance of the system. Apply these hacks and tips to boost the performance level of the dell PC.

Turn-off useless programs

At the time you buy a PC, some programs come with it by default, might be those programs are not useful for you. In that case, turning off these programs are the right approach, this will not only freed-up a larger part on your storage disk but also make your PC clean and more clear. Apparently when useless programs get disabled the performance of the system automatically enhanced. Ways to turn off the useless programs from dell startup-

STEP 1:- Initially, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then a window appears, thereafter from that window click on the Task Manager.

STEP 2:- Now, move to the Startup option.

STEP 3:- Afterward, choose useless and unwanted programs and click on the disable option.

So, this is how you can be able to easily take off the unwanted programs from the Startup and this will also enhance the booting rate on your Dell PC.

Hook-up with the trusted anti-virus program

Another crucial tip that is really very essential to enhance the performance of your PC, it could be for either dell or other – anti-virus programs. Viruses are the biggest threat for your system as once it gets into your system it makes your system lethargic, weak, and slow. So to get rid of this problem, the anti-virus program is the only solution we have. Anti-virus solutions create a protective layer around our system and block the entrance of the virus. Install an ideal and trusted antivirus software that can be able to save you from the frauds and data-stealing activities.

Keep your system’s drivers updated

Around half of the percentage of the performance, ratio depends on the drivers that you have. So, just in case if you have new and most recent drivers then your performance will remain constant. And, on the other hand, if your system has outdated, broken, and faulty drivers then your system start occurring issues like often crashes, bugs, hog-up, BSOD, frequent failure while playing games, and many more. So, to prevent the problems you need to rely on newer and complete drivers. For accurate working of the drivers keep your dell Wi-Fi drivers up-to-date. Never miss any dell wireless driver update notification. For this, you can also use any of the reliable driver updater sources.

Disk Cleanup

The most prominent and impactful way to enhance the performance and processing speed of dell computers is to run a regular disk cleanup. Basically, dell’s disk cleanup program eradicates all the log, temporary files from the PC and freed-up a bit part of the storage space. Along with this, must keep in mind to remove all the deleted files from the recycle bin as well. For this procedure, you may get this job done in these easy steps-

STEP 1:- From the start menu, click on the Accessories.

STEP 2:- Then, from the Accessories click on the System Tools.

STEP 3:- Thereafter, click on the Disk Cleanup.

STEP 4:- Then from the pop-up window select which drive you want to clean and then click on OK.

In these above-listed 4 easy steps, you can clean disk quickly.

Slow PC now not a big issue, as just implementing the few steps you can boost the performance of your system. Above we’ve shared some crucial tips and hacks that can save you from the prey of the slow performance. This will not only boost dell PC performance and execution level of your system but also empowers the computing experience. You should try these amazing hacks to keep your system constant for eons.

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