How to Fix Corrupted MOV Files?

How to Fix Corrupted MOV Files?

MOV files are a commonly used video format. You can find that it’s the default video format for Apple devices, DJI Drones, GoPro, Canon, and other mainstream cameras. MOV offers high-quality and minimal compression artifacts, which makes it popular with professionals.

However, there are still lots of playback errors due to the incompatible codec and 4K resolution.

  1. MOV playback errors: As the MOV file is not supported by Android, it’s impossible for Android users to open a MOV video on their devices. Windows DVD Player claims it supports playing videos in MOV format, but there are still many problems in the actual use. Users may encounter video playing freezing, video audio out of sync, video no sound, etc.
  2. MOV files can’t upload: Due to the high quality of MOV files, it can be hard to share them smoothly. If you want to upload it to the Cloud, the speed can be really slow.
  3. MOV files edit errors: The inner codec may not be supported by your software or device, MOV files probably won’t be imported to Premiere, Vegas Pro, or Lightroom for editing. Editors have nothing to do but convert MOV to MP4 or other video formats.

How to convert MOV to MP4

MP4 is also a commonly used video format. In terms of compatibility, MP4 is better than MOV. MP4 can be recognized and used by almost all media programs. So, the best way to fix corrupted MOV files is to convert them into MP4 format.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is exactly the kind of video converter you need. It’s the most powerful video converter that supports converting MOV to other video formats like MP4, MKV, AVC, M4V, MTS, WebM, FLV, DV, iPhone, Android, and other devices, etc. With the high resolution, MOV files always take up large storage. WinX Video Converter can help reduce video size and lower storage usage without any quality loss. Powered by Level-3 hardware acceleration, this program provides the fastest converting speed that can convert a full MOV file to MP4 in just 5 minutes, which is 47X faster than other converters. Users can also crop, trim and add subtitle files to videos by using the built-in video editor.

Step 1: Lunch WinX Video Converter, then load the source MOV file. You can download this program for free now.

Step 2: Select the MP4 file in the output profile choosing window, then click “Ok”.

Step 3: Hit the “Run” button to start the conversion.

Accordingly, converting MOV to MP4 is the best way to easier playing, uploading, and sharing. If you guys have other good ideas about how to repair corrupted MOV files, please leave a comment below.

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