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How an Online Recharge Portal makes Mobile Recharge Easy?

Life is has become so much easier now. We used to go to the billing offices, stand in queues, for hours sometimes, to pay our bills. Those days are over. Technology has replaced the hardships of life. You can now do anything with a few simple swipes while still lying on your couch and munching on a favorite snack. This dream from the past in now realized with online recharge apps.

Online recharge portals, better called digital wallets, are a huge relief! Using them, you can do all your recharges from a single place. You also get cashback prized and coupons, which is like the cherry on top. A

better online recharge app covers everything from online mobile recharge, online electricity, and water bill payments, online house tax payment, and every other bill that you need to pay. Getting an online recharge app is a must if you want to live a chill life!

When we talk about smartphones then it’s all about making our lives easier and the world is moving towards smartphone apps for managing our day-to-day life tasks in a better way than we used to. If you have an Android smartphone, you have yet another reason to be happy.

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Here’s what to look for before downloading one –

Range of services – Perhaps the first thing you want to look up in a recharge app is the number of operators it handles. If its mobile recharge, it must cover all operators, be it Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo BSNL, or anything else under the roof. You should be able to recharge any phone anywhere. It should cover electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, credit card bills, EMIs, insurance policy premiums, medical policy premiums, and other bill payments of any sort. The greater number of recharges it offers, the more convenient it becomes for you to take care of all of it from a single app.

Modes of payment – When it comes to recharges, the second most important thing is payment options. There are increasingly many modes of payment. At the basic level, your app should support Debit card payments, Credit card payments, Internet banking, digital wallets, and most importantly, UPI payments. Some go to the extent of providing you with the benefits of Digital EMI card, convert your purchases into EMIs, and pay them. Always check the payment options, the more, the merrier. 

Online marketplace – Yes, there are multiple online stores, but getting an online market place in your native browser app gives you more freedom and benefits. You get higher discounts. You don’t have to switch between your native shopping app and your wallet. Your payments are faster and fail less often. You get instant cashback in case of returns. You get additional coupons and cashback that you can spend on your next purchase. You get access to selected niche products and essential services, all in one place. The list of benefits is endless.

Digital expense tracker – Apps that feature this are just great! Keeping watch on your expense is good adulting! Nobody likes being empty-handed at the end of the month, and we shoot into guilt trips that why didn’t we pay attention earlier. Having a wallet that keeps track of the money that is going outside is the best way to save money in

style. It also keeps track of your billing cycles. Invest the money you would otherwise pay in late fees and interest due to missed deadlines. Soon you will have a respectable bank balance.

Personal loans – If your recharge app provides personal loans also, it

is like the cherry on top. Personal loans serve as good jumping boards in our road to success. We are all familiar with tight money situations, instead of asking people to lend your money, you can take up a quick personal loan and repay it in any number of installments. Bajaj FinServ lets you take a personal loan up to 25 lakhs and allows you to return the amount in 60 installments. You can choose the loan amount and the number of installments you want according to your needs. Doing this, you will maintain your status quo, and also improve your credit score.

There are a lot of mobile recharge and utility bill payment apps are available such as Bajaj FinServ is one such online recharge portal that makes life easy. It provides all the benefits of a credit card app, a mobile recharge and bill payment app, a digital wallet app, an online shopping app, deals, and discount coupons app, a digital expense tracker app, and an investment app that allows you Gold trading. All of this under one single app! Can it get any better than this?

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