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PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is one of the most popular video games in the world and is played by millions of players each day throughout the globe. However, if you are a regular player of the game, you might have seen an issue like Servers are busy. Many people around the world are also facing such issues and forums are flooded with the same complaints about PUBG servers being too busy. As you already know, PUBG is a massive game now and when a game is that big, server failures are not uncommon. It happens because a large number of audiences are logging in at the same time, which could create a problem for the servers. But it is not a major glitch and can be fixed easily and can be done following a few steps.

In this article, we will talk about the tried and tested possible fixes required that can fix the error. This will ensure that you don’t see the message issue of ‘PUBG servers are too busy’ again. Here are the fixes in the short.

  1. Try to Reconnect
  2. Update the Game
  3. Reset Your Modem
  4. Turn off Proxy Settings
  5. Turn off Firewall
  6. Try to Change Servers
  7. Try PUBG Mobile Lite

Let us now discuss the solutions in detail.

Try To Reconnect

Reconnecting the game is the first thing that you should do after seeing this message. All you need to do is click on the reconnect button multiple times and check whether the issue has been resolved or not. This solution should be one of the most obvious things that you will do in case PUBG servers are no longer hosting you. You can disconnect your internet connection, reconnect it again, and check whether it is working or not. If not, time to try the next solution.

Update The Game

Whenever you are playing the game, make sure that your PUBG is updated. As per trends, you will get an update on Wednesdays and you will get new features on PUBG. Even if it is not a Wednesday, do check whether it is updated or not.

Updating can fix minor glitches and bugs from the developer’s side, and you should never-ever overlook updates as they might be the key to the solutions.

Reset Your Modem

Now, try resetting the Modem as for many of the PUBG players, this was the problem solver. You can resolve the problem by just switching it off. Just press the power button to switch it OFF and again to switch it ON if your modem doesn’t have a reset button. If it has a rest button, you can press the small reset button at the back of the modem and this will do the job for you.

Turn off Proxy Settings

If you are still not able to solve the problem and using Windows 10, then one thing you should do now is change your Proxy settings. For this, go to start and search proxy. Click the window and click on Change Proxy Settings where you will find two options, first being Automatic Proxy Setup and the second, Manual Proxy Setup. At last, switch off the the automatic proxy setup and switch on the manual installation and then relaunch PUBG to check if the issue has been fixed.

Turn off Firewall

To turn off the firewall, go to the Control Panel and click on the System and Security. Find Windows Defender Firewall and click on ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall ON or OFF. Turn it off and reconnect on PUBG.

Try to Change Servers

In case all the previous method fails, then click on the little globe sign at the bottom right of the display of the PUBG user interface that will open up options for you with different locations. For the best result, you can try the nearest location and reconnect on PUBG.

Try PUBG Mobile Lite

Here comes the last solution to fix PUBG servers busy error. For this, you need to switch apps and start playing it through PUBG Mobile Lite, which is an app that lets you play from any location, even if PUBG is restricted there.

To download, search for PUBG Mobile Lite on PlayStore and download the PUBG Mobile Lite App. This will allow you to play PUBG without facing a problem.


We hope that you have found our list of solutions that should help you get rid of the ‘PUBG servers are too busy’ error or glitch while playing the game. As said earlier, the PUBG servers can be genuinely under maintenance, or the error can be due to the traffic overload. For that the only solution is to wait until some gamer steps down from the server to make way for you.

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