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Best Two Person Camping Tents in 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Trekking and camping are great experiences. And a better experience is traveling with a favorite person of yours. In today’s world, where technology has gripped mankind and the lack of time is pushing everyone beyond their limits, taking a vacation in the wild and spending a night or two with your favorite person is appealing. Where there will just two of you, maybe your best friend, your partner, your spouse, or even one of your family members with whom you share a special bond.

Imagine two of you laying down on your back inside a tent, gazing at the dotted night sky, silence ringing in your ears and night birds chirping out there where both of you share your lives, your thoughts and secrets you never told anyone. Only you and the lucky ones. Tempting enough? Yes, we know.

The prospect of getting more time with your loved one isn’t enough to make you ready for camping. You would know how unpredictable the weather is in the places where there is little human intervention. The forecast may indicate a sunny day but until you are at the spot and you see the sun shining bright in the sky, with no traces of white and grey clouds scattered above, you cannot conclude what the next hour would look like.

Well, you wouldn’t want to drive and walk miles to reach the camping spot just to find yourself stuck in a sudden downpour, inside a tent, which not only is getting you and your partner wet with little streams making their way through the floor, right? We fear that you might add some salt in your relationship.

By now, you must have received a fair idea of why you should choose the best two-person camping tent for your trip, which will have its fair share in making your trip memorable.

Now let us have a glance at what qualities do a two-person camping tent need to have to be called as one of the best in the market.

Qualities of best two-person camping tents

  • As stated earlier, weather is pretty much unpredictable, especially in the woods or at the top of the mountains, sunny now, overcast the next hour, and heavy rainfall the next. It won’t be apprehending to prepare for the worst and buy a strong, sturdy tent that will not get broken down by the forces of nature. Surely, you wouldn’t want your partner to get wet in the rain while your tent plays with the wind. So, in terms of fighting with adverse weather conditions, the best 2-person camping tent will have a strong framework with good flooring and tough walls. It is recommended to buy a good quality tent, even if it costs you more, rather than going for the cheapest product available in the market.
  • Remember you are only two people, the less you take, the more you enjoy. When you are walking miles while trekking, every kilo on your back matters, keep in mind the rough terrain in the wild; you don’t know what is half a mile ahead. The basic idea behind camping is to take a break from your daily schedule, not to get exhausted by carrying kilos on you. All your money and days of planning would go waste. Leave aside the body pain you will wake up with the following day. You’re your hand to click photos for your Instagram feed, not for carrying luggage.
  • After a full day of trekking, what will you want? Peace, and a sense of pleasure as you lie down by your companion, lost in discussions about life. That’s where livability comes to play. Livability is the third and the last quality that a tent must possess. When you are on a vacation, cramming isn’t an option at all. You surely don’t want to cram you inside a small tent with no space to change positions at all. Ventilation should also be something to look for as you buy your new tent.

Best Two Person Camping Tents 2020 – Comparison Table!

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Best Two-Person Camping Tents Reviews 2020

Here comes our list of the top 10 best two-person camping tents to buy:

#1 – Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Backpacking Tent

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Here comes the first Big Agnes in our list of best two-person camping tents, the Big Agnes Spur HV UL2 Backpacking Tent. The Spur HV UL2 is available in 3 distinct colors: Orange, Grey, and Olive Green.

Big Agnes stands for consistency while manufacturing the best camping tents. This two-seater Big Agnes is made to stand firmly having DAC featherlight NFL and NSL Poles, which accounts for its strength and durability. It has dual doors for easy access and double vestibules for enhanced ventilation. Suited for use in rainy weather, it has a waterproof rating of 1200 mm along with waterproof seam tapes to block out the water and prevent from getting you and your belongings wet.

Other features are storm flaps on vestibule zippers, a large ceiling pocket, two mesh pockets, eight aluminum J Stakes, and a sizeable meshed pocket with two cord routing portals. Privacy isn’t at risk as the meshes used are double toned. It is a freestanding tent, which means it is most suited to be used at the top of the mountains or in the rocky terrains without any difficulty.

Weighing around 1.73 Kg, this tent is sure to give you an excellent camping experience without causing much stress to your shoulders.


  • Free-standing
  • DAC Poles
  • Waterproof


  • Size of the tent is slightly less than expected

#2 – REI Co-op Half Dome 4 Plus

When it comes to rate products of REI, it’s a perfect 10. REI has been delivering quality products, especially in the field of small tents in terms of space, utility, and affordability. The REI Co-op Half Dome 4 Plus is a 4-person tent that is exceptionally well-suited to be used as a 2-seater camping tent.

This tent has a peak height of 48 inches and a floor area of 58.7 square feet, quite spacious for a standard 2-seater tent. It has a hubbed pole design included with tension-truss architecture, making its walls almost vertical and giving more shoulder room to the occupants.

For stargazers, it is quite a pick for its mesh panel, which not only gives visibility but also enhances the ventilation inside the tent.  Coming to ventilation, the 2 large doors do enough job and the 2 vestibules provide a lot of space to store things in.

The quality of the material is also extremely good as the canopy and rainfly are made up of 40 denier nylon whereas the canopy is made up of 70 denier taffeta nylon, supported by Pressfit DAC Aluminum poles.


  • Pressfit Technology
  • Good quality materials
  • Spacious


  • Heavy

#3 – Big Agnes Copper Spur HV2 Expedition Tent

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The second Big Agnes in our list of top ten best two-person camping tent is the Copper Spur HV2 Expedition Tent is a 2-person 3-season with a floor area of around 29 square feet with a maximum height of 39 inches, which makes it a little tight for tall persons to move inside comfortably.

The best part of the tent is that it is a four-season tent, this means, whatever the weather condition is, this tent will never let you down and its compact design makes it suitable to be used in any terrain, whether in the wood, at the top of the mountains or in a grassland.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV2 Expedition Tent is a dubbed freestanding tent with its framework made up of 9.6 mm DAC featherlight NSL poles whereas its body is made up of silicon treated rip-stop nylon, which gives it strength and durability to protect the occupants from the harsh side of nature. The walls have a 1200 mm waterproof rating whereas the rating of the floor, made up of PU Coated Nylon rip-stop is 10,000 mm.

Coming to the doors, the tent has a dual door system for easy access and meshed windows which also accounts for its ventilation. Other features include interior mesh pockets, interior loops for attachment to keep the essentials handy, reflective guy lines, and glove-friendly toggles and buckles to name a few.


  • Convertibles design
  • Hubbed poles
  • Two doors and a mesh window for ventilation
  • Spacious


  • Heavy

#4 – Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person 3 season tents

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The Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person 3 season tent measures 92 x 56 x 43 inches and measures around 4 pounds. The fifth tent in our list of best two-person backpacking tent has a bathtub floor, which means that you and your belongings are safe from getting wet during a massive outpour.

The body of the tent is made up of polyester and has two doors along with two vestibules, which make the ventilation extremely good and creates a feeling of openness, much needed for the claustrophobic campers. It also contains reflective guy lines with tension lock cord adjustment making the tent stand firmly on the ground.

Notably, this spacious tent is a freestanding one and has around 35 square feet of floor area, enough for two campers with their belongings. It has a maximum height of 43 inches, so not recommended for tall people. Other features are: taped seams, guy out attachment points, multiple grommet pole attachment points, aluminum alloy Yunan poles, tent fly with adjustable ventilation windows, and aluminum reinforced V-Stakes.

Mesh wall panels also improve ventilation while allowing you to have a look at the surroundings and keeps you safe from bugs and insects. A big thumbs up to the manufacturer for providing a lifetime warranty on the product, which will help in saving a few bucks of the customers.


  • Meshed wall
  • Bathtub floor
  • Reflective guy lines with tension lock cord adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The height of the tent is low.
  • Heavy

#5 – REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 2 Tent

When it comes to dome tents, REI outruns its competitors. The REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL 2 Tent is such a dome tent with length measuring 88 inches, breadth measuring 52 inches, and a maximum height of 38 inches. It has two doors and weighs around 2 pounds.

The vertical sidewalls provide more shoulder room, and the trapezoidal floor creates a floor area of about 28.7 inches, not the largest available but undoubtedly one of them. The floor and the rainfly are made up of ripstop Nylon, while the pole is made up of aluminum.

This tent has a shock-corded pole assembly with strategic color coding, making it easy and straightforward to setup. Storage isn’t a problem in this tent, thanks to the two large stake-out vestibules, quite a few pockets and hang on loops, a must to keep your essential items handy.

The roof vent combined with the meshed walls is enough to let the cool breeze make the ventilation system one of the best in our list of best backpacking tents. Reflecting stake loops and guy lines are shipped with the canvas, making the tent easier while in dark surroundings.

Other accessories included with the tent are a stuff sack for storage and easy carrying, stakes, guy lines, tighteners, pole repair tube, a pole bag, and a stake bag. However, it is of the semi-freestanding type so, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a freestanding one.


  • Reflecting stake loops and guy lines
  • Various accessories included
  • A lot of storage space
  • Spacious and large floor area


  • Semi- freestanding
  • No footprints included
  • Expensive

#6 – Crua Cocoon Insulated Dome Tent

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This tent in our list of best two-person camping tent is our pick for mountaineers and persons camping in areas where the temperature drops considerably as it starts to get dark. As the name suggest insulation is its prime contributor in making it one of the best two-person camping tents available in the market.

The walls of the tent have air beams inside them, instead of the usual pole structure which accounts for the gap between the two layers of the fabric, making it insulated.

This is a glare-free tent and is dark inside, with no openings to create an obstacle in insulation. Due to the heavy walls, the tent also provides sound insulation to some extent. However, nothing is perfect, not the Crua Cocoon Insulated Dome Tent too.

To add the insulation property to the two-person camping tent, the manufacturer had to take away waterproofing from it and is not at all recommended to be used in wet weather conditions.

The dimensions of this tent are as follows: 6.8 feet in length, 4.4 feet in breadth, and covering a floor area of around 30 square feet, ideal for the best two-person camping tents. It is heavy; weighing around 15 pounds, this tent might be troublesome to carry in high altitudes especially.


  • Insulated
  • Partially Soundproof
  • Spacious


  • Lacks pole structure
  • Heavy
  • Not waterproof

#7 – REI Co-op Flash Air 2

REI holds a unique position in the heart of the frequent campers. Here comes the third REI tent in the list of best two-person camping tents, the REI Co-op Flash Air 2. One of the unique features about this tent is the vertically hubbed roof poles, which give the occupants an extra shoulder room for smooth movements inside the tent.

Alongside, the foot poles do make little space for your feet to move about. The 3-season tent provides a place for 2-persons with a floor area of 28.7 square feet. The dimensions are 88 inches, 52 inches, and 42 inches for the length, breadth, and height. The hybrid design contains a fly that can be rolled up if you want to enjoy the night sky and spread in front of the door to create an awning. It is a double-doored tent, which signifies easy access and better ventilation.

In the interior, the tent contains meshed pouches for storage and better organization of your belongings. A significant drawback of the tent is that being open and well-ventilated, the tent doesn’t prevent you from getting, it is better to use it only when you are camping in some dry areas. Despite its, features, this tent is quite lightweight, around 2 pounds and thus more comfortable to carry along.

Accessories included with the tent are guy out loops, a stuff sack for storage and carrying, stakes, guy lines, tensioners, two long poles, two-pole hubs, and one short pole.


  • Multi-utility fly
  • Better shoulder room
  • One of the best-ventilated backpacking tents available in the market


  • Not essentially waterproof
  • Cannot be used in harsh climatic conditions
  • Non-free-standing

#8 – Eureka Summer Pass 2 Person Tent

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As the name suggests, The Eureka Summer Pass 2-person tent is a dome-shaped tent to be used in the summer season or dry climatic conditions, with a front awning configuration allowing proper ventilation inside the tent.

The length of the tent is 88 inches, the breadth is 48 inches and the height measures 41 inches, making the floor area of approximately 32 square feet, enough for two persons inside it.

It is a tent with hubbed system of poles made up of TRX 8.5 mm Eco-Duralumin Poles as its support, while the walls are made up of 185T Polyester Taffeta and 20D Nylon no-see-um mesh. The attached rainfly is made up of 185T Polyester Taffeta with a waterproof rating of 1500 mm. The floor however is made up of the same material but has a 2000 mm waterproof coating. Other features included are gear loft, small mesh pockets in the corners, carry bag, dual doors for access, and 2 asymmetric vestibules for storage. As an added advantage, this two-person tent is very convenient to carry as it weighs only 5 pounds and thus can be taken along easily in places where rainfall is scarce.


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Dual Door
  • Front Awning


  • Cannot be used in rainy weather

#9 – Eureka Mountain Pass 2 Backpacking Tent

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Another Eureka in our list of best two-person tents, the Eureka Mountain Pass 2 Backpacking Tent is a tent that is designed to be used in the winter but is also suitable for the summers. It has a unique convertible design with two doors and two vestibules with included footprint.

The tent is supported by 9.5 mm Osung aluminum poles while the fabric is made up of 185T Polyester Taffeta with a waterproof rating of 1800 mm while the floor, made up of the same material has a rating of 3000 mm.

Keeping in mind of ventilation, the tent has a dual vent on the roof and for space, the manufacturer has provided a floor area of 32 square feet in total. Other features are: double layer design, multiple mesh pockets inside the tent, included gear loft, included footprint, and a carry bag.


  • Spacious
  • Footprints Included
  • Lightweight


  • Not waterproof
  • Awning option is absent

#10 – Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent

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Big Agnes has been doing exceptionally well in the backpacking tent market all over the world. The third Big Agnes in our list of best two-person camping tents is named as the Seedhouse SL2.

With a length of 84 inches, breadth of 52 inches and a height of 43 inches for the 2-seater variant, this might not be one of the tallest in the market but surely is one of the largest. It has a framework of aluminum DAC Featherlight poles with a Pressfit pole system and weighs around 2 pounds when packed, making it quite easy and lightweight to carry.

Like the majority of the tents in our best two-person camping tents list, this tent is also a freestanding one with included guy cables. The double walls of the shelters in the Seedhouse Series enables the occupants to beat the harsh weather, while the seams protect them from getting wet in the rain.

The tent is ready to pitch and comes with pre-cut reflective guy lines and tensioners attached to the fly. Big Agnes also provides a lifetime warranty on the Seedhouse SL2 tent, which is indeed a significant selling point.


  • Large floor area
  • Double-wall
  • Pressfit pole system
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Height is not up to the mark.
  • Expensive


We hope you have liked our list of the top ten best two-person camping tents. Planning to buy one? It is always recommended to know the climate of the place you are planning to camp in and buy according to the needs. Also don’t forget to ask your companion about his or her choice because when you are going to enjoy your time, every small thing matter and contribute to making the trip a memorable one.

Happy camping!

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