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Best exercise spin bike, Peloton or NordicTrack?

Spin bikes are more or less amazing tools for easy workout that is generally preferred by many who can’t really take out time for gym/other workout sessions. We understand in this rapidly moving world gyming and working out is ditched but with the availability of spin bikes one can workout in the comfort of home and knock out a workout in just 30 minutes. Aside from spin bikes, a smith machine is also a great equipment to use for countless exercises to maintain the desired body shape.

Home-work out sounds all the more convenient and hassle-free, but what to pick Peloton or NordicTrack because both possess really fascinating features. Both the bikes are stationary bikes crafted to deliver great experience and indoor ridings. Both these bikes have different apps that deliver one of a kind elements to keep indoor workouts loaded with excitement. Here is a quick distinguished that might be helpful for you while picking the one out of the two amazing bikes. Draw your own comparison once you read our pointers and pick the one that is best suitable for you.

Let’s compare the best exercise spin bike between Peloton vs Nordic Review

NordicTrack Commercial S22i

This bike is too modern in its stylish colors of orange and black, possesses road bike-style design and large HD screen display. Nordic Bike rides smooth as butter, this amazing invention comes with a magnetic flywheel that hardly whispers when it comes to noise. It also owns the coolest feature of physically moving up or down when the bike is in motion. It is a beloved bike and favored by all the bike lovers for its overall design, handler bars, flywheel, and saddle.

Although this bike’s assembling takes a little more effort as it comes in many parts so a sidekick to ease the handling is advised.

Features of Nordic Track:

  • It has Google Maps and iFit Coach installed (but requires wifi)
  • HD touch screen
  • Comes with resistance levels and physically moving (incline/decline)
  • Magnetic brakes
  • Space for two water bottles
  • Comes with 3lb dumbbells for your arm workout
  • Fantastic pedal design; caged pedals that can easily be switched for clip-in convenient pedals.

NordicTrack Pros

  • Screen swivels for off-the-bike workouts on iFit Coach
  • Gives a 1-year iFit membership on purchase
  • Bike moves up and down with incline/decline
  • Remarkably smooth flywheel
  • A large fan on console
  • Follows real-world mapped rides (with automatic incline changes)

NordicTrack Cons

  • A bit out of the budget
  • No space for personal items
  • Complex assembling (you need a sidekick)


The Peloton comes at a slightly higher price point than usually most bikes in the market. It’s biggest sales pitch is its 24/7/365 live and pre-scheduled classes led by the experienced instructors all filmed in one of the brand’s fitness studios in Manhattan. It aims to set the bar higher with its elite-level instructors and a broad range of training styles. Peloton requires some additional $39/month or a yearly subscription of $468 fee which might be a bit frustrating when the main purpose of a home bike is to avoid the gym/workout class.

Features of Peloton Spin Bike:

  • Inbuilt app of Peloton into screen display with a monthly membership of ($39/month)
  • 21.5” HD touch screen
  • Thousands of various rides and exercise selections
  • Clip-in pedals that come with the option to acquire Peloton cycling shoes
  • Dual water bottle spaces
  • Well experienced instructors teaching live from a studio in NYC

Peloton Pros

  • Large screen display with clear images
  • Elite trainers with great music
  • Extremely smooth flywheel
  • Cycling shoe clip-in option

Peloton Cons

  • Higher price point
  • Additional monthly fees
  • No fan in display or tray for items
  • Dumbbells not included


Both of the mentioned bikes speak elite indoor options for the users, and both possess a great artsy outer look. But you might want to press hard on the price point of both the bikes as it is something that demands consideration. You don’t really want to step out of your own budget do you?

Apart from the price factor, consider giving the features another review and then finally make the final call. Nordic offers a better price point and it also possesses a unique function and the ability to move so that’s our personally recommended when the question like who makes the best spin bike, NordicTrack or Peloton comes upton comes up. It has a proven record and a credible reputation that is a must nowadays.

Not just this, with NordicTrack you can go for 30 minutes to even 1 hour and relish the perks of working out on it with multiple types of NordicTrack machine models wherever you want. Get back to us if you need better insights about both the bikes and let us know which one you opted for after reading this.

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