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ACER vs. ASUS: Which monitor is better?

There are a couple of fantastic laptop brands today that are reshaping the tech industry. These laptop brands are upping the ante for usability, versatility, effectiveness, and connectivity. Moreso, it feels like many new features come with a release, and each laptop brand is trying to outdo its competition. Today we will be looking at two of the world’s leading tech companies, two brands that have become household names over the past decade and are still charting new territory by the day.


Here, we will describe what is so special about ASUS vs ACER monitors and what makes them so sought after. We will also explain their numerous pros and the few cons that come with purchasing either product. Further along the line, we will describe their overall quality, touch on display, and grasp any other important spec by the wayside. At the end of this expose, we will tell you the brand that we prefer, giving you a couple of reasons to see where we are coming from. So without much ado, let’s check out two of the tech industry’s finest brands as we look at ASUS vs. ACER.

About ASUS

ASUS is a Taiwanese-founded company specializing in making technological gadgets that can stand the test of time and give customers value for money. The company specializes in making products such as desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, WiFi routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, amongst other things. One of the signature gadgets of this device is their monitors, and we will be looking at their pros and cons in an instant.


Here are some of the advantages of using a monitor from the ASUS brand.

  1. Pricing

ASUS are amongst the most affordable tech brands on the planet, which is just as accurate in their monitor sales. ASUS monitors are cheap, and you don’t have to worry about a dip in quality. There is an ASUS monitor for almost every earning range, and lovers of the brand are not priced out of new releases. It is a great brand to patronize if you aren’t looking to pay an arm and a leg for the latest Apple or HP monitors on display.

  1. Great Graphics

One of the significant strengths of ASUS monitors is their graphics, as this tech brand is a stickler for top-notch and high definition graphics. It’s no wonder why gamers and graphic designers are huge fans of the brand. ASUS monitors are renowned for their high definition, advanced graphics, and quick response times.

  1. Innovative Features

Asides from Apple and HP products, you would be hard-pressed to find a brand that brings out as many innovative features as ASUS regularly does. It is a brand that pretty much outdoes itself each year, and the last few releases have been no different from better graphics cards to quicker response times and so much more. The tech guy at ASUS is working overtime.


Here are some of the advantages of using a monitor from the ASUS brand.

  1. Poor to Medium Battery Life

The battery lifespan is an essential thing, but sadly, ASUS has not mastered that component yet. The ASUS brand falls well behind its competitors in that aspect, as even brand new ASUS monitors have this fault. Hopefully, It would correct this with future releases.

  1. Drab Customer Service

As much as we like most products from ASUS, it would be an understatement to say that the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. As most brands offering the same service are miles ahead in customer service and product delivery, they should work on it.


Here are some of the most important specs of the ASUS brand.

  1. Display

ASUS monitors are known to have decent top-notch display quality, as they are amongst the leaders in the industry. A couple of ASUS models today use the 4k resolution, while the rest are almost exclusively HD. That means that someone purchasing this would get significant value for money in the long run.

  1. Durability

ASUS monitors are pretty durable compared to other monitor makers, which has been a strength of the brand over the years. A typical ASUS product is known to last for years without the need to go for repairs.

  1. Overall Performance

On a scale of one to ten, ASUS monitors would get a pretty high mark regarding overall performance and quality. It is durable, reliable, and it has a long history of being up to speed. However, they could work on the battery life, customer service, and overall branding. If that is sorted, I’m pretty sure that the brand would be in a better position in the world’s tech sweepstakes.

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About ACER

ACER is a Taiwanese-founded company that also has its headquarters in the Asian nation. The brand is known for producing laptops, PCs, tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality devices, displays, smartphones, and various other tech-related products. One of the company’s most popular products happens to be the monitor, and we will be checking it out in a wee bit.


Here are some of the advantages of using a monitor from the ACER brand.

  1. Versatility

ACER monitors are super versatile, and you can use them to perform various tasks thanks to their high-quality resolution. An ACER monitor is great for designing graphics, playing high-definition games, and customized outfits. There are many other things you can get done with this monitor, and it all depends on your job description.

  1. Variety

Notebooks, netbooks, personal digital assistants, desktops, display monitors, and software applications, you name it, ACER most likely makes. This Taiwanese-founded company started operation to create a brand that touches all the aspects of technology in the world. It’s fair to say that over three decades later, it has surpassed such expectations.

  1. Portability

ACER products, especially their monitors, are portable enough to carry them on numerous journeys without getting worried that you’ll ruin them in transit. It is an asset as most people are on the move these days, and they can’t do a lot of work except the device is a mobile one.


Here are some of the disadvantages of using a monitor from the ACER brand.

  1. Fragility

ACER monitors and products might be easy on the eyes, but, sadly, these products are pretty fragile compared to other brands. An ACER monitor is so weak that the slightest fall could prove detrimental to the development, necessitating a visit to the repairman. Plus, we all know that a visit to the repairman is the beginning of the end for a gadget.

  1. Lack of Spare Parts

ACER spare parts are super rare in the market, which has been a complaint about quite some time. The worst part is that even if a machine is under warranty, the company charges customers for shipping. Added with the fragility of the device makes an ACER monitor a very dicey commodity to handle.


Here are some of the most important specs of the ACER brand.

  1. Display

ACER monitors are blessed with excellent displays, and they are amongst the finest in the industry. Most products leave no stones left unturned in the display department, and it is pretty awesome that ACER monitors are no different. Thanks to their bright, colorful touch screens, ACER monitors are amongst the cream of the crop in the industry.

  1. Durability

Sadly ACER monitors aren’t the best in terms of durability, and even more painfully, they rank pretty low in the durability sweepstakes. A typical ACER monitor is super fragile, and you would have to treat it like an egg to make it last.

  1. Overall Performance

The overall performance of ACER monitors is pretty much applaudable, as they tick most of the boxes of a decent portable monitor. However, some glaring flaws need to be corrected. The sooner they can work on the fragility problem, the better.

ASUS vs. ACER: Which is Better?

ASUS and ACER have some of the best products in today’s tech markets, and they are super handy when looking at the bigger picture. These two brands are amongst the producers of the most affordable, versatile, and graphically superior monitors in today’s market. Both of them have a few things that they could work on, but overall they are doing pretty well in today’s market.

However, if I were to pick a monitor between the two brands, I would go for an ASUS monitor, as they offer slightly more than monitors from ACER. It is hard to find fault in a versatile, durable, multifaceted, and portable monitor, and that’s why it is the monitor for me.

Final Thoughts

ASUS and ACER are fantastic brands that keep improving every year, and they had come a long way from the early nineties when they were new on the tech scene. Both brands offer a wealth of gadgets, and their monitors are amongst the best in the industry. We have shown you some of the reasons why they are so highly recommended, and it’s up to you to now weigh the pros against the cons before making a final decision.

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