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6 Gadgets Students Should Purchase in 2020

The rate at which technology is accelerating, we are a few steps away from becoming cyborgs. All we have to do is upload our consciousness to a system, and we can do away with our bodies. But, let’s not look that far and come back to the topic of the hour. If you have an affinity for gizmos and gadgets, then your arrival is most opportune.

In digitogy, you will get to see student-friendly gadgets. It will not only make you look ‘cool’ but also help you accomplish significant tasks. True, the gadgets listed here are not the ones that Ethan Hunt in ‘Mission Impossible’ uses. But, these are no less, and you will definitely have fun assembling an arsenal of stylish gadgets. So, let us delve right into it.

1. E-Readers like Amazon Kindle

If you want to break free from the quintessential book-buying ritual and carrying them back to your dorm room, e-readers like Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is just what you need. Portable and equipped with built-in Wi-Fi facilities, an e-reader can store close to 8,000 books. Moreover, it has built-in Light, with which you can adjust the intensity. What’s more, you can use it for weeks, without charging it, and it is waterproof.

You can store all the books that you need for your semester, apart from the storybooks. You can even highlight the crucial points in a chapter and take notes. Thus, it is your personalized study companion. If you want to try alternatives, you can go for Kobo Aura, NOOK Tablet, etc.

2. AR/VR Headsets

Turn your boring study sessions more entertaining with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. In fact, education is expected to be the 4th largest sector for VR investments. With these headsets, you will get an enhanced look into the objects. For instance, if you are studying the atomic structure, you will get a 3D display. In geography, you will get to see terrains and mountains in 3D, too.

Furthermore, you can have virtual training. This is important if you are pursuing engineering degrees. Children can boost their creativity using Tilt Brush (Google). Primary school students can take virtual lessons designed by ThingLink and much more.

3. Portable Printers

Imagine how convenient would it be for you to have a portable printer at your disposal. You just have to connect it to your iPhone or Android, and you are all set. You can use the Primera Trio All-in-One UltraLight Portable Printer, which is the smallest printer ever made. Or, you can use Canon Pixma iP110, HP Envy 4520, Epson Workforce WF-100.

Apart from saving costs, you can even save space at your dormitories by using one of these mini printers. Moreover, you can toss photo printers like HP Sprocket in your bag to generate printed images. Bonus: Print the memories you have with your family and friends and decorate your rooms with the pictures.

4. Smartwatch

A watch that can send texts besides telling time? Yes, you read that correctly. Smartwatches have been in the market for a while now. But developments continue to take place. You can turn your watch into a GPS and know the direction to your destination. You can manage several apps on your smartwatches just like you do on your smartphones. Most importantly, you can stay connected to your ‘ecosystem’.

In addition to this, you can check the weather, talk to virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistants, etc. Some of the most notable smartwatches are Apple Watch Series 5, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Want to know the interesting bit? You can even check your fitness, as smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, the distance you have covered each day, calories lost, etc.

5. Intel i9 Laptops

Laptops are an essential part of a student’s life. Thus, one needs to assess his or her requirements before they invest their money. For instance, if you want high-speed processing, hyper-threading technology, you should opt for Intel Core i9 laptops. These include Alienware 17 R5, Apple Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 15 9570, etc.

If you want to use your laptop for studying, Internet surfing, you can purchase ASUS Zenbook Pro 15, Lenovo Thinkpad P53, etc. And if you want to produce music and videos, you can go for MSI GT75 Titan, HP Zbook 15 G5. Some other excellent options are Alienware Area-51 m, ASUS ROG Scar IV G532, and Gigabyte Aero 15.

6. Virtual Assistants like Amazon Echo

Today, virtual assistants have replaced personal assistants. As a student, you can rely on Siri, Cortana or Alexa for personalized recommendations regarding student websites. Or, you can ask your faithful assistant to remind you when to study, submit a task and send a mail. You can strike a natural conversation with these AI-based assistants just as you would have normal chats with your friends.

To activate these assistants, you just have to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri”, and it will respond. Now, Amazon Alexa has also joined the big names and is doing the round these days. You can buy Amazon Echo if you want to enjoy the companionship of an assistant.

Other than these technology trends must-haves for 2020, the Internet has also given us access to several other scholarly tools. You can now use academic portals like, MyAssignmenthelp, etc., with just a few clicks.

As technology gets more evolved, more gadgets will keep burgeoning. The gadgets mentioned above are only a few of the thousands of devices. As a student, you should stick to these for the time being. And once you save enough money, you can invest it in a mirrorless camera, sound monitors, etc.

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