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How To Manage Your Online Accounts In The World Of Cybersecurity?

Information and security

Reliable information is the basis of meaningful human action, establishing interpersonal, international, and business relations. Information is gaining in importance with the progress of information and communication technologies and the emergence of global business networks, ie networking of institutions and the presence of some type of information and communication technologies in the life of the largest part of the human population.

Business information has a special place and role in the world of information because the efficiency of the functioning of the information and communication system of nation-states, as well as economic entities, depends on them. The emergence of a large amount of business information raises the following questions: how to extract the necessary and useful from a multitude of information; How to use the available information to achieve the best business result; how to prevent misuse of information and how to protect information and ensure safe and uninterrupted operation. Business information protection is an activity that is realized to ensure uninterrupted and continuous work, minimizing risks and threats. Protection of business information represents a common task of business entities and state institutions. Quality protection of business information, among other things, implies standardization of information security, and modern standards used today relate to the generation, reception, and storage of data.

 Information and security

The representation of the information system in the everyday life of modern man has reached such a level that the functioning of society is almost unthinkable without the application of advanced technology of this type. The practice has shown that the system simplifies the private and business obligations of man, enables faster and easier communication, and makes data available to users. Access to such data is thus provided to individuals who have no honest intentions when it comes to the exploitation of sensitive information.

Such information affects some criminals, extremists, and terrorists emerging organizations, which do not yet have developed mechanisms for training persons and sufficient knowledge of these areas. Today, several national and international institutions deal with the prevention and investigation of this type of crime, which is the most common called high-tech crime. Today, the information and communication system is the basis for the operation of large business systems, in which the management, thanks to quality user programs, analyzes, sections, and assessments, comes to user information based on which it makes strategic decisions. The importance of information technologies is evidenced by the activities of the competent state bodies related to the introduction of e-government, which is one of the items of the Information Society Development Strategy. Often, information systems are only technical means (computers and remote information transmission systems, etc.), however, it is necessary to include the people who use and serve them, as well as the physical space in which information is exchanged and later analyzed.

Forms and sources of endangering business information

One of the most pronounced and most common malicious activities is the use of the Internet to carry out criminal activities such as committing fraud, committing financial fraud by identity theft, and the like. This form of crime is called high-tech or cybercrime in the literature. Users of business information make planned and organized efforts to optimally and effectively protect them from individuals (individuals) and collectives who strive and try to find out. It is a continuous, two-way process that should result in registering the facts, i.e. to answer the questions of who, how, and why may compromise business information. Find out the facts used for planning and realization of their protection. The available knowledge indicates the following characteristic forms and sources of endangering business information in cyberspace:

– Cyber attacks of technical type

– Cyber attacks using deception

– Abuse of cyberspace as a means of mass communication

– Subjects threatening in cyberspace

Cybersecurity World & How to Protect Yourself

Connecting computers to servers (high-capacity computers) on which Keeping data backups is one form of risk in cyberspace. In case of data loss, information can be reconstructed from backup media, which ensures efficiency, economy, and reliability, business entity. To increase the efficiency of employees, computers are connected to the Internet, which enables employees to communicate with each other in remote locations, communicate with other companies, and enables the transfer of important data and business information. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that this process can be compromised in a variety of ways. In this sense, the business entity takes all measures to detect, control, and, as far as possible, mitigate the impact of possible risks. The internet provides a fast and relatively inexpensive way to perform business and information transfer. However, this process can be disrupted in various ways, so that the data will be stolen, altered, destroyed.

Password managers as an effective security tool

Passwords on most current sites must be longer than eight characters, must combine letters and numbers, and sometimes require uppercase and lowercase letters. There are more and more sites we visit. It’s getting harder to remember so many passwords. Is there an elegant solution? There is, in the form of a program for the protection and secure use of passwords!

Storing usernames and passwords in a plain text file on your hard drive is simply not secure. You can format that file so that it doesn’t look like a set of usernames and passwords at first glance, but hackers have also reported in the meantime. You will never be 100% sure that your computer will not become a bot at the moment of inattention or due to a delayed refresh of antivirus software or a flaw in the software firewall, and at the same cost pick up text files that someone will carefully analyze. This already belongs to the domain of paranoia, but as we said, the probability of such a thing still exists, no matter how small.

In addition to stealing passwords, forgetting them can be a big problem. Many sites offer to reset or send a password to an email address, but if that’s not the case, then what? There are much more efficient and reliable methods that successfully deal with password storage. These are programs that will help you achieve your intentions, and the offer of programs is more than satisfactory. Password managers, like Keeper Password Manager, have several advantages. The possibility of two-factor authentication, automatic file filling, master password, connection to other devices is just some of the advantages. Be safe, use these programs, increase your security.

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