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Best Pilates Reformer 2020 – Reviews and Comparison Table!

If you are looking to add more activities in your home workout routine, adding a pilates reformer is the best decision anyone could ever make. These machines help you in improving your balance and flexibility, strengthen your core, help with back pain, build your muscle with an increase in your energy and so much more. 

They can also be used to do a plethora of workouts to improve your strength, flexibility and balance. They come along with straps, bars, pulleys, and cables that allow you to do exercises from lying down to standing. This machine may look daunting at first, but you will be grateful once you begin to exercise with it.

Best Pilates Reformers 2020 – Comparison Table!

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Why you should buy Pilates Reformer?

  1. For Mobility Impaired or Injured: The principle reason individuals are attracted to Pilates Reformers is that they allow you to have all workout experiences or they help you to take the advantages of a particular Pilates with having safety and security along with stability.

The pilates reformers work wonders for the people who have mobility issues on getting down onto a mat. It will help them in improving injuries and all to perform all regular Pilates exercises with ease. They are extremely helpful to those people who have injuries or pain in the lower back or neck.

  1. Build abs: As the pilates reformers target on the centre of your body when you start the exercise with it. Hence the exercises naturally focus on the abs and other core muscles and end up giving you lean abs that you can flaunt anywhere you want. 
  1. Easy on Joints: Reformer Pilates also helps people who have joint pain and very comfortable for them during their workouts as it is slow and focused on low impact movements. There are no jarring jumps or heavyweights during workouts.
  2. Focus: The pilates reformers are extremely wonderful in all forms. The tenants of Pilates call for mindfulness of the breath and of muscle movement at all times, resulting in a calm nature of your. Doing exercise with a pilates reformer can be ideal for your mental peace. 
  3. Flexibility: There are several people who believe that you have to be flexible if you want to do Pilates exercise well. But trust me this is not true. If you work hard and practice daily, Pilates will definitely help you to increase your flexibility.

So, now let’s dive into the main part of the article where I will reveal the top 11 pilates reformers that you can take your home to start your best workout sessions.

Top 11 Best Pilates Reformers Reviews

Here is the best pilates reformers 2020 money can buy!

#1 – Stott Pilates Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle

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At the point when you can’t make it to class, you can enjoy the gym-like experience at your home with the At Home SPX Reformer Package from Stott Pilates, which has all the elements to serve full-body exercise. Its excellent features include five high-strain performance springs, with four full and one half tension springs, alongside extra-thick foam padding for better comfort during exercises. The reformer machine also accompanies a reformer box and a metal up pole. 

As far as versatility is concerned, this is perhaps one of the best Pilates reformers available out there. This will offer you three gearbox positions, three headrest positions, four footbar positions and six carriage stopping positions. The powerful wooden standing stage gives a steady and safe surface for your favourite Pilates moves. This machine does not have removable shoulder rests but has a padded platform extender along with double loop straps along with a neoprene spring that reduces noise. It also comes with a workout DVD to help you get better workout session


  • Extremely durable (vinyl designed)
  • The smooth-rolling mechanism to get a friction-free workout.
  • Neoprene spring covers to minimize noise


  • It is not stackable
  • You can not remove shoulder rests
  • You can not add a vertical frame 

Why it is suggested: Its tough vinyl upholstery makes it more comfortable and durable for frequent use for high-power workout use. Smooth aluminium rails keep the carriage gliding easily, while the moving component conveys a friction-free workout experience.

#2 – Balanced Body Studio Reformer

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The smooth-gliding Balanced Body studio reformer is one of the best products available out there as it develops alongside you, so you don’t need to stress over requiring another reformer when you begin to add accessories to improve your exercises.

Uneven rides aren’t an issue because of an accuracy carriage following a framework for a contact-free 41-inch carriage ride. Neoprene handles give a safe and agreeable hold during exercises, while cotton material on the foot straps cushions the feet during different activities. This device gives you the authority to adjust the reformer to three heights, including down. You can also raise it up to 15 inches high. It comes with comfortable shoulder rests and a workout DVD. The balanced body Studio reformer has all the basics features to make you feel great during exercise.


  • 41 inches long frame measures
  • Neoprene handles provide comfort and safety
  • You can adjust to three heights


  • Don’t have a springboard
  • Less portable
  • Foot straps are not padded 

Why it is suggested: This Pilates reformer machine is built with better and minor details that are worthy of your time, down to the hand-sanded maple outline frame with a superior satin finish and heavy hardware equipment that holds the reformer together, including anodized aluminium parts.

#3 – Peak Pilates fit Reformer

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Regardless of its little size, this Pilates reformer machine measures 16 inches high, which is the thing that you’ll discover in most of the gyms. It additionally accompanies all that you need for your exercises, including a locking foot bar, multi-position one-hand gear bar. You can even add a jump board to the inherent side-split stage to support or improve your exercise.

This reformer is completely customizable and accompanies flexible ropes, a three-position headrest and a four-position foot bar. You’ll additionally discover twofold loops and a non-slip cushion for safety and security. A five-spring framework gives a lot of resistance with two light, two medium and one heavy spring. 


  • You can add a jump board
  • Have the powder-coated aluminium frame


  • Only available with black upholstery
  • A bit heavy
  • Padded foot bar is not available with it

Why it is suggested: Are you looking for a Pilates reformer that can adjust into a small home? Well, if yes then Peak Pilates is offering its fit reformer for compact spaces as it comes in small size which can easily fit into your house or apartment. 

#4 – Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer

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This Elina reformer includes an entire body treatment with heating varnish for life span. An eco-friendly pearl finish gives it an upscale appearance that you’ll be pleased to flaunt. But apart from good looking construction, the reformer is extremely versatile. Its features include a fixed and completely cushioned foot bar and the capacity to modify in five different angles to capitalize on your exercises.


  • Have a jump board and reformer box
  • 5 spring levels for carriage
  • The very smooth wheeled suspension system


  • A bit heavy
  • Not much polished
  • Difficulty to fold up for storage

Why it is suggested: It also has five springs for maximum resistance along with removable shoulder rests which make this machine more comfortable. It also has a jump board and reformer box, double loops, triple D-ring cotton loops and a foot strap. You can easily store it up anywhere by folding up and shifting to another place after your workout session is over. 

#5 – Stott Pilates Merrithew SPX Max Plus Reformer

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In case you are searching for the best Pilates reformer machine for your home exercises, this Stott Pilates reformer will provide you with everything you want with its retractable rope framework, travelling pulleys. This studio-quality Pilates exercise helps you to target diverse groups at home.


  • Three headrest and four footbar positions
  • Best construction with thick wooden standing platform
  • Durability


  • No written exercise explanations
  • Have to buy vertical tower separately
  • Doesn’t accompany a jump board or reformer box

Why it is suggested: This home Pilates reformer has different accessible positions, including three headrest positions, four footbar positions and numerous gear bar and carriage halting positions. It also has a thick wooden standing stage and knob style shoulder rests. The SPX Max Plus suits a wide scope of customers heights from 4’8” to 6’4”.

#6 – Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

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The Allegro 2 is exceptionally good, adjustable and easy to use for continuous exercise sessions. It works similarly too for beginners and for experienced regular customers. The reformer can be raised up to 15 inches, which not just grows the number of activities you can do, yet additionally makes it simpler to jump on and off the reformer.


  • Home use design
  • Quick-release lever for sudden rope adjustments
  • Provides a smooth ride


  • Costly
  • Extremely heavy
  • No fold up for storage

Why it is suggested: The reformer will give an extremely smooth ride with its easy to remove shoulder rests which make the machine even more versatile. This machine is very durable for home use.

Its features also include an in-built standing platform, a quick-release lever for sudden rope adjustments and full padding for your feet and hands along with two DVDs, one for beginners another for regular trainers. 

#7 – Elina Pilates Wood Reformer

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The Elina Pilates reformer is one of the top choices for home workout and it comes with five colour-coded springs of numerous resistance along with a quiet rolling mechanism which helps you to complete your workouts easily. After buying this product, you can adjust the headrest in two positions. The spring tensions range from light to heavy, and each level comes up with a different colour you keep track of your exercise. 


  • Three-way adjustable headrest
  • Quick-release adjustable shoulder rests
  • Have a jump board and box


  • No transport wheels
  • Cant fold the frame
  • Difficult to store

Why it is suggested: It is recommended by many because of its extraordinary features. Its quick-release adjustable shoulder rests along with an in-built standing platform, jump board and box make it easy to complete your workout moves. 

#8 – Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower

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The Supreme Toning Tower is fully assembled when it arrives at your home and work-ready the moment you take it out of the box. You can fold it easily for storage or and can put it out of the way after completion of your workout session. It also offers you an extra coil set for increased resistance.


  • Fully assembled delivery
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Offers you extra coil


  • Tall customers may face issues
  • A bit heavy

 Why it is suggested: Although Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower has lightweight construction but the steel frame is strong enough to support any if your exercise routine on it. It helps you tone down your core, arms, legs and other important parts which you target. It also gives you workout DVDs with it.

#9 – Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer

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In spite of its small size, there’s a lot of things that this device does for full-body exercises. The IQ spans 98 inches in length when completely broadened and has a 5.5-inch wide non-slide standing stage.

You get a lot of value for your money regarding extras, as the reformer accompanies a footbar, safety-rated climbing ropes and effectively customizable cotton loops. You’ll additionally discover five springs, including light and medium resistance levels. The headrest acclimates to three positions for better cervical support. This balance body Pilates reformer is lightweight as it only weighs 70. Frame handles give a protected and stable grip when you move the reformer.


  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Big and stable standing platform


  • No heavy resistance spring
  • You can not remove shoulder rests
  • Wheels are not interchangeable

 Why is it suggested: If you have an extra space problem at your home and you desperately want to buy a Pilates machine, then the Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer is only for you as it is very easy to store. You can put it up under your bed or in your closet. So short space is not a hindrance in your workout to get a better-shaped body. One of the main things you’ll see about the IQ Reformer is a decision among wheelbarrow and library transport wheels. The wheels aren’t exchangeable, yet the wheelbarrow transport wheels are ideal if you plan on putting away the Pilates reformer under your bed and library transport wheels help in storing it in a closet. 

#10 – Peak PilatesSystem PPS Deluxe

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In case you are looking for a total home Pilates exercise, this versatile machine delivers the best. The PPS Deluxe has a five-spring framework system with complete resistance levels going from light to heavy. You will additionally find a multi-position headrest alongside a four-position footbar complete with a safety lock


  • It offers reformer, Cadillac and mat systems
  • Different light to heavy resistance levels
  • Headrest and footbar are multi-positioned


  • Sharp footbar corners
  • Gaps in Cadillac layout
  • Costly

Why it is suggested: A hinged carriage lets you effectively convert to a mat when wanted. The Cadillac arrangement includes push-through and move down bars pilates a couple of foot loops and a total spring framework. In spite of its extensive construction, you can accommodate and move this Pilates reformer away when not necessary. 

#11 – Pilates AeroPilates Pro XP 557

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The Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 has a ton to offer, from movable spring resistance to large cardio rebounder so you can finish a more extensive scope of activities. The reformer gets the attention with its polished oak wood trim. There is also a cushioned black stage. The football is removable and customizable.


  • Long aluminium rails
  • Stylish design and oak wood trim
  • high-density shoulder pads


  • Don’t have a headrest cushions
  • Nothing to hold the handles in place
  • Foot bar is not padded

Why is it suggested: It is suggested because of its good quality and feature you required the most. This reformer is outfitted with an aluminium that is nine inches longer than any other machines. The high-thickness foam shoulder pads give a lot of padding during exercises.

Things to look before buying any pilates reformers

There are a plethora of things that customers should consider before buying the best exercise machine for themselves. As inquiry about any particular app is really necessary to avoid any harm to you, your money and time.

  1. Cost of the product: There are many customers who think spending extra money will provide them with a better product which is not true at all, it is not necessary that high priced machines give you better results. You can also check the warranty of that product on which you are spending your money so that you can get free treatment in case that particular machine stops working. 
  1. Space: A big size commercial Pilates machine is a total of 8 feet long, so one should be aware of the space that you have to set up this machine. Because buying an oversized machine for your limited space can cause trouble and spoil your workout mood. As you all know Pilates reformers come in different lengths so if you are tall, you will want to make sure that the model you choose is long enough for you. So be very careful about these things.
  1. Wood v/s Metal Frame: The wood-framed Pilates machines are gorgeous to look. But at the same time, they are also heavy. So they will acquire permanent areas after you buy them and set up in your house. So if you want a machine which is lightweight and easy to transport, then the metal ones are more likely to be easy to stow out of the way whenever you want. 
  1. Springs v/s Bungee cords: It does not matter whether your pilates reformer machine uses springs or bungee cords. You should always consider the things such as how strong the tension is and how many options there are available for different resistance levels to get a wonderful workout session. 
  1. Extras: A few Pilates reformers accompany additional items like the Bundle from Merrithew above. These additional items can help make your exercise harder or simply give you more varieties to explore. Be that as it may, recollect you don’t need to get Pilates explicit additional items! You can utilize your own props and tweak your exercises to get considerably more varieties.

Props like exercise balls and yoga wheels can assist with blending things up while giving an alternate method to stretch and reinforce or strengthen certain muscles.

  1. Included classes or programs: Earlier, if you were using a reformer in a group class then you will probably be searching for some kind of class to follow along with for guidance, direction and motivation and inspiration. Several reformers include workout DVDs so you should probably look for that as well. But, don’t worry if the product does not have a DVD, there are also many options available online, including the YouTube videos so you can get your best exercise videos. 


Well, it really does not matter if you are a professional trainer, a beginner, or a regular beginner, there is always a Pilates reformer for you or everyone. So watch and everyone like adults, men and women can take this product to their home and can enjoy a workout with your companion.

 The reformers have immense amounts of benefits and they also provide satisfactory results that you will be able to see and feel immediately. So I would say do not delay any longer, try out your very own Pilates reformer today and see the progress by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Q –  Which among these is the best Home Pilates Reformer to buy?

Ans- Depending upon the budget, you can spend 1000$ and above on a reformer that can be folded or act as a permanent set up. 

Q –  Is the Pilates Reformer really effective?

Ans- Of course 100%. They are really popular and various people had good results using this. 

Q –  Is this meant for Beginners ?

Ans- Yes, anyone from newbies to professionals can use these reformers.

Q –  How frequent can you use these Pilates Reformers ?

Ans- You can do this as often as you like but for beginners- an easy workout every second day is more than sufficient and you can gradually increase the intensity.

Q – Is Mat or Reformer Pilates better?

Ans-  If you have an injury that prevents you from working out on mats properly, then a reformer would be better. It is more of a user based choice.

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