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Best GPS Running Watches 2020 – Best Sports watches for Running and Workouts

Using Global Positioning System(GPS) watches while running is the new cool. It is trendy, easy to use and access and lightweight. It will provide you with complete knowledge of the time you covered while running, and keep track of your body’s environment. You just have to put it on while running and the rest of the work, it will do by itself.

So, in the event that you care about the accuracy of the distance that you cover and would prefer not to run with your telephone, pick a GPS running watch. A GPS watch will give you the most precise glance at how far you’ve gone and how quick you’re going, both while you’re pursuing and.

You can leave your telephone at home, and the wrist-top area of a GPS observed by and large offers more secure synchronization with satellites than the telephone you fold into an armband, pocket, or knapsack. Also, the watch informs you as to whether it loses its GPS association, while trackers, telephones, and smartwatches probably won’t alert you by any means, simply indicating a glitched-out guide once you’re finished.

The best running watch or multisport

Global Positioning System(the GPS) watch will be a genuine advance up in the event that you have just utilized wellness trackers previously. In contrast to the more fundamental wellness trackers, a good running watch has a scope of highlights, for example, worked in GPS, exact pulse sensors and a scope of different measurements so you can (over) analyze your exhibition as you work out – progressively.

GPS watches are useful as an indicator of a healthy running routine. Running can transform the body in multiple forms like you can lose fats, build a lean body. If you are really into these modern GPS watches, then do not go anywhere because you are finally at your destination.

There are several GPS watches that are available and one step away from you. We will take you through the list of best GPS watches and you can purchase them and within a few days, they will directly land on your wrist.

Best GPS Running Watches 2020 – Comparison Table!

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You can look at the different watches before putting your money on these.

Let us take you through some wonderful GPS watches that you can buy and rock your running session that everyone wants to do.

Top 12 Best GPS Running Watches Reviews 2020

#1 – Garmin Forerunner 945

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With a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Amazon, the gadget is highly recommended and will be worth your money. This Garmin smartwatch will make your fitness journey more interesting with its cool features. It will provide you with information about the number of steps you have taken and how many calories you have burned. It tracks your VO2 max and gives you complete insights of your running workout.

It also keeps a regular tab on the value of altitude and heart conditions along with a heart rate monitoring facility. The other features are a calendar, compass, alarm clock and available in five languages. It also provides you with the history of your previous workout sessions so you can know all about your improvement activity or how much better you did than the previous one.

The other incredible feature of Garmin Forerunner 945 is that you can create your own playlist in this gadget from Spotify and any other musical applications. You can listen to your favourite songs while running and enjoy your session with your favourite songs. You can store songs up to 1000 from your laptop, computer or mobile phone. You can also pair up a Bluetooth-enabled headset with this modern hi-tech watch to have a wireless experience.

The gadget is a bit expensive, but boy, it is totally worth your money. So go ahead and buy this stunning watch and make your running experience different and exciting. Say no to your just a regular workout and go tech with this super smartwatch.


  • Precise navigation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable


  • Tad expensive 

#2 – Apple Watch Series 5

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With a rating of 4.7 out 5 on Amazon, Apple Watch Series 5 is one step away from you. Take this home and enjoy the running sessions more than your regular days.

Apple Watch Series 5  display is always on, and shows you the time and important information. It is so easy to connect it with the people and information you care about, right from your wrist. The GPS oriented machine is always on a retina display with a 30% larger screen. You can dive in the water with this watch without any fear as it is swim-proof in nature. This also tracks your heart rate with an ECG application and has electrical and optical heart sensors. It possesses a built-in compass and elevation along with emergency SOS. You can detect any fall in the watch with a fall detection facility.


  • ECG Application
  • Always-on feature
  • Enjoyable wearing


  • Costly
  • Poor battery life 

#3 – Coros Apex Premium Multisport

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With a rating of 4.7 out of 5, the APEX premium watch from Coros is known for its long battery life. Notwithstanding an in-fabricated GPS, this watch additionally has a worked in indicator application. This watch will likewise follow your sleep and track the record for how many hours you get to sleep. What makes this smartwatch not quite the same as others is its 24-day battery life. It has an agreeable and present-day structure, and you would need to wear this watch everywhere you go.

The APEX allows you to build your own complex interval workouts with its brand new features Strength and Training modes. You can make up a circuit featuring over 200 pre-loaded exercises and it offers you to download a featured workout from the COROS website. Its navigation tracking facility gives users an opportunity to follow a preloaded route at the time of running in unknown locations. It also provides real-time information on heading, elevation and alerts to make you stay on track and get back on the right path if a road is missed.

This watch stowed the 2019’s Runner’s World Editor’s Choice honor. It has a fired bezel get done with sapphire glass and an advanced handle. In the UltraMax GPS mode, the battery goes on for around 80 hours. In the Full GPS mode, the battery goes on for around 25 hours. 


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Smooth design
  • Precise/ accurate GPS


  • Not made up for cold temperatures/ weather

#4 – Garmin forerunner 30

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With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon, Garmin forerunner 30 GPS running watch is easy to use for running and well-known among the runners. Following well-known measurements, including pace per mile, separation secured, rhythm, and calories consumed. Just as this the Garmin forerunner 30 additionally contains an at-wrist pulse monitor and is helpful and perfect for beginners.

The harbinger 30 additionally contains a VO2 max gauge proposing recuperation times, individual bests, and your general potential with your preparation. The main features of this modern gadget is at-wrist heart rate monitoring, measuring pace per mile, covered distance, calories burnt, and cadence. It also possesses a VO2 max estimate and recovery time estimate with notifications.

Garmin forerunner 30 also has wrist heart rate technology, built-in GPS tracks, VO2 max estimate and notifications service for calls and texts when you connect it with your smartphone along with a live track feature. It records your all-day tracking activities and has five days battery backup in smartwatch mode; eight hours in GPS mode. You can also get auto-updates to Garmin to share your data on social media as well.

With this high tech machine, you can stay fit and share your progress along with that you can flaunt it as well because it is so cool and trendy.  So do not get late, buy this wonderful product right now and give a new touch to your daily running workout sessions.


  • Built-in GPS tracks
  • VO2 max estimate
  • Notifications for calls and texts
  • LiveTrack feature


  • For adult only

#5 – Polar Ignite

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With a rating of 4 out of 5, the Polar Ignite is a waterproof watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate tracker, GPS, and personalized workout guides. The heart rate tracker includes the technology of bio-impedance of electrodes and optical sensors. It has a lightweight design that makes it comfortable to wear every day.

Exercise can have a constructive outcome. It can likewise leave you exhausted and worn out. Polar’s Nightly Recharge measures your recuperation during the night so you can settle on the correct choice in the first part of the day. It suggests workout routines on a daily basis and measures your recovery in the night and suggests if you must workout the following morning.

As a top-notch quality GPS watch, Polar Ignite is furnished with speed, separation and course following, there is no requirement of a mobile phone.

The Advanced Sleep Tracking feature gives you inputs on how to get a good night’s rest, thanks to the Polar’s Sleep Plus Stages analysis.


  • Feels like air on your arm
  • Tracks your vitals even when you sleep
  • Waterproof


  • Hard to pair with mobile phones

#6 – Suunto 9 GPS Sports Watch

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With a total rating of 4 out of 5, Suunto 9 GPS sports watch is a multisport GPS watch that gives a 120-hour battery life. It is water-safe and lets you track your activities and prepare through diagrams. It is good with in excess of 80 games and lets you likewise track multisport exercises.

The watch likewise has all day, everyday movement following, including moment pulse, calorie and step counter, and rest following. The Suunto application likewise gives action explicit warmth maps of well-known courses the world over.

At the point when you have your brain defined on a specific objective or experience, you need to ensure your watch can likewise go all the way. With as long as 120 hours of persistent exercise following Suunto 9 is worked to last – simply like you! Suunto 9 is a multisport GPS watch intended for competitors who request the best from their games watch. Long battery life up to 120 hour long the executive’s framework with shrewd updates guarantees your watch will keep going similarly as long as you need it to. The strong Suunto 9 is made for long, burdensome preparing and hustling and extraordinary undertakings.

You can remain associated with calls and notification on your watch, and offer exercises to internet-based life channels with cool information overlays. Give a shot to Suunto 9 GPS sports watch and it will serve the purpose.


  • Long battery backup
  • Waterproof


  • Costly
  • No music store capacity

#7 – Huawei Band 3 Pro

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With a rating of 4.1 out of 5, the Huawei Band 3 Pro is an all in one fitness activity tracker and very good quality running watch. This watch has incorporated savvy highlights like a pulse screen, GPS, wellness screen, and rest screen. It likewise has an element that reminds you about your exercises through messages. Another pleasant element of this watch is its “Discover your telephone” highlight. This comes helpful when you overlook where you have kept your telephone.

It likewise has True Sleep 2.0, an innovation created in a joint effort with Harvard Medical School, that gives recommendations for better rest. The watch likewise functions as a camera shade remote for your cell phone.

With more brilliant Heart Monitoring, it provides imaginative equipment configuration utilizing IR light, sponsored by keen AI, gives you exact, up-to-the-second pulse information day or night with the HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0 exactness pulse observing framework.

If in any case you forget that where you left your phone, using Bluetooth connection, HUAWEI Band 3 Pro can trigger your phone’s ring, even on silent mode, and will give the exact location of your phone. Such features make this super watch extremely valuable, so don’t think much and order the watch and enjoy the wonderful features.


  • Strong battery backup
  • Easy design
  • Sleep tracker


  • Network problems

#8 – Fossil Women’s GPS Watch

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With a rating of 4 out of 5, Fossil Women’s GPS watch is a spectacular running watch accompanied by a pulse and movement tracker that utilizes Google assistant. The inherent GPS assists with following the separation one has run. It functions as your own Google, on account of the reactions from Google Assistant.

Google Fit will provide you with better health coaching with activity goals based on recommendations from the World Health Organization(WHO). This is an ultra-lightweight watch that is 40% lighter than different models. It tracks your exercise too, including swimming.

From running to doing yoga and any other exercise, this smartwatch keeps track of the heart rate automatically during a workout. You can also from your watch wherever mobile payments are accepted.

You can likewise get notifications from your cell phone and other schedule cautions when you connect your phone to the device. The keen battery modes help broaden the watch’s battery life for various days. It accompanies an attractive USB quick charger that can energize to 80 percent in less than 60 minutes.

This incredible watch is in trend and you can purchase this and be a trendsetter.


  • Swimproof
  • Rapid charging
  • Google assistant
  • Accurate GPS
  • Tracking Heart rate
  • Lightweight


  • Poor battery backup

#9 – Samsung Galaxy Active

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With a rating of 4 out of 5, Samsung Galaxy Active is a new trending watch to buy. On the off chance that somebody doesn’t want a big heavy watch at that Samsung galaxy active js for them. It is smooth, exquisite and delightful. Little in size yet pressed with full highlights. Energetic and vivid showcase. Great lucidness in daylight. Just downside discovered is battery back-up. If you are a moderate client, you will get 2 days. In the event that substantial client, 1 day and a couple of hours more max.

It tracks your day by day Activity’ and lets you accomplish your everyday sound objectives by being dynamic, working out, and sitting less. Cosmic system Watch Active uses committed movement sensors to naturally follow seven kinds of activity, letting you center around making the most of your wellness.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Waterproof


  • Connectivity problems

#10 – Suunto Ambit3 Sport

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With a rating of 4 out of 5, Suunto Ambit Sport watch is modern, fashionable and appropriate for every age.

It keeps track of your heart rate while you swim on the trail and when you drive your bike along with an accurate GPS Heart Rate Monitor. If you are a triathlete, swimmer, biker, or a multi-sport enthusiast, the Ambit3 not only helps you push yourself and keep tabs on your development as you create as a competitor, however it likewise allows you to break down, assess, remember, and share your undertakings.

A remote association with your iPhone or iPad, joined with the free Suunto Moves count App, permits you to alter your watch in a hurry, break down key measurements immediately, and share your excursion with loved ones. The Ambit3 permits you to get refreshes from your cell phone on your watch, make 3D maps and films of your undertakings, and download various other game explicit Suunto applications.


  • Waterproof
  • Accurate GPS


  • Expensive

#11- Polar V800

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Polar V800 has a 3.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon thanks to its great and user-friendly features. It is designed for serious sports and workout enthusiasts which gives ultimate information about your performance throughout the day. Polar V800 has training modules and activity monitoring and multisport guidance systems. This gadget is very accurate and works on 24 hours without even rest.

It can be used for hiking, biking, trekking, swimming etc with the ability to see the information that you want.

Its multisport functionality, long battery backup, connectivity make it one of the best gadgets out there.  However, it is a bit heavy and customization has to be done through the web.

So, in case you’re willing to go and spend more cash, Polar V800 merits investigating the Polar V800 and its additional highlights. In addition to the fact that it tracks the measurements and information you expect, however on the off chance that you pair it with the discretionary pulse screen, this child likewise goes about as a “keen mentor” by taking your details and showing both your preparation load (permitting you to look at the adequacy of different exercises) and your recuperation status (telling you when your body is prepared to turn the tables on it). It can likewise play out an orthostatic test to gauge your heart’s reaction to various preparing factors, and a wellness test to check your vigorous status. It can even screen your customary day by day movement levels just as rest length and quality.


  • GPS and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight


  • Heavy

#12 – Fitbit Ionic

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With a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon, Fitbit Ionic is no less than the Garmin Forerunner. Not just in light of the fact that it’s Fitbit’s first self-announced smartwatch, but since it feels like the initial day in and day out a smartwatch. A corner has been turned

You wake up in the morning, get in the shower, go to work, go for a run or swim, rest. At no time do you have to expel it from your wrist; notices buzz in for the duration of the day, and with a four-day-in addition to battery life, you can wear it to bed where it can follow rest – and fortunately, it’s agreeable enough to do as such. The consequence of this is an increasingly adjusted image of your day.

Fitbit Ionic has 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen and 348 x 250, 1,000 nit display with GPS, altimeter, digital compass. It will work 24/7 to monitor your heart rate. It also has 5ATM water resistance (50m) and 10 hours GPS battery life that can last for 5 days life in general use.

Also, Fitbit has the basic activity tracking facility. If you’re not interested in the workouts, this modern gated can woo running enthusiasts who want to know and track their steps, then the smartwatch is perfect for you. With this super watch, you will get the track of calorie that you burned during tracking and stairs climbed during the day. It also gives you information about your resting heart rate.


  • Affordable
  • Long battery
  • Many fitness features


  • No built-in GPS

How to choose the best GPS running watch?

There are several things that one should consider before buying a GPS running watch from the options available in the market. Here are some of the most important considerations that you should keep in mind before buying the best GPS running watch.


Any GPS running watch needs to perform effectively. You can measure the efficacy of these gadgets by how good they are providing step count, heart rate, sleep tracks and all the other promised information. 


Before buying a GPS running watch for yourself, make sure you measure the size, check the quality of the product, online rating etc. You can also check the description of a particular watch and make sure your product will fit in without any issues.

 Battery capacity:

There are several products in the market that are promoted to have strong battery backup but later on fail to keep this up. Buying defective products can affect your workout and the life of that particular watch. So one needs to be extra careful during the purchase process.

Brand value:

Looking at the brand value of any gadget plays a major role during the buying process. You would want to buy your GPS running watch from a top brand that offers a good quality product, better customer service and warranty period. However, only long-running brands offer good stuff is a myth, sometimes new brands can also provide good quality products. So, you need to look at all these things and choose wisely before spending your cash. For that, you can always check the online user reviews before making the purchase.


The budget limitations play a major role for many customers to buy a certain product. You can define a price range for your GPS running watch and then make the purchase as per your budget and requirements.


Using a GPS running watch for your routine workout is the best thing you can do to maintain your body.  As there are a plethora of GPS running watches out there and choosing best for yourself can be a heavy task. Hence, we have tried to sum up all the trending gadgets/watches that will help you to make a good decision.

Well, above mentioned is our best hand-picked list of the super watches and hi-tech watches and can turn your daily running routine much better. If you want to get a fitness tracker that looks good, stylish and fancy and comfortable at the same time, give a shot to these watches and I am sure you won’t disappoint.

But at last, the best GPS running watch will depend on your requirements and needs. So choose wisely, and also you can always cross-check the product and its reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Does the Garmin forerunner have a music feature?

Yes, you can store songs up to 1000.

Q – Can you text on a Garmin watch?

Android telephones take into account good Garmin watches to send answers to instant messages and approaching call notices. The content of the messages can be set in the Garmin Connect application

Q – What’s the difference between series 3 and series 4 watch?

The Series 4 and 5 Apple Watch contains a marginally however recognizably greater and edge to edge screen. Series 3 has 8GB of capacity while Series 4/5 have 16GB.

Q – Is iPhone 6 compatible with an Apple Watch Series 3?

No, it is not.

Q –  Can you watch sports on an Apple watch like a phone?

No, you can not.

Q – How do you charge a Polar watch?

Lift the rubber cover off the USB port. Plug the micro USB connector into the USB port in the M450, and plug the other end of the cable into your PC.

Q – Should I pick Fitbit’s new Versa 2 smartwatch over the Ionic?

The Ionic is Fitbit’s most impressive wellness wearable — more like a smartwatch than a tracker and can last as long as seven days on a solitary charge.

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