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Best Down Comforter – Comparisons, Reviews and Recommendations

Wondering which is the best down comforter in the market?

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that everyone loves. It’s not just about how many hours you spend sleeping, but rather about how comfortable you are. And, then, there are the personal versions of comfort. Some people stay being warm regardless the weather outside. In fact, we know a few friends who likes to stay warm even during summer. It was for helping them that UpHomes Team decided to review best down comforters available in the market. We thought that would be a great addition to the collection of memory foam mattresses we had presented lately.

Just like any other UpHomes Reviews, the process was multi-staged. We first had to pick the major players from the whole scene. Trust us when we say, there are thousands of down comforters to be chosen. When we refined the list, there were more than 20 down comforters from different brands and sub-categories. We spent a few more days, using and analyzing these products. At the end of the day, we have come down to a few down comforters that are not just worth your money but also the best in market.

Thanks is due to many professional experts, random users and our friends who shared their opinions about these comforters — to make this review possible. So, you can be sure about the quality and durability of all these products, because of collective decisions taken. We can start with Quick Recommendations, though.

Best Down Comforter 2020 – The Winners!

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Best Down Comforter 2020 – Our Top Picks and Recommendations

We will now move onto our in-detail reviews of the best down comforters we’ve picked from today’s market.

#1 Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Comforter

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As we mentioned earlier, Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Comforter is the best down comforter, in the current market. It’s available in Twin, King and Full/Queen sizes, along with slight price changes. We’d tried the Full/Queen variant and were really impressed by the quality. The construction is based on 75% of Goose Down and 25% of Fibre Fill. However, while using, the product gives a premium feel of touch as well as comfort.

This Goose-based down comforter has white goose-down filling of 40 ounces inside. With the total fill power of 600, we got the same level of warmth and comfort every single day. Also, when we asked other customers, they are using this comforter all the time in a year — regardless whether it’s cold or hot outside. The Baffle Box construction of Pinzon Hypoallergenic White Goose Down Comforter is seemingly effective for stability of the fillings.

The medium-warmth comforter is hypoallergenic; it means you don’t have to worry about allergies much. It measures 90” x 96”, but handling was an easy job. Thanks to its compatibility with Washing Machines, we’d no problem with cleaning either. In addition, there is a feel of extra thickness, thanks to the Baffle Box style construction. Altogether, it’s one of the premium-quality products for reasonable pricing.

#2 Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter

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If you don’t want to spend much money on down comforters, you should try Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter, which is budget-friendly pick by UpHomes Team. It’s available in White colour and in Full/Queen sizes. Just like our top-pick recommendation, this comforter is also using a Baffle Box construction design in it. It is one of the most used and recommended product by common users and experts alike. We too had an impressive opinion in the end.

Construction of Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter is based on the rare Pyrenees Down, with Fill Power of 650. Judging by our experience, the fill weight of 40 ounces is enough for all-the-year comfort. When we consulted with other customers, many of them called it ‘the warmest down comforter’ in the market. It is probably because of the Pyrenees Down in use. Also, the 420 Thread Count makes the product one of the softest comforters in market.

We couldn’t resist loving the usability either. Even when the thermostat was lowered to a notable level, we felt superb warmth from this. That was one of the claims by manufacturer too. So, we were delighted to have this product in our bedrooms, at least as a part of our reviews. We hope we did talk about the lower pricing.

#3 Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

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Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down Comforter was one of the most priced down comforters we’d tried during the review period. Even pricier than our top-pick, this is suited for premium-level comfort and feel. And, only if you have a suitable budget with you. It’s available in Twin, Queen, King and Oversized King variants, out of which we tried the King variant.

If you are expecting the warmest nights for those winter days, you can consider going with Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down Comforter. It packs in a Fill Power of 700, which is exceptional. Also, the construction is based on Hungarian Goose Down, which falls into the level 3. With the 390 thread count and the 100% cotton shell, this down comforter provided an awesome sleeping experience — all the days.

Coming to design and usability, there is once again the Baffle Box structure. It’s high-quality thick and feels good to hold. In addition, being a hypo-allergenic product, you don’t have to worry about allergies either. Most people who used Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down Comforter are ready to recommend — so were we. Go for it if you need premium-quality comfort and softness, but only if your budget allows.

#4 Cuddledown 233TC Down Comforter

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Cuddledown 233TC Down Comforter is one of the best choices when you have a medium budget to spend. It’s an introductory comforter and can’t expect many high-class features from the product. However, with the right combination of quality material and design, this comforter is doing the job very well. We had faced an awesome experience with the comfort, especially due to its premium finish and all.

600 Fill Power is a factor that makes Cuddledown 233TC Down Comforter something unique. You don’t have to worry about insufficiency of warmth if you go for this product. Also, the 233 thread count enhances soft-behaviour of the comforter, supported by the 100% Cotton cambric outside. There is a premium feel we’d get when we touch on the comforter. When we asked the other previous customers, they were concerned about the comfortability factor.

Conclusively, Cuddledown 233TC Down Comforter is a comfortable choice in the medium-budget category. It’s using Duck Down but the premium quality and finish are something superb. It’s so comfortable that you won’t even think about upgrading to Goose or something extra-premium. Considering all these factors, we have enough reasons to recommend the comforter to our readers.

#5 Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 Fill Power Oversized King Cotton Goose Down Comforter

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If you are looking for a mid-budget and standard-quality comforter, you can consider this one. Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 Fill Power Oversized King Cotton Goose Down Comforter is available in two sizes — the Oversized Queen and Oversized King. There are many things that made us fall in love with this goose-down comforter. The primary reason would be the premium white finish itself and the royal feel. Let’s take a look on what’s inside.

Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 Fill Power Oversized King Cotton Goose Down Comforter is made using White Goose Down. The Fill Power of 700 was sufficient to keep us warm, throughout the night. And, we’d set the thermostat to a lower temperature too. The outer layer has been constructed using Damask Cotton, which has 350 Thread Count too. It’s also Hypoallergenic, in case if you are worried about diseases.

We tried the product in different weather environments, and asked to previous customers as well. Most do call it an effective down comforter for summer season. You would love the product if you are a Hot Sleeper. Last but not least, there are some usability perks with the product. For instance, we found it really easy to wash the comforter using a simple washing machine. Altogether, it’s a worthwhile choice for those who love quality.

#6 Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter

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Here comes another down comforter that is using Hungarian Goose Down. However, it happens to be one of the most affordable choice in the list as well. You can have top-class comfort by spending the least amount of money. We found this something impressive from the utilitarian point of view. The comforter is available in Full/Queen and King. The one we had reviewed was of King size.

From the first use itself, we noted Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter for its premium feel. It uses 50 ounce filling of Hungarian goose-down and the outer cover is made using 100% Egyptian cotton. We found the 750 Filling power to be more than satisfactory, especially when we consider the price tag. The inner construction is completely using Goose-down. In practice, Baffle Box design is something cool.

The Egyptian Cotton cover is definitely an awesome addition to the comfort. It’s allergy-free and gives a soft feel of touch. One thing is sure. With Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN Comforter, you can have the best-quality comfort that you get for the price. That’s something we’d assure.

#7 — Puredown White Goose Down Comforter

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As the last recommendation but not the least, we have Puredown White Goose Down Comforter. It’s one of the best choices you have in the low-budget category. Available in three different sizes — Twin, Queen and King — you can choose the appropriate size for your bed. We had reviewed the Queen-sized variant to get an insight on the product. Despite the lower price tag, it seems to be a premium-quality solution for most of seasons.

The 37-ounce Goose-Down filling of Puredown White Goose Down Comforter offers 600 Fill Power, which is commendable for the quality. We always found the amount of warmth satisfactory and impressive. Its outer layer using 100% cotton is remarkably premium in terms of feel. Also, the Baffle Box design is considerably awesome in the case of this product.

Summing this up, Puredown White Goose Down Comforter is an excellent choice when you have less money to spend on a down comforter. Being a product that uses goose down, you can have less doubts on quality. And, judging by our experience, we would say the comforter is worth what you pay. You don’t feel that premium-ness, but still a worthwhile deal.

An Introduction to Down Comforters

Simply put, a Comforter is a type of bedding you can purchase and use. These are made using different kinds of materials, including down, feathers, silk, polyester etc. Some other alternative materials like fibre are also in use. In addition to the main content, there may be an extra cover. This cover can be made of cotton or a different element. Depending on the area you live, a comforter may be known as doona, continental quilt or duvet. In most part of the United States, however, the term Comforter is commonly used.

The main purpose of comforter is to insulate heat and maintain a certain amount of warmth within the body. If you are living in a place with low temperature, a comforter is the best method to stay warm throughout the night. As per the type of comforter you have purchase, you may not even need to turn on the thermostat. This bedding is usually put on top of the bedsheet, and can be used as a blanket too. We already told that comforters can be made using different types of material. When Down is used for creating a comforter, it is known as Down Comforters.

Down is a particular layer of feathers seen in birds. These are not fully-fledged feathers but a softer counterpart. In a bird’s body, the purpose of down is to trap air and thus reduce the issues of heat-loss. This is one of the reasons why birds are able to survive temperature changes. However, after the discovery, down is being used for a variety of purposes such as bedding, sleeping bags, pillows etc. Here too, the main function is of heat insulator. Down used for comforters are usually collected from Duck, Goose etc. However, in the course of time, we saw the invention of synthetic down. This type of dawn is artificially created with same features and properties of natural down.

Now, we think you have a clear idea about Down and Down Comforters. Of course, you will be interested in knowing the advantages of using a down comforter. We will have a look on the top reasons now.

Advantages of Down Comforters

When compared to other types of comforters, Down Comforters offer some additional features. These are apart from the general perks you receive. We will have a look on both sections now.

  • Down Comforters provide an extra layer of warmth when you are sleeping. This is the best advantage when it’s snowing or raining outside. You can stay warm all the night, without even turning on room heater or anything. Down comforters are made to absorb body heat and insulate the same inside an enclosure. So, heat from your body won’t get out.
  • A Down Comforter is suitable during summer seasons as well; given that you have purchase one of the best comforters in the market. Thanks to the special structure and design of these comforters, it is possible for air to travel freely between the downs. So, you will find it more breathable and would increase air circulation during summer nights.
  • When compared to other old types of comforters, down comforters do have least amount of weight. You wouldn’t even know there is a bedding on top of you. It all happens so simply that you can enjoy all the perks of warmth and breath without being bothered at all.
  • The best part: you don’t have to wash your down comforter so often. There are comforters that stay clean even for a few years. At least, you won’t be required to change it every week or anything. This is one of the reasons to move from traditional blankets to down comforter beddings.

These are the four major advantages you can have through the use of down comforters. However, you must choose one of the best selection from the market. To do that you have to keep a few things in mind.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Down Comforter

For choosing the best recommended down comforters, we had a checklist of factors. Now, we will share the major factors with you. So, if you need to have a re-selection, you can do that with ease.

#1 Type of Down

Given that you have decided to purchase a down comforter, it’s necessary to choose the right type of down. In the market, you have the freedom to choose from the following three types of down. We have listed the three of them in the order of using frequency.

  1. Goose Down is the most-used form of down, which is of premium quality. It’s available in White and Grey colours.
  2. Duck Down is the second most-used type of down. You can spot this type in the medium-budget set of down comforters.
  3. Synthetic Down is manufactured artificially and not collected from birds. These were introduced since bird down is causing allergy to some people. In this sub-category, you have additional options such as polyester and cotton.

So, these are the types you should know about. Depending on the quality and budget, make the right pick.

#2 Fill Power

Fill Power is one of the decision-makers for finding the effectiveness of a down comforter. This deals with the volume that is taken up by one ounce of the used down. In the products we have recommended, we’ve also mentioned the Fill Power. Also, if you look closer, most of the recommendations are made for All-Season Warmth and comes with additional lightweight property. If you need the ultimate level of insulation, though, you need to purchase a down comforter of 800 Fill Power or higher.

#3 Thread Count

Thread count is another important factor for choosing the best down comforter in the market. Thread count is directly proportional to the softness of the comforter. As long as you love to have better comfort, it’s truly recommended to go with a down comforter with higher thread count. That having said, make sure that the comforter follows a good weaving design as well. There is no point in having higher thread count if the base material isn’t good enough.

#4 Design Type

Different types of designs are used when we consider the case of down comforters. Each of them have their own advantages as well. For instance, we can take the case of the Baffle Box design, which are supposed to provide the best cushion and loft. It means you will love to have the design during winter nights. Other types of designs are Diamond-Quilted, Gusset, Ring-Stich and Sewn-Through Box Stitch etc. if we take the case of the last one, for example, Sewn-Through Box Stitch construction is good enough for stability. You won’t feel the shifting of the filling anymore.

In addition to these, you should also consider the usability and cleaning options of the down comforter. The most choices in our recommendations allow washing machines to be used. That is, you can simply put those down comforters in the machine and wash them to get the job done.

Wrapping Up

Do you have any other recommendations for the best down comforter positions? Do let us know, we’ll have a discussion on that. Even then, we are pretty confident about every single down comforter we have listed in the review. We have gone through each of the device — not just in terms of specifications but through our hands-on experiences. Yes, the UpHomes Team was busy in visiting their friends’ home and checking out the various products we have recommended. So, it means the curated collection is something real and has the human voice inside. Keeping all these in mind, you have the easiest situation to purchase the best down comforter for your need.

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