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What Makes Angular JS Worthy of your Next Project?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that efficiently develops dynamic and robust applications. AngularJS caters to all the technological needs of a developer or a product owner. You can say that the framework has made the lives of a developer a little easier.

The web development process has become a lot easier with AngularJS since it offers a robust community base. The community base consists of developers who are exerting continuously in enhancing the framework and fixing its flaws.
It makes AngularJS one of the fastest growing and popular frameworks to date.

According to enlyft Angular JS is currently used by 202,763 companies, which is quite surprising since it was developed in 2010. That’s how fast it has developed and reached its users.

Well-known companies like Google, Lyft, Amazon, Tinder, Snapchat, Udemy, and many others have kept Angular JS as a part of their tech stacks.

If you also wish to develop a dynamic application, AngularJS is the way to go!

However, it is crucial to hire dedicated angular developers if you wish to obtain all the benefits provided by the framework. A developer would help you to dodge all the complexities that you encounter while developing an application.

Having an expert by your side is the best option you can choose, this will not just smooth up your way, but also provide you great benefits.

But before you choose to hire someone to develop your application, it is vital to figure out why you should choose AngularJS for your next project.

AngularJS will provide you with several benefits, Namely:

Angular JS Benefits

Better Server Performance:

Angular supports features like caching, which incredibly reduces the burden from server CPUs. It means that the server will perform significantly since it only has to serve static files and responds to the APIs; this contributes to reduced traffic, thus better performance.

Two-way data-binding:

It is the most significant benefit of all.

The two-way data binding has a massive contribution to ease the life of a developer.

AngularJS is supported by the MVC architecture, through which the Model and the view are synchronized. So change in one will lead to an automatic change in the other as well.

The process of two-way data binding supported by Angular reduces mediocre codes, simplifies the programming model, and guarantees that the controllers are testable. The process helps the developer to avoid any challenges S/he faces successfully.

Near to MVVM model:

MVC architecture is used in AngularJS; this architecture is relatively close to MVVM architecture (Model-View-ViewModel).

In AngularJS, the development of the graphical UI of the website is eased out through markup language, which is possible through the architecture this framework uses.

The UI logic is split from the Backend Logic with the help of this architecture. Hence the UI code is entirely free of app logic.

Easy and Efficient Testing:

The excellent support for an end to end testing and unit testing provided by AngularJS is the biggest reason that makes the testing process not just easy but efficient too. This testing can be conducted at all levels of application development.

AngularJS provides in-built tools supported by JavaScript that lets each element go through testing, from start to end. This decreased the risk of your application being exposed to bugs and glitches.

Another Plus point of AngularJS is that each component is independent of the other; hence testing of even the smallest of elements is possible with the framework.

Faster, Smarter Prototype:

The AngularJS framework allows the developer to create a high prototype in minimum time and resources by writing significantly less code. The prototype will not just be a makeshift, but it will be very close to reality.

Prototypes developed through AngularJS are efficient in all ways, so you can only obtain feedback with a good functionality prototype and make necessary changes in your application to enhance your user experience.

AngularJS is excellent in every way. It ticks all the columns of the ‘must-have’ list that you have built for your application.
However, no matter how efficient the framework is, you will never be able to use it at its highest potential if you don’t Hire Angular Programmers.

So, build an application smartly, make sure you use all that has to be used, make sure you take all the benefits your frameworks offer because either it’s all or nothing.

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